The Elders of Arkheim

The Elders of Arkheim


The most dedicated Generals of many

Who act as a Guide and a Mentor to any

Who contribute, making Arkheim better for all

Shall be known as the Elders, the Moons hear your call

-So said the Moons-

Elders are born from the Community

Arkheim - Realms at War couldn't have become the great game and community it is today without the valuable contributions, thoughts & ideas of our most passionate players. This passion is not only a major driver for the game development but also for the values and healthy dynamics that are lived in our community.

Elder is an honorary title given to the most active and helpful contributors of the Arkheim - Realms at War community.
A community member might be titled Elder if he/she has been active in the game as well as on the community platforms for a long period of time, with a long record of helping other players frequently, offering constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement, and/or building tools or other content facilitating other players' gameplay. The Title Elder is to be seen as a title of experience, activity, and trust. A newcomer, searching for advice will always be in good hands when approaching an Elder. The title can be recognized both, in the forum and Discord.

Elders are not staff members, moderators, or representatives of the brand. Being an Elder is not connected to any kind of obligation towards Arkheim - Realms at War. Elders are in no way hierarchically above other Community members, they are bound to the Community policies in the same way as every other player, and have no special moderation permissions, in-game benefits, or similar.

A dynamic group of Elders

The Elder's Council is a small fraction of the Community. As the community grows, more Elders might be selected. One of the things the label Elder shall signalize is a relatively high level of activity in the Community. However, activity is something that may come and go, which is why an Elder is always free to temporarily lay down the title if he/she wishes to take a break from Arkheim or the Community activities. Therefore, the number of active Elders will always be changing, the meaning behind the title will not.