Dev-Diary: New Endgame - The Eternal Orbs

… Radix returns to the Ark, weakened from a long battle at the Eternal Gate.

Her war robe is spotted with Elf, Dwarf, and Demon blood. In her hand, an Orb.

You stare at your Warlord with curiosity:

“So Radix, is it true? Was your quest successful? Did you find a way to ascend to Eternal Light?”

Radix returns your gaze with exhaustion:

“Yes, General... Take a look at this Orb, and you shall see this Orb is different from every other Orb in Arkheim.

For we found a way to seal a fraction of the power of the Eternal Gate in this Orb.”

And with a satisfied smile, she added: “This Orb will lead us to Eternal Light - but we need more of them...”


The New Endgame Concept

The Endgame of S3 (the current round) will have a major overhaul.

Each island will have 4 Eternal Gates that will generate Eternal Orbs over time. By conquering and holding an Eternal Gate for a certain time, a Realm can gain an Eternal Orb. Once claimed, an Eternal Orb can not be lost or stolen. While the regular Orbs hold the power to ascend to a higher Island, the Eternal Orbs hold the power to Eternal Ascension. The first Realm to gather a total of 8 Eternal Orbs will ascend to Eternal Light and claim the first place in the ranking of their island.

Eternal Gates positioning:

On each island, 4 Eternal Gates will spawn on the following positions of the map:

  • White Cells: Spots for spawning Realms
  • Blue Cells: Ascension Gates
  • Red Cells: Rare Supplies
  • Red Cells with numbers: Eternal Gates


Phases of an Eternal Gate:

  • Each Eternal Gate is open for 6 hours per cycle.
  • The Eternal Gate is initially occupied by Demons
  • During this time the Gate can be conquered and defended by Realms.
  • The Realm that holds the Eternal Gate will collect Eternal Energy at this Gate.
  • After the 6 hours run out, the Realm with the most Eternal Energy will gain an Eternal Orb.
  • The Eternal Gate will then be closed for 24 hours before it opens again.

Defeating Demons and conquering the Eternal Gate:

The moment an Eternal Gate opens, Demons spawn and a 6 hours countdown begins. The Eternal Gate will stay open until this timer runs out.

During this time, Realms will be able to attack the Eternal Gates with their Fallen Warlords. Once the Demons are defeated, the following happens:

  • The Realm that defeats the Demons gets a certain amount of Orbs that will be stored in their Ark, and therefore cannot be stolen. The amount of permanent Orbs depend on the island:

Cornicula (i1)

Midiata (i2)

Tragonos (i3)

Panselon (i4)





  • Each participant of the battle that defeated the Demons receives an item (equivalent to an item drop from a level 50 Dungeon).
  • The Fallen Warlords of the Realm stay at the Eternal Gate and will start to collect Eternal Energy.

The battle for the Eternal Orb - Scoring System:

The Realm holding the Eternal Gate collects Eternal Energy while being at that Gate. Once the Gate closes, the Realm that collected the most Eternal Energy will gain an Eternal Orb:

  • For every second the Realm that holds the Eternal Gate collects Eternal Energy at that Gate.
  • The rate of collecting Eternal Energy will increase with every hour the gate is open.

1st hour

2nd hour

3rd hour

4th hour

5th hour

6th hour







  • The Eternal Energy is collected over time - so you will gain it even if your Realm did not hold the gate for a full hour. Fractions of Eternal Energy are counted.

The moment the 6-hours timer runs out, the following happens:

  • The Realm that collected the most Eternal Energy at this Eternal Gate wins an Eternal Orb. Eternal Orbs cannot be stolen or lost.
    • If Demons are still on the Eternal Gate by the time the timer runs out, the Demons will claim the Eternal Orb instead.
  • The Eternal Gate closes.
  • All Warlords begin their return to the position where they were stationed before.
    • All Warlords that were on their way to the Gate turn back the moment the Gate closes.
    • It is not possible to start missions to closed Eternal Gates.

Optional Defense Bonus:

The Realm that controls the Eternal Gate can activate a defense bonus of 30%

  • To activate the defense bonus, the Realm has to donate a certain amount of resources. The amount depends on the island.

Cornicula (i1)

Midiata (i2)

Tragonos (i3)

Panselon (i4)





All invested resources and/or the activated defense bonus will be reset in these situations:

  • If the Realm at the Eternal Gate gets defeated and loses its possession.
  • When the Eternal Gate closes.

Eternal Gate Cycles:

Once the Endgame begins, the timer on the central Eternal Gate (green) starts.

  • Each Gate is open for 6 hours and then closes for 24 hours.
  • The central Gate opens as soon as the Endgame starts, the other Gates open 3, 15, and 18 hours later in the order indicated in the graphic above.

This leads to the following cycle:

  • EG Start → hour 0-6: 1st Eternal Gate opens (central Gate).
    Marked in green in the graphic below
  • Hour 3-9: 2nd Eternal Gate opens
    Marked in yellow in the graphic below
  • Hour 9-15: All Gates are closed
    Break Period
  • Hour 15-21: 3rd Eternal Gate opens
    Marked in red in the graphic
  • Hour 18-24: 4th Eternal Gate opens
    Marked in pink in the graphic
  • Hour 24 (0) - 6: All Gates are closed
    Break Period
  • → The cycle continues


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The moment a Realm wins its 8th Eternal Orb it eternally ascends.

Just like before, the rankings will be created for each island:

  1. The highest in the ranking are the Realms that eternally ascend, in order of their ascension.
  2. Followed by Realms with the highest amount of regular Orbs.

Additional Changes:

  • The construction time of portals will be reduced to 12 hours during the Endgame.
  • Fallen will provide only 10% of the XP of normal troops.
  • The production time of troops will be halved.
  • All movement times will be halved (for regular as well as for fallen Warlords).
  • The assembly phase to start the mission will be set to 20 fields for Eternal Gates.
  • There will be no Goblin Barricades & Training Grounds during the Endgame.
  • After conquering a tower, troops will stay stationed at the tower.
  • A new kill statistic for Fallens will be introduced.

All other Endgame mechanics remain unchanged.

This system will bring an entirely new gameplay experience to the Endgame. It is still in early development and your Feedback is crucial for us. Therefore, please prepare your questions and thoughts in This Thread and join the live Dev-Talk about the new Endgame on our Discord-server, Friday 31st of July at 5:30PM CEST.

Your Arkheim - Realms at War Team