Dev-Diary: Goblin Realms


Low chants can now be heard from this towering construction.

Proudly emblazoned is a gem, eerily similar to the Arks of Arkheim.


The Goblins have had enough of being constantly ambushed by the new habitants of Arkheim and decided to unite!

Starting S7, you will encounter several NPC Realms on the map: The Goblin Realms.

In the mid- and late game, battles on the lower islands may become arduous at times as gaps between Realms become bigger and bigger. With the introduction of Goblin Realms we are adding new attractive targets to attack and gains some valuable rewards from.

In addition to standalone Goblin Towers, there will now also be organized "Goblin communities" with multiple Goblin Towers positioned around the so-called Goblin Fort (equivalent to an Ark). Goblin Towers will have the same influence radius as regular player Towers, with the difference that the Influence strength will be only 1, meaning that the influence of a regular player Tower will always dominate the influence of a Goblin Tower.

The average number of Orbs and troops inside the Goblin Towers will be the same as in standalone Goblin Towers.

Goblin Tower Properties

Island Orbs Troops Min. attack stregth
Cornicula 300-450 40K+ 500
Midiata 450-600 200K+ 2.5K
Tragonos 600-900 350K+ 5K
Panselon 900-1500 500K 10K


Goblin Forts

Goblin Forts are located in the central position of a Realm cell - where normally a player's Ark would be. They have the same influence radius as an Ark and the influence strength is infinite, meaning that the territory around it cannot be dominated by player Towers. A Realm can conquer a Goblin Fort and get control of it. By doing that it will gain a bonus (see further below). Also, the Realm can choose to move its Ark to the Position of the conquered Goblin Fort. The strength of a Goblin Fort depends on the island:

  • Cornicula: 100K
  • Midiata: 400K
  • Tragonos: 1M
  • Panselon: 2M

Benefits of conquering Goblin Forts

While Goblin Forts don't contain Orbs, they hold other attractve rewards. When clicking on the Goblin Fort you can see what bonus your Realm would gain upon conquering and holding the Fort. Each player who participates in the attack that purges the Goblin Fort will receive a random item. The quality and Tier of the item depends on the island.

  • Cornicula: Equivalent to Dungeon level 10 drop.
  • Midiata: Equivalent to Dungeon level 20 drop.
  • Tragonos: Equivalent to Dungeon level 30 drop.
  • Panselon: Equivalent to Dungeon level 40 drop.

When the Fort gets conquered, the troops stay stationed at the Fort by default. The Goblin Fort now belongs to the Realm and stays on the map for 5 days, before it disappears. The timer begins the moment the Goblins are defeated and will not reset if the owner of the Fort changes. The Realm in control of the Fort has two options:

  • Keep control of the Fort and receive a bonus
  • Relocate the own Ark to the location of the Fort. (the bonus will vanish at the moment of relocation)

Goblin Fort bonuses:

Each Goblin Fort holds one of the following bonuses:

  • 100% faster production on either Infantry, Cavalry or Artillery units in town (Artillery only as of island II)
  • +25% XP and Soul Energy gain in battles (excluding dungeons) and Training Grounds.
  • +10% boost to all supply productions of the Realm

If the Fort is taken over by another Realm, the other Realm also immediately takes over the bonus for the remaining time.

Changing Ark position:

While holding a Goblin Fort, the Realm has the option to relocate the own Ark to the position of the Fort. This option unlocks only 72 hours after the last Realm spawning (either through ascension, retreat or defeat).

A relocation of the Ark to the position of the Fort also counts as "respawn" and reinitializes this 72 hours cooldown.

Relocation process:

  • The relocation process is initialized by Realm vote. The majority of voting members must be in favor of the relocation.
  • The voting must be started at least 32 before the Fort despawns.
  • A voting process gets canceled in the following situations:
    • The Realm loses control over the Goblin Fort
    • The Realm relocates by losing its last Tower
    • The Realm starts a countdown to ascend or relocate
  • If the vote is successful an 8-hour relocation timer begins. During this timer, the Realm must keep control of the Fort, otherwise, the relocation will be interrupted
  • After the 8-hour timer runs out, the Ark gets moved to the position of the Fort. The Realm's Towers and Portals are not affected and keep their original position.
  • All troops that were stationed in the Ark or in the Goblin Fort on the new position, will move to the Ark at the new position instantly. This also affects all outgoing missions from the old Ark. they will be instantly canceled and Warlords will be teleported to the new Ark.
    • Troops that already arrived at their destinations and started the raiding or conquering process, will finish their missions before returning to the new position.
  • The Training Ground will move to the new position and Goblin Barricades will spawn there as well with their next charge.

Goblin Realms spawning positions:

On some defined Realm cells, a Goblin Fort with 8 Towers spawn

  • 3 in the central realm cell (position 2, 7, 11)
  • 1 on each other realm cell (random location when a realm cell gets initialized)


  • Every time a player Realm ascends or relocates, the Goblins take over the place and a Goblin Realm remains.
    • The Realms' Ark is replaced by a Goblin Fort
    • The 50% of Towers closest to the Ark get replaced by Goblin Towers
    • The other half of Towers get removed

Other changes:

Ascension Gates will now have the same influence radius as Towers, Eternal Anvils will have the same influence Radius as Arks/Forts but they will have the minimum strength (=1).

We hope you enjoy the changes which will offer you more strategic choices on the map. Tell us your thoughts and questions about this new content in the upcoming Dev-Talk this Friday, 5th of February at 4PM CET on Discord!