Hall of Wisdom: Endgame - The Eternal Orbs

Once the three sacred Moons align and form the Full Moon Trinity, the Eternal Anvils of Arkheim shall activate.

With the power of the Moons, they will forge the Eternal Orbs.

Divine artifacts that hold the Power to reach Eternal Light...


What happens during Endgame?

The Endgame is the last 2 weeks of a game round, weeks 9 and 10. These 2 weeks will determine who wins the game round. Once the Endgame begins, the following will happen on all islands:

  • All Ascension Gates close. It is no longer possible to change the island.
  • Entering and leaving a Realm is no longer possible. All Realms stay as they are.
  • New accounts cannot be created anymore on that server.
  • All diplomatic statuses between all Realms become "War status".
  • Goblin barricades disappear.
  • Towers can be conquered at all times.
  • Damage dealt to Portals or Towers during conquering missions is doubled.
  • The construction time of portals will be reduced to 12 hours during the Endgame.
  • All ascensions that were in progress get canceled.
  • One tower per player is transformed into a Realm tower on endgame start.
    • The closest tower to the Realms Ark is chosen.

The four Anvils

Each island will have 4 Eternal Anvils (formerly known as 'Eternal Gates') that will generate Eternal Orbs over time. By conquering and holding an Eternal Avil for a certain time, a Realm can gain an Eternal Orb. Once claimed, an Eternal Orb can not be lost or stolen. While the regular Orbs hold the power to ascend to a higher Island, the Eternal Orbs hold the power to Eternal Ascension. The first Realm to gather a total of 8 Eternal Orbs will ascend to Eternal Light, claiming first place in the ranking of their island.

Defeat the Demons:

Each Eternal Anvil is active for 12 hours per cycle. Every time an Eternal Anvil activates, Demons spawn, and a 12 hours countdown begins. The Eternal Anvil will stay active until this timer runs out. During this time, demons will try to claim the Eternal Orbs for themselves and must be defeated before a Realm can conquer and defend the Eternal Anvil. Battles at Eternal Anvils can only be performed by Fallen, the same troops that you have used for the Dungeon before Endgame began.


Eternal Anvil - Inactive

Lead your Fallen to War:

  • Warlords can now be switched to Fallen Warlords, and back to regular Warlords again. You can attach Fallen troops to Fallen Warlords and lead them to war at the Eternal Anvils.
  • Fallen Warlords move 5x faster on the map.
  • The troop slots of Fallen Warlords will be 5x the size of their regular version. So, a Warlord that has three slots for 800 Infantry units will have slots for 4000 Fallen Infantry units when transformed.
  • Fallen will provide only 20% of the XP of normal troops.
  • Unlike during Dungeon battles, Fallen troops that are defeated during endgame, stay defeated.

If nobody defeats the Demons before the 12-hours timer runs out:

  • The demons claim the Eternal Orb, and the Anvil becomes inactive for the next 24 hours before it opens again.


Eternal Anvil - Active & being held by Demons

If a Realm defeats the Demons:

  • The Realm that defeats the Demons gets a certain number of Orbs that will be stored in their Ark, and therefore cannot be stolen. The amount of permanent Orbs depends on the island:

Cornicula (i1)

Midiata (i2)

Tragonos (i3)

Panselon (i4)





  • Each participant of the battle that defeated the Demons receives a random Tier 3 Item.
  • The Fallen Warlords of the Realm stay at the Eternal Anvil and will start to collect Eternal Energy. They now have to defend the Anvil for as long as possible, since other greedy Realms will approach with their Fallen Warlords to claim the Eternal Orbs for themselves. The fight for the Eternal Orb begins now.

Disclaimer: A kill statistic for Fallen will be available.


Eternal Anvil - Active & being held by a Realm

The battle for the Eternal Orb - Scoring System:

The Realm holding the Eternal Anvil will receive Eternal Energy while being at that Anvil. Once the Anvil becomes inactive, the Realm that collected the most Eternal Energy from that Anvil will gain an Eternal Orb.

  • For every second the Realm that holds the Eternal Anvil will collect Eternal Energy at that Anvil.
  • The rate of collecting Eternal Energy will increase with every hour the Anvil is active.

1st hour






7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th







70 75 80 85 90 100
  • Eternal Energy is accumulated over time - so you will gain it even if your Realm did not hold the Anvil for a full hour. Fractions of Eternal Energy are counted.

The moment the 12-hours timer runs out, the following happens:

  • The Realm that collected the most Eternal Energy at this Eternal Anvil wins an Eternal Orb. Eternal Orbs cannot be stolen or lost.
    • If Demons are still on the Eternal Anvil by the time the timer runs out, the Demons will claim the Eternal Orb instead.
  • The Eternal Anvil becomes inactive for the next 24 hours.
  • All Warlords begin their return to the position where they were stationed before.
    • All Warlords that were on their way to the Anvil turn back the moment the Anvil becomes inactive.
    • Warlords that are sent to inactive Anvils and arrive while it is still inactive, turn back immediately.

Eternal Anvil Cycles:

Once the Endgame begins, the timer on the central Eternal Anvil begins.

  • Each Anvil is active for 12 hours and then deactivates for 24 hours.
  • The central Anvil activates as soon as the Endgame starts, the other Anvils activate 3, 15, and 18 hours later in the order indicated in the in-game 'Endgame Timeline' window.

This leads to the following cycle:

  • EG Start → hour 0-12: 1st Eternal Anvil activates (central Anvil).
  • Hour 3-15: 2nd Eternal Anvil activates
  • Hour 9-21: All Anvils are inactive
    Break Period
  • Hour 15-27: 3rd Eternal Anvil activates
  • Hour 18-30: 4th Eternal Anvil activates
  • Hour 24 (0) - 36: All Anvils are inactive
    Break Period
  • → The cycle continues

Optional Defense Bonus:

The Realm controlling an Eternal Anvil will have the possibility to activate a defense bonus of 30% in defense of this Anvil by donating resources:

  • Island IV: 30 mil (10 mil per resource)
  • Island III: 18 mil (6 mil per resource)
  • Island II: 9 mil (3 mil per resource)
  • Island I: 6 mil (2 mil per resource)

This Bonus can not be taken over and all already donated resources or the acquired bonus will be lost when the Anvil closes or another Realm takes control.


The moment the 10th week ends and the endgame concludes, all Realms are ranked by their orbs.

Regular and eternal orbs are summed to obtain the final value for the ranking

For Each island a winner is determined, but the winner of Island 4 is the overall winner of the server.

Changes for Retreat:

  • Realms cannot retreat by vote. The voting option to retreat is not available during endgame.


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