Sitting down with Sun 🌞 - Winners of Carby (S25)

1. Where does the name Sun come from?

It's one half of Sun Tzu. Before s16 we looked for a suitable name which could be divided into two parts - and what could be more suitable than the "art of war"? We also wanted it to show, that we play as an alliance. Nothing to hide there.

2. About your team, how did it form, how much of it was formed before the round started? How was it composed?

Many of us started playing in a single German speaking realm some servers ago, but we soon wanted to open the realm for also international players. We decided to create Sun Tzu as a "double realm" with one German speaking half (Tzu), lead by Mo Gugge and his leader team, and one English speaking half (Sun) lead by me and my team. Sun Tzu returned on s20 to play on i4, and now. There never was a “first” or “second” realm for us, it's always been only about the language. On some servers Sun did better, on some Tzu, depending on how the server evolved. Both teams have always been 100% pre-made, but we have had new players among us every round. For s25, Sun had 9 players on the roster, who had never played in Sun before. But all were known to us through some connections.

3. How did you organize communications and coordination within the Realm?

It's all about Discord, as the ingame chat is uncomfortable and not sustainable. A lot of discussing, pinging, and also fooling around in off-topic chats. We even had a song written, sung and played about Sun Tzu in the end.

4. Did you have clear habits or principles all your Realm members stick to?

Yes, we naturally had some principles and common goals. But that's mostly internal stuff, and not so interesting or important anymore.

5. Did you have "less experienced players" and how did you educate them?

There was no player in Sun Tzu who could be called new to the game, but despite of that, I am sure everyone learned something this round. This was the first server with relics, and they gave everyone an interesting, new challenge.

6. Were there unexpected events or surprises this round?

Seeing The Old Guards destroy themselves on I4 after they dominated I2 and I3 was quite a big surprise. Also how the war & peace system affected some of our wars, especially with Zoo, was interesting.

7. What was your biggest challenge of the round?

It was a rollercoaster in terms of diplomacy. Things took unexpected turns for multiple reasons. But the biggest challenge was definitively realm Zoo, which we fought since I2 and who were excellent players and masters of defense. Nothing but respect for them. They played an awesome round, and would have deserved to win, just like I feel we did.

8. When did you know you were going to win this round?

60 minutes before the end we were finally sure about our win, but we expected a more thrilling last day honestly.

9. Did you notice any special tactics or moves your competitors used against you?

Nothing new really, but again we learned a lot of playing on defense from Zoo. Relic spawns did give us some headache through out the server, but we managed to make some good decisions with them too.

10. Who are the heroes of your Realm, any special mentions?

We did it as a hell of a team, and all remained active and devoted all through the round. I really want to thank them all. Also thanking Tzu and all our other allies, is very important. Of our players, if I had to call a name, it would be Pipi for just showing the heart of a warrior almost 24/7.

11. Will there be together and continue playing/chatting together?

Sun Tzu won't rise again on the next servers, but people from our team will for sure reunite in different realms and play together in the future. Despite being an interesting war and strategy game, Arkheim also creates gaming friendships. We are all grateful for the friends we have made during the years. Thank you everyone who fought Sun and with Sun, good luck and good games!

Thank you to all Sun team for the interview!