Sitting Down with (NaW) - Winners of Alvorsted, s20

Congratulations to the Realm (NaW) for winning the Alvorsted, S20 round !

We in the Arkheim team wanted to sit down with the winners for a moment and ask a few questions on how their game round progressed.

How did you come up with the name (NaW)?

NaW (Noobs at Work) was a kind of joke. Most of us already lead or win with a realm in the past. Other idea was =-First-Aid-= / Bubbles / Kings of Arkheim / -S20-.

About your team, how much of it was formed before the round started?

We did it together before server start. We formed a discord channel, invited players. We stayed and played together from day 1 till the end.

How do you organize communications and coordination within the Realm?

Via discord and ingame pins, ingame chat and realm announcements. Mostly Discord and ingame pins did the trick.

What can you say about diplomacy in (NaW)?

Diplomacy is always one of the most important parts of this game. Without diplomacy, you can hardly win this game. Due to our experienced players and their diplomacy, we were able to win the server against multiple realms working together to try beating us from a very early point on.

Any close calls during the round, or nervous breakdowns?

Of course, during i3 we were surrounded by some calls a Meta (multiple realms working together against 1). We decided to relocate and avoid the 3 or even 4 vs 1 situations against us and started over. That was our toughest call. But we did it and it worked out well. Our experience overtook the lost time, and we gradually covered a nice area again, positioned the realm better. Making calls is not the toughed part, experience in how to recap and "set" the realm after, is what gives you an advantage.

Did you notice any special tactics or moves your competitors used against you?

Yeah, we noticed that Sun/Tzu were pitching others to fight against us, with an outcome that this would be as much as possible. We realized that in i2, but we did not want to fight against Sun and Tzu so early. We are not "destroyers" or some kind of "gang" here. We were waiting for i3, even though we knew that it might be too late if those negotiations formed successfully.

Did you get to sleep on island 4 and in the endgame?

It is always the same, any server. Some sleep well and others less. We had some advantages by having some players from different time zones, also we had a couple of dual accounts (Raptor, BeerHugs, Pnut, Manuel, Gollbert).

When did you know you were going to win this round?

A good friend of me always says: “The opera is not over until the fat lady sings”. We started with this team to win the server. We had our challenges, but we never thought that we would not get our target.

Will there be (NaW) on future servers? And how should one apply?

Some will take a summer break. Others might play the next server and form new alliances. Some will meet each other again and others will not. By saying that, we are certain we will not play with the same 15 accounts again. Maybe in the future, but not next server.

Anything we forgot to ask, and you cannot wait to tell?

A grateful thank you to all NaW members for spending your time and money on achieving this win together as a team.