Sitting down with Orochi - Winners of Alvorsted (S26)

1. Where does the name Orochi come from?

I didn't think a lot about the name of the realm, there was only nam nam as available realm when I joined the server and I wanted to play quickly but didn't wanna go in a realm that spoke another language than English
I'm into asian culture and already chose a Korean IGN that's a Korean dish.
Wanted to come up with a name that reflected the teamplay aspect of the game and kept the oriental element. I then stumbled upon the name Orochi which is an 8-headed serpent in Japanese mythology
I stumbled upon it in a Korean manhwa: omniscient-readers-viewpoint. If anybody was curious (Bulgogi)

2. About your team, how much of it was formed before the game world started?

As far as I know we all joined here on the server so there were no pre-mades. In fact, there were a lot of players going through our realm. Orochi also joined forces on I3 with another top realm Casuals which made Orochi even stronger. (BIG B)

3. How do you organize communications and coordination within the Realm?

We used Discord. It is by far the best way how to keep different and very often important topics going within the realm. (BIG B)

4. How does it feel winning Alvorsted?

Winning Alvorsted is awesome feeling. We worked hard on this server and it paid of. We had to make some hard and uncomfortable decisions sometimes but it worked out at the end. (BIG B)

5. Did you notice any special tactics or moves your competitors used against you?

Well players are getting more and more used to relic gameplay. So, most of the new strategies were focused on them. From faster building to race towards Somuda to declaring wars combined with relic activations. There was one interesting strategy from NamNam on I3, where they delayed their ascend from I2 to I3 right before relics spawned so they were stacked on units from I2 and had double build speed relic.

6. When did you know you were going to win this round?

Well, we knew long time ahead. Right after NamNam imploded, we knew that there is no one on I4 who could stop us. Especially those last two weeks of late game were ultra boring for us, because there was no one to play against anymore. (BIG B)

7. Will there be Orochi next round? Will the Realm stick together?

Well, most likely not. As I mentioned before, our realm was consisting from random players. So, who knows what will happen on S28. (BIG B)

8. What did you enjoy the most of this round?

Finding supportive people who help out and keep the ship sailing. Massive SO to Bacycor who was a big pillar as well and kept me playing.” Pillaging just for fun, sometimes I like violence.. (Bulgogi)

I bet that for a lot of players from the Casual side was most interesting fight on I3, where two top realms at that time -NamNam and Jff – were attacking us together and we were able to hold our ground against them. (BIG B)

9. Anything we forgot to ask, and you can’t wait to tell?

I suppose I don’t have to do shoutouts to everyone, but I would like to shout out Akro, Esio and BigB out for taking over the lead at the end of i3 and whole i4. I’d also have shouted out Rako, LtBlue and KiraKami for helping leading and not giving up. Then also Mark_wild for his impeccable tower master skills and congratulate him for his goblin slayer title. (Bulgogi)

I want to thank our awesome players who outdone themselves on this server and showed that you don't have to be sweaty premade with dual and trial accounts to win a server. Thanks have to be also said to our allies. They played important role in our victory. I also want to congratulate Phoenix for winning I3. They had a hard time on I3, especially after most active players left their realm to join Orochi. But they pulled it off and as a phoenix does, they reborn and conquered I3.. Thank you if you played with us or against us. It was a hell of a server and I hope we will meet again. (BIG B)