Dev-Diary: War & Peace

We make War that we may ascend in peace

- Misquoted Aristotle


Objectives of the War & Peace System:

The War & Peace system is to moderate the game in a way so that it encourages Realms to encounter even and interesting fights with other Realms. It shall bring more options for diplomacy to the game and set clear goals, incentives, and rules for war between equally strong Realms and avoid unfair wars and constant raiding of smaller Realms over a long period of time. To do this, 3 diplomatic statuses will be introduced.

Possible diplomatic statuses

Once the system goes live, the following diplomatic statuses between Realms will be possible:

  • Neutral: This status is the default. It allows Realms to attack (Raid) each other
  • War: A moderated war is fought between two or more Realms
  • NAP: During NAP, it is not possible to start attacks on the other Realms towers

Changing a diplomatic status

  • At the beginning of the game, all Realms are in a neutral status towards each other.
  • The option to change the diplomatic status becomes available as of Midiata (i2).
  • The status can be changed by a Realm Leader
  • Initiating a status change will always start a timer (mostly 12 hours) before the new status applies.

Status: Neutral

The neutral status is the starting-status for all Realms. In neutral status...

  • Other towers can be raided, but not conquered/destroyed
  • Towers can be conquered/destroyed only while they are in construction phase. The same goes for Portals in donation phase.
  • During a tower raid, only 50% of the Orbs stored in the tower can be stolen.

Status: Non-Aggression Pact

A Non-Aggression Pact is a diplomatic status between two Realms that prohibits attacks against each other.

  • A leader can request a NAP to another Realm. Leaders of the other Realm can accept or decline it. The moment the NAP is accepted, a 12 hours timer begins.
  • Once the timer runs out, the NAP becomes active and it is no longer possible to start attacks on the other Realm, except (like in the neutral status) on Towers or portals in construction/donation phase.
  • A Realm can have a NAP with up to 3 other Realms
  • A NAP can be canceled. The cancellation of a NAP immediately notifies the other Realm and initiates a 12 hours timer. After 12 hours, the status changes back to Neutral.

Status: War
War can be declared only if the diplomatic status between the respective Realms is neutral.

  • Each declared war can last for up to 5 days.
  • A Realm can declare War to only one Realm at a time.
  • When a Leader declares War on a Realm, he/she has to select one of the 2 possible goals:

Goal Option 1: Victory by Orb Raids
The War is won if a Realm steals a certain amount of Orbs from the enemy. The needed number of Orbs to be looted is 25% of the number of own Orbs (at the beginning of the war), but never less than 1000, and never more than 50% of the enemy’s total number of Orbs.

Example 1: Realm A has 20K Orbs, Realm B has 40K Orbs.

  • Realm A needs to loot 25% of 20K Orbs (=5K Orbs) from its enemy.
  • Realm B needs to loot 25% of 40K Orbs (=10K Orbs) from its enemy.

Example 2 (exception cases): Realm A has 20K Orbs, Realm B has 3K Orbs.

  • Realm A needs to loot 25% of 20K Orbs (=5K → 1,5K since it can’t be more than 50% of the other Realm’s total number of Orbs).
  • Realm B needs to loot 25% of 3K Orbs (=750 → 1K as it’s min. value).

Goal Option 2: Victory by Tower Conquers
The War is won if a Realm conquers a certain number of enemy Towers. The needed number of Towers to be conquered is 15% of the number of own Towers (at the beginning of the war), but never less than 3 and never more than 50% of the enemy’s total number of Towers.

Example: Realm A has 40 Towers, Realm B has 15 Towers.

  • Realm A needs to conquer 15% of 40 Towers (=6)
  • Realm B needs to conquer 15% of 15 Towers (=2,25 → 3)
    (Note: this number will always be rounded up)

The first Realm to successfully achieve its goal wins the war. The goals are based on the absolute number of Orbs/Towers acquired from the enemy, not the difference between them.

Once the war is declared...

  • Once the war is declared and the goals selected, a 12 hours timer begins. The other Realm is notified about the war declaration immediately.
  • Once the timer runs out, the diplomatic status changes to War. The two Realms can now conquer each other’s Towers.
  • A Realm has the option to abandon the war by surrendering. In that case, the surrendering Realm loses immediately. The surrender can be triggered only 72 hours after the beginning of a war.

The war ends if:

  • One of the Realms reaches its goal and wins.
  • No Realm reaches the goal after 5 days. The war ends in a tie.
  • One of the Realms surrenders. In that case, the other Realm wins.
  • One of the Realms ascends during the war, leading to a tie.
  • One of the Realms gets dissolved. In that case, the other Realm wins.

Special Rules during a War:

  • Damage dealt on Towers/Portals will now be doubled (halving the conquering times)
  • The Retreat option is not available. However, during the 12-hours timer that runs before a war begins, a retreat is still possible. If a Realm retreats, before the war-start-timer runs out, the war is canceled.
  • A Realm that declared war on another Realm cannot get any new members during the War period. This is to prevent exploits of manipulating the war potential by Realm jumping.

After the War:

Once the war is over, a War Chest goes to both Realms (see description below). Furthermore, a 7 days Truce period is established between the 2 Realms. This is to avoid that the stronger Realm constantly declares war on the weaker Realm without giving them a chance to recover. This Truce period works like a NAP: Aggressive missions are not possible, unless to towers/portals in construction/donation phase.

  • The Realm that previously lost the war has the option to retaliate against the winner Realm, break the Truce period, and start a new war.
  • The Realm that previously won the war, does not have this option.

Beware that missions started during a war will not cancel if the diplomatic status changes. So if a conquer or raid mission is launched during a war, it will be finished, even if the diplomatic status changes while the troops are on the way.

Joining a War

If Realm A wants to declare War on Realm B, but Realm B is already at war with Realm C, then Realm A can simply join Realm B and they will fight together against Realm C.

In that case, technically two different Wars are fought: A vs C, and B vs C. The status between A and B remains Neutral.

Minimum enemy War potential to allow a War declaration

In order to be able to declare war to another Realm, the War potential of the enemy Realm(s) must be at least 50% of the War potential of the war declaring Realm (own War potential plus all Realms that are already in war with this Realm). In other words, it is not possible to join a war, if that would imply that the total war potential of the declaring Realm surpasses 200% of the war potential of the other side.

Example Sequence:

War Declaration 1: A declares War on B

B has more WP than A, resulting in a higher WP-ratio for A (and a higher reward in the end)


War Declaration 2: C declares War on A

C decides to join B and declares War on A.

Since A is already at War with B, C will get a lower WP-ratio bonus.


War Declaration 3: D declares War on B

Now D decides to support A in the War with B and declares War on B as well.

Since B is already at War with A, D will also get a lower WP-ratio bonus.


Remember that each Realm can declare only one war at a time. In the above scenario, Realm A and B each can conquer towers from 2 other Realms. Realm C and D can only conquer from one Realm. And Realm B has still an unused War slot and – theoretically – could still initiate war with a third Realm.

Other limitations to War declaration
Furthermore, a war cannot be declared if:

  • A Realm is ascending
  • A Realm is retreating

The War Chest

In addition to the loot a Realm gains from its enemy during a war, there is a reward for the participants of a war. The War Chest contains XP, Ark Power, and Soul Energy that is distributed between all Realm members. The content of the War Chest is influenced by the ratio in War Potential between both sides, as well as the outcome of the war.

Calculation of XP and Soul Energy in the War Chest
All XP and Soul Energy that is earned during the war (by both Realms) gets summed up.

At the end of the war, this pot gets distributed to both Realms. How they are distributed depends on:

  • Relation in War Potential between both sides
  • War Result (victory or defeat)

The calculation goes as follows:

R = WP relation between the 2 Realms (Higher WP divided by lower WP)

n = War result modifier n can be three different values:

  • n = 70 for the winning Realm
  • n = 50 if it’s a tie
  • n = 30 for the losing Realm

The final percentage of XP and Soul Energy inside the War Chest for the winning Realm is equal: [(R-1)x20] + n (%)

Example calculation:

Realm A has 160K WP

Realm B has 100K WP

Realm B wins the war, so for the winning Realm n = 70

R = 160K/100K = 1,6

[(1,6 - 1) x 20] + 70 (%) = 82%

Once the war is over, the winning Realm (B) will receive another 82% of all the XP and Soul Energy that was generated during the entire war between those 2 Realms. On the other hand, the losing Realm (A) will receive the other 18%.

This total amount of XP and Soul Energy provided to each Realm will be divided by 15 members (even if there are not 15 members in the Realm).

Calculation of ARK Power (Realm XP) in the War Chest

During the war, every 24 hours the pot of Ark Power increases by 3% of the average amount of Ark Power of both Realms:
0,03 x [(Realm XP[A] + Realm XP[B]) / 2].

Then, at the end of the war, the total sum is multiplied by the War-Chest-Coefficient from the example above (in our example it was 82% for the winning Realm B).

Example Calculation:

Ark Power in the Pot = 200.000.000 x 0,03 = 6.000.000

6.000.000 x 0,82 = 4.920.000 Ark Power for the winning Realm.

Rules during Endgame

During Endgame, the total war breaks loose. All Realms will be at war with all other Realms (with the difference that no particular goal is set since the main goal for all Realms will be the Eternal Ascension). Other diplomatic statuses are not possible.

Important Rule change for Portals

With the introduction of the War & Peace system, the territory of the Portal will have to be connected to the Ark in order to function. A Portal that gets ‘cut-off’ from the Realm’s main territory (e.g. because an enemy conquered some towers that lie between the Portal and the Ark) will stop functioning for the time it is disconnected. However, it will still be possible to station troops at disconnected Portals (but they will have to walk).

What are your thoughts on the War & Peace system? Please give us your feedback in this thread and join us in the next Dev-Talk about the War & Peace System on Wednesday, October 21st at 4 PM CEST on Discord.