Sitting down with Secreto Iberico - Winners of Alvorsted (S24)

Congratulations to the Realm of Secreto Ibérico for winning Alvorsted (S24)!

We in the Arkheim team wanted to sit down with the winners for a moment and ask a few questions on how their game round progressed.

Where does the name Secreto Ibérico come from?

Secreto Ibérico (SI) was the name that won a list of possible names to use, as is already a tradition in our Realm we use names of food dishes, as was on other occasions "Fried Tomato", "Pineapple Pizza" and "Fried Empire", now "Secreto Ibérico" is a tasty pork meat. The funny thing is that we selected the banner with the chicken to make it illogical and funny.

About your team, how much of it was formed before the game world started?

When most of us started to play we realized that Arkheim was a game populated mostly by International Realms, Russians, Germans, etc. and despite the existence of a Hispanic community, they were not one of the main Realms or players, so we set about the task of grouping the most active and competitive exclusive Spanish-speaking chips, and although it has been a long journey we finally achieved our goal and we rose with the glory of winning an Arkheim server.

How do you organize communications and coordination within the Realm?

Discord structured with #important (objectives, plans and diplomacy), #Secreto-ibérico (like shotcalling and general channel), #towers, #supplies #war-zone and a Knownledge category with information and tips for the game; And Whatsapp for urgent matters.

Did you have clear habits or principles all your Realm members stick to?

- Not betray anyone, even knowing that they are going to betray us. Unless they make it clear by attacking us or saying it literally.
- Always ask in case of any doubt because that way we can find the solution together.
- Leave troops on guard and in homogeneous compositions whenever you are offline to defend.

Did you have "less experienced players" and how did you educate them?

Yes, we've had a couple of new players but still we all felt like new players, even though most of us have played on previous servers, the frequent changes in the game sometimes make experienced players seem like newbies, but they always ask their doubts and are willing to learn and correct mistakes... So mainly by answering their questions and with our category of knowledge in the discord.

Were there unexpected events or surprises this round? / What was your biggest challenge of the round?

In island 3 We faced off in an one versus three against Dwarfs B4 Hoes, Vollpfosten and Mithrill Hall, it was quite interesting and fun because we all got together in a discord voice channel preparing the defenses and doing spreadsheets in Excel, although at the same time overwhelming because fighting three Realms at once required a lot of activity and you were missing warlords everywhere. While the active war we had with Dwarfs took away points for "endless war as declaring side" but well in the end we ended up winning the war and the one versus three and the experience was very rewarding.

When did you know you were going to win this round?

When Legion started talking to ZOV to go against us and Dwarfs notified us of such an event, at that time we made an agreement with Dwarfs that if Legion attacked us we would help them in their war. Also with Legion only moving 20M ZOV lost interest in joining them and since Twitch Chat was supporting Legion we offered ZOV something better. Pure All Mighty Sico diplomacy.

Did you notice any special tactics or moves your competitors used against you?

Not really, we try to always be one step ahead, and we use a very old but very effective strategy to this day, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"

Who are the heroes of your Realm, any special mentions?

Everyone from the Realm but if i have to make some special mentions:

Mamba Our most active player and with the most desire to play, kept us all active with questions, mentions in the discord and in-game pins.

OP Sabo Our "Defense King", is the player who made the spreadsheets in Excel so we could start making big defenses with the best possible counter.

Talandris Our voice of conscience from the Realm, wouldn't let me declare war on all the realms I saw.

Detoran Our voice of Realm experience, doesn't forget to scold you for not donating; Winner of s11 with Spartula and s13 with Epoca getting the hack-trick with this server.

Marfil Our analyst and number one Stalker in the kingdom looking at the city of all the members and putting their batteries on.

Spectre Our strategist and teacher with his 20-minute voice notes on whatsapp; Winner of s23 with Masterclass.

All Mighty Sico The soul of the team, who cared most about the server for all the time he spent playing and especially thinking about our next moves, an excellent player, very intelligent and very patient with the rest. Sleeping for him was something secondary, always aware in less activity hours; Winner of s23 with Masterclass. — Secreto ibérico.

How does it feel winning Alvorsted?

Well, honestly when we started the world we didn’t even imagine it because we came to play chill without going tryhard but as the server progressed and we saw that in i3 we were still among the first we decided to try a little more; Therefore we are quite satisfied.

Will there be Secreto Iberico next round? Will the Realm stick together?

Each round is unique, all the members will keep communication through Discord and WhatsApp although we don't know if we will all continue playing, but one thing is for sure, we will not serve the "Secreto Ibérico dish" again, hopefully in future rounds but with another exclusive dishes, Thank you and enjoy your meal!

Thank you to all Secreto Ibérico team for the interview!

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