Hall of Wisdom: Fighting the Goblins

Fighting the Goblins

There are various types of units in the world of Arkheim, and each unit type has its own bonus. Knowing the unit bonus helps select which targets to attack with an optimal army. In this guide, we will explain how to fight Goblins with so-called anti-goblin units. Thank you, Psyche, for the original Italian guide!

What are these Anti-Goblin units?

Some units have a specific bonus against Goblins and offer you a great chance to save in training costs when the targets you attack are defended by Goblin troops.

Can I use Anti-Goblin units against other players?

Yes, absolutely you can. But you may end regretting it... The bonuses that activate only when fighting against Goblins will not offer any help when fighting against Elves or Dwarves. Your Anti-Goblin troops are at their weakest when fighting against other players.

Elven Anti-goblin troops

DovS0aG.png The Horned Whirlwind has a special bonus of +55% Fighting strength against Goblins.
DwRFcZI.png The Daggertooth has a bonus of +55% Fighting strength when attacking.
These Cavalry units are relatively cheap to train, and they carry a similar bonus to Horned Whirlwinds.
The Goblins never attack, so you will always be able to use this bonus against Goblins.

Dwarven Anti-goblin troops

m7Ck4I4.png The Iron Sentry is the Dwarven Infantry equivalent of Horned Whirlwind. +55% Attack power against Goblins.
PHwhj3D.png The Valkyrian Berserker is similar to Daggertooth, except this unit is infantry. +55% Fighting strength when attacking.
Relatively cheap to train, and good against Goblin troops throughout the game round.
3jPT0ea.png The Lightning Paw doesn't have a special bonus against Goblins, but a +100% Fighting power against Cavalry.
This is the cheapest Cavalry unit from Dwarves, and many find them useful against Goblins throughout the round.

Fighting Goblins in your village

pkyrklJ.jpeg At Goblin Camps. Each time you Expel the Goblins from their camp, a new stronger camp will appear in your village.
xrZWlYx.jpeg At Occupied areas. You will find these around your village at "bottleneck" locations. Expel the Goblins and you will unlock new building areas!
hvk05AC.jpeg At Occupied fields. Goblins are holding their camps at your future resource fields just south of your village. Expel the Goblins and you can build more Iron Mines, Luber yards, or Crop Fields to boost your resource production.

Fighting Goblins on the map

EQNNZBM.jpeg The barricades will appear near your Ark. They have to be attacked by each Realm member in order to become inactive, and they will reappear after some time. As a reward, you will receive resources and XP for your account and your Realm will get Glory.
eYRcTV0.jpeg Occupied Supplies are first defended by Goblin troops. After kicking the Goblins out, this spiked ring will turn into your own supply field - the bread and butter of team effort and growing your Realm! Supplies will be delivered to the center of your Village at regular intervals.
7TW9dSL.jpeg Goblin Towers appear near the borders of Realms, or can be left behind by Realms that have Ascended. You can attack Goblin Towers to gain XP, gather more Fallen warriors, and raid Orbs. Other Realms can attack you while you raid a Goblin Tower.
CPtTmFl.jpeg Goblin Forts mimic your own Ark and Realm, and are surrounded by Goblin Towers. Conquering a Fort will bring your Realm items and a special bonus that lasts up to 5 full days before disappearing. Read more about Goblin Forts here.
uOODpVp.jpeg Your realm needs to conquer Ascension Gates in order to ascend. You need to have the required Orbs, and you also need to defend the gate from enemy attacks during the ascension. Orbs required by island:
Midiata: 7,000
Tragonos: 50,000
Panselon: 180,000

When not to use Anti-Goblin troops

The Training Grounds next to your Ark is one place where you should avoid using units meant for Gobling fights (Iron Sentry and Horned Whirlwind). In the early days of the game round, using troops strong against Goblins is fine of course if you have no PvP units available. Using units strong against other players will bring more experience.

Read here how to optimize battles at Training Grounds.

In real battles against other players, it's smart to avoid the units meant solely for killing Goblins (Iron Sentry and Horned Whirlwind). The other units mentioned in this article work well in PvP as well.

Goblin Experience

PvE (NPC) targets do not benefit from XP modifiers. Each Goblin unit has its own XP value:

Unit Name Experience
Basher Twin 0.25
Smasher Twin 0.25
Slobber Slinger 0.5
Pricklyhead 0.5
Pan Knight 0.75
Sheep Fiend 1
Dogbreath 0.25
Pebble Spitter 5.75
Insult Hurler 1.25
Blindshooter 2.5


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