Sitting Down with ITF - Winners of S7

Congratulations to the Realm ITF for winning the S7 round of Early Access!

We in the Arkheim team wanted to sit down with the winners for a moment and ask a few questions on how their game round progressed.

Congratulations for another win! Who were your heroes this round?

Khrawn! The crowd cheers in unison. Jokes aside, we had a few individuals doing very good as well as keeping the team together whenever Khrawn was "at work" or whatever that means.

To name a single or a few people who did better than others would be a disservice to everyone. This was a team effort, and the whole team pulled together to do their best at all times.

How do you organize communications and coordination within the Realm?

We exclusively use Discord 😅

We have Discord rooms for the things we need, 1 for wars, 1 for tower/expansion, 1 for general discussions, and 1 for important messages. Then we have rooms for specific people depending on their roles and what they do for the realm.

Coordination happens from 2 fronts, the first being Khrawn delegating the responsibility of various tasks such as defending, attacking, hitting specific targets (portals, goblin forts), tower management, etc. to the people he deems capable of.

The second being people themselves step up when they see something needs to be done, and get's it done. Most stuff that happens is being discussed in Discord, though sometimes Khrawn acts selfishly and decides on something and simply communicates that out with a message.

In order to ensure that there is always at least 1 person available who knows what is going on, Khrawn talks to whoever is most likely to follow through and keep track of it until he gets back. That or Jiav decides to attack SV for no reason and everyone is happy about it 😅

Do you have clear habits or principles all your Realm members stick to?

Members must all insult each other daily.

How do you educate new recruits in the ways of ITF?

An excerpt from a new member:

'As a newcomer (to ITF) I can honestly say I learned more during S7 than the previous four servers. I never felt stupid asking what to me at times looked like noob questions, and there were always fully explained replies. In fact, it is encouraged to ask questions if there is something not clear or familiar. So it's not educating in a "telling what to do" sense, it's teaching those like myself who have never had the chance of playing alongside some of the most knowledgable Arkheim players.'

Having a daily bulletin of where members should be at that point, on future expectations and tasks to be done was brilliant. That creates focus and puts everyone on similar progression levels.'

I think what we strive for in ITF is an environment in which everyone feels comfortable to ask questions no matter how silly they sound, and if they are too silly people can always ask Khrawn for advice, and if he doesn't know he will find someone that does.

Of course, discussions don't sprout from nothing, and often attempts at discussion aren't being met, but we can't expect everyone to have the time nor mental capacity to always be available for such things. Therefore, I think an important part of it is having a few key players that know most of the ins and outs of the game, so when they spot a mistake they can message that person and say "hey, next time do X", and then it's very important that no one is upset or feels bad for being corrected.

Not everyone knows everything, or has the time to understand it all, and often there is an explanation for why someone makes a "mistake", as in it might not be a mistake at all, but intentional due to time constraints, etc.

So overall, keep a happy and positive environment for the realm, so that everyone feels comfortable enough to take part in the realm!

Were there unexpected events or surprises this round?

Khrawn going MIA halfway through.

To me, the biggest surprises were that we were having a lot of internal arguments.

Which Realms from the past rounds would you like to face on Panselon next?

Naurun, Neyonem and Sanctuar from S2: Whereever you are, whereever you're hiding, come forth and try to beat us into submission again!

Kidding, the only realm that is still intact as what we would consider intact is probably Murx. It would be interesting to see if we could compete on their level, or fail as many others before us. Others we would like to fight would be the Russians lead by you-know-who. 😉

Notable mentions:

Like last time, I would like to do a notable mention.

The first on my list is Army Elite. Even though they were led by new players, they proved to be strong allies, and true to their words. If given the chance I would love to play together with them again.

Brazen Bullwark deserves a thumbs up as well, for trying to work with us even though it left them in shambles when we failed.

Acid Squad and Silver Vales both deserve a mention as well, for being brave enemies, and fighting bitterly despite the odds. I have nothing but respect left after seeing AS fight on I3 and SV on I4 against us.