Dev-Diary: Friendships in Arkheim

Friendships in Arkheim

In this short Dev-Diary, we reveal one other improvement that is currently work in progress: This improvement is all about friends and chat interactions and will go live very soon.

Invite a Friend to Arkheim

The time is ripe to enjoy the best moments in Arkheim with your closest friends and co-gamers. When starting a new game round you will be able to send out an invitation to a friend, either via link or email. Once your friend registers an account, you will be rewarded for his progress in the game with up to 2150 Sapphires! Also, your friend will be rewarded with 200 Sapphires.


Stay in touch with friends

Throughout a game round, and beyond, we encounter great companions, skilled strategists, talented leaders, and more. Until now, great encounters like that lasted for a game round, but players had to search for each other again every time a new round started. With one of the upcoming updates, everyone will be able to send friend-requests and add other players to a friend-list.


The friend-list shows not only the name and online status of your friends, but it will also remain across all servers and game rounds, so you never have to search for a fellow-player again and friendships and connections can last beyond a game round. This friend-list will also be available in your game Lobby where you can manage and remove the friends.


Chat improvements

Last but not least, the chat window will be optimized both, visually and functionally.
It will be visually easier and more intuitive to keep an overview of players you had a private conversation with and switch to the global chat of your language. The friend-list can be found in the same window.


Along with those changes, the size of the chat window will be customizable by dragging it all the way to the top or bottom. A time-stamp indicates how many seconds, minutes, hours, or days ago a message was posted.


We hope you like these improvements that will help you grow your circle of Arkheim contacts day by day.

Your Arkheim Team


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