Hall of Wisdom: The Dungeon


You thought you know the depths of the Dungeon? Think again...

The Dungeon offers an exciting PvE adventure, allowing you to make choices, walk your individual path through the demon hordes, go for the loot you want, and discover old, forgotten secrets of Arkheim.

The true Dungeon

Dungeon charge production

The Dungeon produces one Dungeon charge every 6 hours. It is possible to store up to 10 of them.

Dungeon Structure

The Dungeon consists of 5 Dungeon stages - each stage has an entry point and a point where the player might continue to the next level. There is a path that connects the entry and exit path. From each knot of this path, there might be one side path going out from there with additional knots.

At the end of each of these additional paths, there is a guaranteed item drop with a higher probability of having a better rarity.

The Stage names are:

  • Stage 1: Dungeon Entrance
  • Stage 2: Befallen Spires
  • Stage 3: Forgotten Effigies
  • Stage 4: Gilded Walkway
  • Stage 5: Throne Room


Example of a Dungeon stage. Each game world will have different loots and side-path lengths.

The entry point is at the left & the entry to the next Dungeon Stage in the middle of the top screen.

Generation of the Dungeon stages

  • Each Dungeon stage contains 15 red dots that are placed - fitting the graphic of the stage
  • Each of those red knots might have 3-10 green sub-knots
    • A maximum number of green sub-knots will be defined and graphically indicated
    • For each game world, the length of each green sub-path is generated randomly

Main path and Side paths

  • There are 15 knots (red) of the main path in each stage.
  • Each knot might have sub-knots (green).
  • At the end of each of those sub-knots, there is a knot with only one item in it (yellow). This item is always more likely to have a higher quality than the items from previous knots.
  • All other red & green knots contain 5 waves of rewards/demons. Which means they can be cleared up to 5 times each.
  • Once a knot is cleared 5 times, it is "purged" and cannot be depleted again.


  • Demon Warlords and fighting strength are based on the source knot
  • The deeper the knot, the higher will be the fighting strength

How Enemies & Loot is used for the Dungeon:

  • In each revealed knot, all 5 possible rewards of the knot are shown
  • Every time you defeat a demon wave in that knot, one of the five rewards will drop. Then, 4 rewards remain in that knot.
  • Once you overcome one Demon wave:
    • You receive the XP value that was attached to the Demons
    • You receive one of the five possible rewards
    • Once the reward is collected it is crossed through and can't be collected again. The other rewards remain
    • The new Demon wave of this knot is shown
    • The next knot is unlocked
    • After clearing a not 5 times, the status of the knot will change to "Purge Complete".
  • If you lose:
    • The Dungeon wave remains
    • The loot remains and is not shown
    • You get only 50% of the XP


Shared view within the Realm

The paths of the Dungeon are hidden (fog of war-like environment). Whenever any of the Realm members overcome the Demons one time, in one knot, the following knot(s) are revealed (but still not accessible for the other players of the Realm).

First clearer

The first clearer of each wave is shown with the fighting strength they cleared the wave with. The respective report is linked for each member in the Realm to watch. This allows your Realm members to get a feeling for the strength needed to clear it.

Personal progress

Each Realm member must individually overcome the Demons of a level one time in order to unlock the access to the level after that. But based on the shared view, he might decide not to unlock a side path.

Changing between the Dungeon Stages

Once one member of the Realm unlocked an additional stage, all players will change to this view. The new view becomes available for all Realm members as soon as a player successfully raided the last knot of the former stage



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  • Developer Talk summary

    Summary: Everyone liked the concept. It is a solid base that allows further improvements, and it gives a more engaging game experience. Interesting additional content when there are no good war opportunities, or if you are a more PvE-focused player or a new player.


    How are we rewarded in the new dungeon?

    • You will get one of the 5 random prizes you see on the screen before using a Dungeon charge. If you revisit the dungeon node again, you will win one of the 4 prizes still left, and so on.

    Will the Dungeon charge generation speed change?

    • 4 DC's will be generated per day instead of 3.

    How are the item levels and tiers spread out between levels?

    • As before, the further you travel, the higher the tier. But now you get a preview of what item you get as a prize!

    Was the dungeon really the most important thing to invest time and effort in?

    • Based on player feedback, the Dungeon is too random and doesn’t give much as a gameplay mechanic. Improvements for the dungeon were already planned, and compared to new concepts like smithing, improving the dungeon was relatively cheap.

    Can we purchase more dungeon charges with sapphires?

    • No

    Will you consider increasing the resource rewards?

    • Yes, resources will be increased, and you will get one specific type of resource from Dungeon, instead of all 3. This should make the rewards more useful to you if you are lacking resource X.

    Have you thought about Goblins attacking players to let players practice more? Or how about special PvE events?

    • Yes, we thought about how to better integrate NPC targets, especially in order to get new players into the game. Good to keep in mind that PvE should not harm the PvP experience.

    Additional discussion topics that came up during Developer Talk:

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