Hall of Wisdom: Daily Quests and Achievements

Daily Quests & Login Bonus


Just came back from the Dungeon when someone yelled


Must be some kind of new motivational program ...

Apart from the regular quests you have in your quest-book, you can also get rewarded every day for meaningful actions you do on daily basis. Those actions (daily quests) will give you points. When reaching a certain amount of points, you get different prizes such as Resources, Sapphires, XP, and Tomes.


Daily pOINTS

Daily points will be awarded for a variety of in-game actions ("Daily Quests"). Once the quests are unlocked, you have 24 hours time to complete them and collect the points.

  • Log in: 10 points
  • Train at least 10 units: 10 points
  • Upgrading buildings:
    • Upgrade 2 Buildings: 2 Points
    • Upgrade 5 buildings: 5 Points
    • Upgrade 8 buildings: 8 Points
  • Level up Avatar - splits into:
    • 1 Level: 6 Points
    • 2 Levels: 9 Points
    • 3 Levels: 15 Points
  • Purge the Dungeon: 5 points
  • Defeat a Goblin Camp:
    • Defeat 1 Goblin Camps: 4 Points
    • Defeat 2 Goblin Camps: 5 Points
    • Defeat 3 Goblin Camps: 8 Points
  • Defeat a Goblin Barricade:
    • Defeat a Goblin Barricade: 10 points
    • Defeat another Goblin Barricade: 10 points
  • Donate resources to upgrade Towers or Supplies:

    • Donate 2 times resources in a Supply or Tower: 2 points
    • Donate 5 times resources in a Supply or Tower: 5 points
    • Donate 8 times resources in a Supply or Tower: 8 points
    • Donate 10 times resources in a Supply or Tower: 10 points
  • Kill at least 50 troops of other players: 15 points

Daily Rewards

At certain Daily Point thresholds, players unlock a "Daily Reward".

  • 10-19 points: Tier 1
  • 20-49 points: Tier 2
  • 50-99 points: Tier 3
  • 100+ points: Tier 4

Once a tier has been unlocked, the corresponding Daily Reward can be collected immediately.

  • Tier 1 reward: Resource chest containing X resources of every type (amount depends on the server age)
  • Tier 2 reward: 35 Sapphires
  • Tier 3 reward: XP (amount depends on the server age)
  • Tier 4 reward: 1 rare Tome

The Achievement-System

Every slain enemy, every looted Orb, every trained unit, will count towards the Honor and Glory of your Arkheim - Realms at War account, and stays permanently, adding more and more badges to your Lobby throughout the game rounds.

Each unlocked badge will also unlock the button "Collect Reward", granting your account a specific amount of points. This amount of points will be saved in the system, tracking your experience with Arkheim. Potentially, the system might be expanded in the future, when you might be able to unlock additional goodies or vanity items/features based on the amount of points on your account (this is not set in stone yet).


How does it work?

Throughtout the game rounds you get rewarded for the different meaningful milestones you reach while you play. These Rewards will be given to you as Achievements and they will stay permanently in your Account (Lobby) - even after a game round ends. Your Achievements will be visible to you and other players as you will be able to browse the profiles of other players. Achievements are upgradable up to 5 times and get fancier the more you upgrade them.


There are two types of achievements:

  • Non-persistent: Only counted within a single instance of a game round. They are either achieved or not. If not, you will get a new chance in the next game round
  • Persistent: The counter increases over time (and through multiple game rounds).


Achievements exist in the following categories (more categories might be added in the future):

  • Warfare
  • Building
  • Realm
  • Progress
  • Ranking
  • Events

Achievement examples:

Masterful Tactician This is our Town! They're all mine! I basically live down here Victory!
A1SZqjn.png jOHr4bV.png Gv2wvwp.png jKkPURO.png ceWo6Qx.png

We wish you the best of luck on the cross-round hunt for the Achievements!

Your Arkheim Team