Hall of Wisdom: Arkheim’s Training Grounds

Sooner or later you will get to the point where you have to leave your comfort zone and attack or conquer an enemy’s tower to fight your way to the top.

But, just like in a real war, for inexperienced warriors an attack might have fatal consequences if not done correctly.

But don't worry. You shall not have to go to war flatfooted.

The Training Grounds are here to prepare you and your Realm for the real deal on the battlefields.


The Training Grounds will give you:

  • Access to a friendly competition within your Realm
  • Possibility to learn the fighting mechanics and try different tactics without taking risks
  • Additional experience for your Avatar (XP) and experience for your Realm (Ark Power xvJuj8Z.png?1)

How to use the Training Grounds?

Every Realm has a Training Ground next to the Ark. In order to use the Training Ground, you have to spend “training points”.

Every 12 hours one training point gets generated. Up to 3 of them can be accumulated.

Assigning a Warlord to a training works like a joint attack:

One player has to initiate the “attack” to the training ground and other players from the same Realm can join. To do this, each player has to select which Warlord shall be sent to training. Only Warlords that are stationed in the Ark are allowed to join this mission type.

Each player can send only one Warlord at a time.

Once the Warlord is selected, the attack will be queued until 4 training partners have joined the mission.


Once all 4 Warlords are ready, they will approach the Training Grounds with the speed of the slowest Warlord of the group. The movement on the map is visible for your Realm members only and the mission time is set to 0, meaning that the training is completed the moment the Warlords arrive (just like attacks on Goblin Barricades).

What happens during the training?

Once the 4 participating Warlords arrive, a 2 vs 2 battle begins.

  • The Warlords with the highest and lowest fighting strength will form one team.
  • The Warlords with the 2nd and 3rd highest fighting strength will form the other team.

The rules of the fight are the same as in every other PvP fight, except you don’t actually lose the defeated troops. This gives you the opportunity to experiment and try out different tactics - without taking any risks!

If, for any reason, a Warlord does not show up at the Training Ground (e.g. because a player left the Realm) the fight will happen without that Warlord. If on one side both Warlords are missing, the other team wins by default.


Once a training fight is concluded, each player receives the following rewards:

  • After each successful training, your Realm receives 3% Ark Power xvJuj8Z.png?1 (Realm XP)
  • Just like in a regular PvP fight, you get XP based on the amount of troops your Warlord defeated, but not more than the maximal value
    (which depends on the Moon Phase):
Era Maximum XP
Moon Phase I 5000
Moon Phase II 15000
Moon Phase III 25000
Moon Phase IV
Endgame No Training Ground available

Which Warlord to choose for the Training Ground?

Every Warlord is eligible to join the Training Grounds, but think twice before using just any random Warlord.

Remember that you will get XP for every unit your Warlord defeats. So your XP will be higher...

  • if the strikes of your Warlord are powerful (by having many and strong troops attached to it)
  • if your Warlord stays in battle for a long time (by having a high Morale value)

Send the strongest Warlord for the best results and the Training Ground will help you and your Realm to become more and more powerful.

Remember, you have 3 training points per day. Use them wisely to strengthen your Realm and improve your tactical skills.

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  • Can we cancel the mision at training grounds?If other player not join it......the troops are blocked a lot of time..(my english is so poor, excuse me)

  • Hey Elodin#II(2)

    Yes, you can cancel the mission on the Warlord Sidebar :)

  • I m not saw this message on the warlord sidebar.

    I think that if I iniciate the mission of training ground, I' can't cancel the mission.

    At other missións, I can cancel it

  • you should be able to cancel, no matter if you joined or initiated the mission, until it starts.

    If thatis not possible even after F5/restart you can message Game Support and they will help you.

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