Hall of Wisdom: Soul Energy & Soul Forge

“In times of war, many souls are on the line… Let’s use them…”

- The Soul Smithy

Soul Energy & Soul Forge

When sending your troop to battle, the souls of your defeated foes will be transformed into Soul Energy 5M6CFwL.png?2 and recycled in an eco-friendly way. The Soul Energy will be gained in PvP battles and you will be able to convert the Soul Energy to different kinds of benefits at the Soul Forge building.


The Soul Forge can be built once the player’s Citadel reaches level 14.

Once this beautiful building is placed in your town, it starts to generate a small amount of Soul Energy over time. By leveling up the building, you increase the Soul Energy production and unlock the 3 Soul Forge benefits:

  • Creating additional Amulet Charges for the Dungeon
  • Upgrading Items
  • Upgrading Warlords

Functions of the Soul Forge


1. Buying an additional Dungeon Amulet Charge Suy6Zuk.png?1

As of Soul Forge level 1, you are able to spend Soul Energy to create additional Amulet Charges for the Dungeon.

  • The first additional Amulet Charge you create will cost you 500 Soul Energy
  • Each additional one is 21% more expensive than the one before
  • That way you can generate up to 50 Amulet Charges

2. Upgrading Items

As of Soul Forge level 3, you can invest Soul Energy to upgrade the quality of your items.

The upgrade costs depend on the item’s quality. The higher the quality, the more Soul Energy it costs.


Upgrade Soul Energy Cost
Uncommon --> Common 1.000
Common --> Rare 10.000
Rare --> Epic 100.000
Epic --> Legendary 1.000.000

3. Upgrading Warlords

And finally, as of Soul Forge level 5 you can convert Soul Energy into War Runes 7cY6InS.png?1 for your Warlords. War Runes can be applied to Warlords to improve them in different fields:

  • Increase the Warlord’s Moral
  • Increase the Warlord’s Speed
  • Increase the Warlord’s Slot Size


Each of those upgrades can be made up to 3 times on each Warlord. The first upgrade on any of those areas (speed, slot size and moral) requires 1 War Rune, the second requires 2, the third 3 War Runes. So for example, in order to max out speed on a Warlord, you need 1+2+3=6 War Runes.

Upgrade Values

Ability 1st Upgrade 2nd Upgrade 3rd Upgrade
Moral +10% +10% +10%
Speed +2 +3 +4
Slot Size +5% +7% +10%

Buing and using War Runes

  • Your first War Rune costs 2000 Soul Energy.
  • Each additional one is 15% more expensive than the one before.
  • You can generate and distribute a total of 50 War Runes that can be distributed on several Warlords.
  • You can also use the Scroll of the Phoenix to reset a Warlords and redistribute the War Runes on the same, or on different Warlords.

Generating Soul Energy

There are 3 ways to get Soul Energy.

  • By fighting: Your defeated troops will always generate Soul Energy for you. The stronger the unit type, the more Soul Energy you get when that troop is defeated. The Soul Energy value of a troop is equivalent to it's XP value and can be seen here.
  • By leveling the Soul Forge: The higher the Soul Forge level, the more Soul Energy it produces every hour. Click the Soul Forge overview in the game to see how much Soul Energy is prdoced at what level.
  • By selling items: Whenever you 'sell' an item, it is transformed into Soul Energy.

Soul Energy retreived from selling items:

Tier Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Tier 1 100 150 200 250 300
Tier 2 1000 1200 1500 2000 2500
Tier 3 3000 4000 5000 7000 10000

Soul Energy can be used for many purposes. Use it wisely as it is not unlimited.

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