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  • I used a silly name when I started this server, now I want to go back to my previous name. How can i do that for S13?

    • Hi, you will create a new avatar with a new name each time a new server starts :)

      In other words, you cannot start in a new game world before typing a name.

    • Thank you! Next time I won't be so silly.

    • Feels good to be silly at times!

  • orbs are over flowing, how can it be distributed? all towers are build...


    • Hi :)

      There are only two ways to avoid overflowing Orbs. The other is to build/conquer more towers, and the other is to upgrade towers. If you donate resources (wood & iron), the tower will upgrade and can hold more orbs that way.

      You can read more about Towers and Orbs here: Hall of Wisdom: Towers and Orb production

  • Mag ik aub wat vragen? ik heb ergens rond 14 december sphiren gekocht maar heb nog steeds niets binnen. Hoe en met wie kan ik daar contact over opnemen? Alvast bedankt!

  • What happened with your cat? Forgot all about it? Don't let us down by empty talk please... I believed in you and the game.

  • Hello Samisu, how do you sell items for sapphires?

    • Hi there, you can turn your items into Soul Energy at the Soul Forge. Items cannot be turned into Sapphires.

  • Hello, i'd like to ask about the rules of the games, does rules apply to the current game? Since i've read about the rules that stated every player is allowed to have only 1 account. And at the point number 5, the punishment is "avatar shall be suspended/banned". But we have reported multiple times about multiple account login and got no result :)

  • i ask , than we are one team witch palt about 10 xears togethe .

    i thing is not a godd idea fram start ne and rebuild all. i will information my team for stop the game


    • Alright, sorry to hear playing game rounds is not your cup of tea. Thank you for joining the game during Early Access and you are always welcome back. Who knows how much will change with each upcoming server!

  • after10 weeks is empty or start a new challengen ,, with the same catle?

    if after 10 week all beginning new, than is not o.k

    • Hi Loti! When a game round ends after the 10 weeks, that's it. Then you can join a new round where you start from the tutorial, move to the first Island, and gather a good team around you (or keep the old friends from this round). We will implement achievements in the future that carry with you from round to round, but I don't have any details on that yet.

  • how can I use spells from the spellbook?!

    • Hi, the spell scrolls can be used when you decide on an action. For example, when you start upgrading a building, you can speed up the process by clicking on the building. On the map, you can boost resources or troops from supplies by clicking on those - or from Realm details -> Supply overview. Realm details will open from the icon/logo of your realm.

    • So the boost revenue is not for personal use but for realm use. But what about the instant delivery? How can I activate that one?

    • the building boost I had discovered; that one makes sense...

    • Tap the eye icon on supply, and there's a button for instant delivery (arrow pointing a palm). You can find this same button in Supply overview as well.

  • sorry. When is the last moon phase on this game. Wen it is deblok level 13

    • Hi, when you visit the world map (where all the island are), the top bar will tell how much time until the next gates open. Round lasts 10 weeks + the Endgame, making it around 8 weeks until the last Island becomes available.

  • Wen is last moon

  • Hi. Could you put another question to FAQ about war potential for realms, how is it gained ? Thank you in advance.

  • thank you

  • can you fix the desktop client download link

    • Hi, thanks for testing the link. I have forwarded the issue and should have answers later.

    • thank you