Dev Diary: Contested Territories

If you have played one of the last rounds of Arkheim – Realms at War, you may be familiar with the problem of realms placing new towers right next to the ones being conquered, and this way avoid territory losses. An issue that the community brought up during the last game round.


We'd like to suggest a solution called “Contested Influence” - Towers in specific states can now create neutral influence.

The Contested Territory

Towers and Portals will create a “contested territory” around them if they are:

  • Under construction (very weak influence)
  • In an ongoing conquer (strong influence)
  • A ruin that can be claimed (strong influence)

The contested territories are neutral, meaning they don’t belong to any Realm while the building remains in this state. These territories have the following properties:

  • It is not possible to place new towers and portals on it
  • Towers and portal that are in construction or dismantle status pause their timer once they are on a contested territory.


While an area is contested, you have the chance to win your territory back. All timers and production will resume, and all usual actions are possible again.

If you lose the contested territory to another Realm, though, there are some consequences:

  • Your own Towers and Portals in construction get deleted
  • Control over Supplies is passed to the enemy Realm, including level, resources and boosts

Please keep in mind that this is still in the concepting phase, so there might be changes later on. But since we know this is a very important topic for our veteran players from Early Access I, we decided to already share our idea and hear your opinion about it!

Will these changes make territorial fights more interesting and valuable in the next round? Let’s hear from you in this thread or in Discord!

Your Arkheim – Realms at War Team