Congratulations to the Realm BAE for winning Alvorsted S28 round !

1- Where does the name BAE come from?

It came as a joke but we stick with it after we figured out that our 3 Leaders Big B, Akro and Esio (Tortoise) first Nick Letter would make BAE name.

2 - About your team, how did it form, how much of it was formed before the round started? How was it composed?

We had half of the realm setup before server start. We stick with the S26 Alvorsted Winner Realm (Orochi), 3 leaders and some members.. we also invited some other very experienced and previous server winner players that were allies/ennemies from previous servers like Blur, Mono, Stitch, Ares MK.. huge power houses.. Then we kept recruiting players based on their experience, will to learn and activity.

3 - Did you have "less experienced players" and how did you educate them?

There was different level of experience within the team, which allowed us all to learn from all by sharing tips and previous experiences on Discord.

4 - Were there unexpected events or surprises this round?

Unfortunately one of our players stopped playing right after the endgame begin, leaving us with only 14 players.

5 - What was your biggest challenge of the round?

Mainly 2 things:

  • Lack of Activity, mainly at 4th cycle and end game - Some of our players could not be very active which made it difficult to plan any offensive strategy we could plan, or even a more complicated defense throughout the game.
  • Alliances - we understood from early island 3, that probably 3 of the top 5 realms of the game had decided to target us in an attempt to remove us from the win of the server. We had to be very defensive in our approach otherwise we would never be able to recover. It was no surprise when those 3 realms have decided to declare war on us (declaring on consecutive cycles) which crippled us to a point we saw our chances of winning the server very low. We adapted, delayed our ascension to i4, which made us arrive only on circle 2 of i4.

6 - When did you know you were going to win this round?

Being straight forward.. we were only actually sure of it at the very end. Due to our delay to get "back on track" we landed on Circle 2 of I4, leaving us very far from getting control of any Anvil and making our chances of winning very low. The amount of respect most realms had against one of our biggest competitor for the win lead to a few realms having the same goal of trying to deny their win. A few realms tried to help each other, as they knew no one could win if not working together. That's when we saw the chances of winning becoming a serious possibility and we started working towards that goal.

7 - Did you notice any special tactics or moves your competitors used against you?

Besides the I3 move to delay our ascension and trying to take us out of the "competition".. not really.

8 - Who are the heroes of your Realm, any special mentions?

We are all heroes.. everyone contributed for our success. A special mention to BIG B where he was always very optimistic about our future and bridge communications with other realms. When a realm has solo accounts and some with low activity, diplomacy plays a key part of success. Wanted to give a mention about Orik Brisingr, a rookie that step up hard, giving him soul for the realm and took some longs days dealing with the realm defense over and over again. Wanted to also give the most deserved thank you to our allies and honorable mention on Everlasting wich probably could've taken the 1st Place instead of us but kept it friendly until the very end, allowing us to get the first place.

9 - Will there be together and continue playing/chatting together?

Whatever it means... Stitch said "Ohana and familiy comeback to win server". Take your guesses on that. But yes of course, some will make a pause, others will play together or even against... We'll have to wait until S30 opens to find out, i guess

10 - Feedback to Devs:

  • War system requires a change on the view point of having Multiple Realms waging war at 1 at same time. Especially if they declare all at once on same cycle, there's basically no penalization. This scenario really needs a "rework" in our opinion, so either it makes being impossible multiple realms to wage war at 1 realm or increase drastically the penalization on it.
  • Other point related to war is the WP modifier - it’s the same throughout the war. If WP drops significantly, the realms keep being penalized as the actual WP does not reflect the current. A reviewed modifier at each cycle would make more sense.
  • Last, the endgame gameplay.. The actual one is pretty boring in our opinion. Either take the old one (8 EO first wins), the elimination one (delete realms from the game after 12/24h without towers) or rework it into something else. :)

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