Dev Diary: Soul Energy & Soul Forge

“In times of war, many souls are on the line… Let’s use them…”

- The Necromancer

Soul Energy & Soul Forge

As of Early Access II, the souls of your defeated foes will be transformed into Soul Energy and recycled in an eco-friendly way. The Soul Energy will be gained in PvP battles and you will be able to convert the Soul Energy to different kinds of benefits at the Soul Forge building.


The Soul Forge can be built once the player’s Citadel reaches level 14.

Once this beautiful building is placed in your town, it will start to generate a small amount of Soul Energy over time. By leveling up the building, you increase the Soul Energy production and unlock the 3 Soul Forge benefits:

  • Creating additional Amulet Charges for the Dungeon
  • Upgrading Items
  • Upgrading Warlords

Impact on gameplay

The Soul Forge and Soul Energy will change the gameplay in the following ways:

  • It shall enhance PvP, especially between strong Realms, and will make PvP more rewarding.
  • It shall encourage fair play: You will get more Soul Energy and XP if you kill troops from strong Players (stronger than yourself). On the other hand, attacking weak players will be punished by a decreased gain of XP and Soul Energy.
  • It will provide additional benefits and allow more strategic decision making in the game.

Adjustments to XP, War Potential and Soul Energy

  • Defeated troops will provide XP based on their resource costs.
  • XP gained by defeating Goblins will be reduced by 50%. Goblins now have new XP values.
  • Items can now be sold for Soul Energy instead of Sapphires
  • In addition to XP, after each PvP battle you will gain Soul Energy. The amount of gained Soul Energy is always equivalent to the amount of XP.
  • Depending on the War Potential of the enemy player, the amount of gained Soul Energy & XP after a battle can be up to +/- 50 % of the normal value.
  • War potential will now be calculated differently. Its final value depends on the XP value of the units in possession and the player level.

Functions of the Soul Forge


1. Buying an additional Amulet Charge:

As of Soul Forge level 1, you will be able to spend Soul Energy to create additional Amulet Charges for the Dungeon.

  • The first additional Amulet Charge you create will cost you 100 Soul Energy (has been adjusted to 500)
  • Each additional one is 25% more expensive than the one before (has been adjusted to 21%)
  • That way you can generate up to 50 Amulet Charges

2. Upgrading Items

As of Soul Forge level 3, you can invest Soul Energy to upgrade the quality of your items.

The upgrade costs depend on the item’s quality, not it’s Tier. The higher the quality, the higher the Soul Energy costs.

3. Upgrading Warlords

And finally, as of Soul Forge level 5 you will also be able to convert Soul Energy into Upgrade Points for your Warlords. You can then use Upgrade Points to:

  • Increase the Warlord’s Moral by 10%
  • Increase the Warlord’s Speed (+2)
  • Increase the Warlord’s Slot Size by 5%.

Each of those Upgrades can be made up to 3 times on each Warlord (so you can put max. 9 Upgrade Points on a Warlord).

  • Your first Upgrade Point costs 1000 Soul Energy (has been adjusted to 2000)
  • Each additional one is 20% more expensive than the one before (has been adjusted to 19%)
  • You can generate and distribute a total of 50 Upgrade Points
  • You will now also be able to use the Scroll of the Phoenix to reset the Upgrade Points of your Warlords and redistribute them.

Soon the time will come to send your troops to battle – with more to play for than ever before!

For your Soul Forge will be waiting for their return and reward you for each slain enemy!

And how will the Soul Forge affect your gameplay strategy once the next round starts?

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