Sitting Down With Silver Vales - The Winners of S3

Congratulations to the Realm Silver Vales for winning the S3 round of Early Access!

We in the Arkheim team wanted to sit down with the winners for a moment and ask a few questions on how their game round progressed.

Hello Silver Vales, and congratulations on winning the S3 round! How did you come up with the name Silver Vales?

Silver Vales was born during EA1, the old leaders of the realm back then (the only remaining one now is Sylania) were deciding a new name for the realm and Silver Vales was randomly thrown into the mix and everyone like it, so that became the name, and it was kept even since.

If you could have done one thing differently as a realm, what would it have been?

Even if it is one of the main reasons we were able to prevail we all think we ended up doing way too much diplomacy and deals with other realms, especially during endgame and i4. Unfortunately to be competitive it is almost impossible to avoid it as the game is right now.

Which realm was your most threatening opponent? (If you had any?)

The Advent was our main adversary, but from the early stages we were very respectful of Square Root's capabilities. The diplomatic situation ended up putting SR and us on the same side so we only fought TA. We were mostly threatened by these 2 realms because we knew they both had very good coordination and activity.

What were the toughest challenges for you as a team?

We started this realm as a very casual realm, but going onwards we saw that we had a chance to win so we had to let some players go to try and be as competitive as possible, and for us it was extremely hard to do. Being competitive also meant that a lot of burden was put into our leadership, especially diplomacy wise; exhausting all of us. And it sometimes caused problems internally since it was hard to keep the realm updated about everything all the time.

Another challenge our realm faced was the difference between people's expectations as to how the realm should manage military actions - some people wanted to play aggressive, but we knew the current game meta didn't favor such strategy.

Did you have any significant changes in your strategy compared to the previous round?

We changed a lot between last server and this one, we mostly had a great advisor this time coming from the winning realm last round, he and others helped us refine our strategies and be as efficient as possible. A lot of our member also employed the single res strategy, and I think that helped us a lot along the way.

Did you have different roles in your realm and how did you set them for each realm member?

Regarding decisions we had a core group of leaders that took most of them. We then had 2 people specifically handling diplomacy and 1 tower master. The rest of the roles can't really be delegated to a single person and need to be shared by everyone (monitor map, clear supplies, donate etc.).

Is there anything you as the winners would like to share with newcomers? Game tips?

You need to find a realm that matches your ambitions. If you know you are competitive, apply to the strongest realms and be upfront that you can learn fast and commit (most of them are looking for activity, experience is not a big requirement)

Official discord channels is the best place to find such teams, put yourself out there and you should be able to find a team that matches your style.

Regarding in-game strategy, you should mostly focus on economy growth in your town, because that then enables you to donate to supplies, and those are the most important thing in the game (military supplies, resources supplies are useless at this moment)

Training Ground is also extremely important to gain a consistent stream of XP and ark power, so make sure your realm is focused on using it efficiently.

Will there be Silver Vales next round? Will the Realm stick together?

A lot of our members and especially our leaders are very exhausted for this round, so we were thinking of joining next round in a more casual manner; to refill our energy and come back ready to compete for the round after.

We would also like to thank our allies, who together with us sacrificed so much while fighting during the last weeks of the server, the realms Neoyonem, Square Root and TheWildHunt.

Thank you very much for your time and for the insightful interview!