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  • Please help with my bug. I post that on bug issues. My troops stuck at time 00.00.00. Already restart, update, relogin the game but not change anythink
  • hey need e mail can you add me [email protected]
  • Hi, I've completed today's survey but haven't received my 1.000 sapphires.
    • Hi Perturbo!
      Did you complete the survey to 100%? If you were interrupted, it will tell you that you completed the survey, even if you didn't. If that was the case, please clear cache and cookies or use a different browser and do it again, then you should receive your sapphires.
  • Hi, I cant log in, from app , says "exists" I put my email and pass
    • Hi there! Could you please send me a screenshot of the error message?
    • @player_37 we found a problem with your account and fixed it, you should be able to log in now. Please try again and let us know :)
  • two hours later when i loaded the game i was able to upgrade, now i loaded the game again and i found the next one with the same problem
  • 1. What is your ingame name?


    2. Which area of the game is affected?

    Building, upgrades, demolishing

    3. When did the error first occur? Please include your time zone.

    18:06 PDT

    4. Please describe the problem in as much detail as you can. Even if an information seems unimportant, it could give us a clue.
    My tasks are counting down, but not completing. The first time it happened, it said something like "the server is asking for a response."
    All of my buildings/upgrades are affected.

    5. How often did you encounter the error?
    Since it started, all of them.

    6. Can you reproduce the error? Please describe the steps that will lead to the error occurring.
    Put on any building or upgrade and wait the allotted time.

    7. Please provide some information about your operating system and browser
    Chrome, Alienware laptop
  • I have a problem entering the game,wont pass 30% charging the game
  • Please fix the discord link it's invalid link or expired