Hall of Wisdom: Tower-Influence Rules

Tower Influence Rules


How is Influence spread?

Each constructed Tower or Portal spreads influence around it. This influence is strongest nearby the Tower or Portal and declines with more distance. The influence of two or more Towers of the same Realm adds up.

How is Realm the territory distributed?

The territory of a Realm reflects the area in which it has more influence than all other Realms. This is done by looking at each individual field and checking which Realm has the most influence on it. The Realm with the most influence controls this field.

What is contested territory?

Territory that is marked as contested still does not belong to any Realm. It is marked as contested in order to preview how this Realm territory will look like if the currently ongoing actions finish. Just like normal influence, contested influence is created by Towers and Portals in defined situations. This can be the construction of a new Tower or the conquering of a Tower. The territory that the Realm will take once the action is finished, is shown as contested.


However, contested Influence of constructions is handled slightly different than contested Influence of conquering:

Contested influence created by Towers or Portals in…

  • …construction: This is handled as “friendly” influence that does not compete with the own territory of the Realm. This basically shows how the building event will extend the Realms territory. The following elements spread “friendly” influence:
    • Towers in construction
    • Towers in deconstruction
    • Ruins (regardless, if they are left from a Tower in construction or a normal Tower)
  • …conquering: This influence is called “conquering” because it might fall back in the hands of the enemy if the conquer fails. For this reason, this kind of influence has a higher tendency to create contested territory.

How is contested territory different from Realm territory?

Contested Realm territory is a state that preserves and pauses objects. This is important in conquering missions: The production of Supplies is paused, but the level is preserved. So regardless of if the conquering is successful, the Supply keeps its level and is given to the new or former Realm once the contested territory turns into Realm territory again.

Another advantage of contested area is the blocking of new Tower placements. This way the outcome of the conquering really matters.

How does normal and contested Influence work in combination?

Contested influence also has an influence on the distribution of Realms territory. When determining, which Realm owns a field and in which state, the system checks the following steps:

  • Checking which Realm owns the field: The Realm with the highest sum of normal and contested influence on a field, owns it: Total_Strength_Of_Influence = Realm_Influence + Friendly_Contested_ Influence + Conquering_Contested_ Influence
    • The Total_Strength_Of_Influence is compared between all Realms with influence
    • The Realm with the highest influence “owns” the field
  • Checking if a field is contested: For a field to not be contested, it must have enough uncontested influence, so that even if the conquering of a nearby Tower fails and the “conquering” influence goes to the enemy, the Realm still owns the field.
    The following steps are taken in order to check, if a field is contested or not:
    • Own Influence of the owning Realm: For the Realm that owns a field, all own influence on the field is added up:
      • All influence of finished Towers and Portals
      • Contested influence is ignored (“friendly as well as “conquering”)
    • Total Influence + “conquering” influence: For other Realms casting influence on the field it is checked how much influence, they possibility could cast on the field:
      • All influence of finished Towers and Portals
      • All sources of contested influence (“friendly as well as “conquering”)
      • The “conquering” influence of the owning Realm
    • Comparing both influences: The own influence of the owning Realm is compared to the possible influence of other Realms (Total influence + “conquering” influence of each other Realm) to find out if the field is contested:
      • Uncontested: If the own influence of the owning Realm is higher, the field is uncontested
      • Contested: If the Total Influence + “conquering” influence of any other Realm is higher, the field is contested

Indication of territory with NPC targets

The display of territory is showing the ownership of all NPC targets that can be occupied by Realms. Those are:

  • Goblin Towers
  • Goblin Forts
  • Ascension Gates
  • Eternal Gates

When there are still Goblins on those targets after spawning, they are displayed with a Goblin Realm border. This influence is very weak and will be overlapped by any Realm that manages to cast influence on one of the fields. Once a Realm has overcome the Demons/Goblins in one of the targets and controls it, the central field of the target turns to the Realm's color. At the same time, the territory around it is shown as contested NPC territory to indicate the NPC nature of the target.

Overview of changes:

Tower in construction

  • Spreads now full 100 Contested_Friendly Influence
  • Supplies in Contested areas are not unlocked yet


Towers in Construction should always preview the correct change of territory as contested area

State Before:


State After:



  • Spreads 100 Contested Influence for all fields except the "tower base" for the conquering party
  • Tower base spreads influence for the tower owner

State Before:


State After:




If a Tower is in a Contested Area construction is halted

State Before:


State After:


After Successful Conquest, the tower leaves a claimable ruin behind.

  • Ruins spread 100 Contested Influence
  • Tower base has own influence

State Before:



State After:


The supply will always copy the Influence of its middle cell to the complete base - "extending" the influence to the full object

State Before:


State After:



Supplies will be only occupied by goblins again if no owner (neutral) is present otherwise it will remember its liberated state. So if realm A liberated a supply and realm B places a tower in construction next to it (or conquers the tower) and gains influence over the supply then the Supply will already be freed for them.

State Before:


State After:



Goblin Towers:

Like other NPC targets that can be occupied – Goblin Towers are now shown in the Realm color of the Realm holding them and with contested Goblin influence around.

State Before:


State After:



Goblin Arks:

Have an unbeatable influence strength around the center so nobody can place towers next to it (like player arks)

State Before:


State After: