Hall of Wisdom: Retreating Realms

I can feel it in my bones, the day is upon us and we will be victorious! Enemies will be crushed under our hammers! But it is not today... Retreat!!

Time to retreat and relocate

In a situation where one Realm is clearly weaker than another Realm, the game can get hopeless for the weaker Realm. A defeated team that has lost most of its supplies, troops, and towers will have a very hard time recovering if it keeps being located next to one or more mighty Realms. The features “Retreat” and “Defeated” allows a Realm to leave everything behind and escape to a different spot on the map. This way, the weaker Realm gets a chance to recover and its members are not forced to abandon it.

Retreating Realms

Using the Retreat feature, a Realm is moved to another spot on the map. The Retreat feature is triggered by vote of the Realm members and the relocation follows the same rules as in a normal ascension:

  • To initiate a Retreat, a vote must be started.
  • In order to retreat, 2/3 of the Realm members have to vote for it.
  • Once the vote finishes, and if 2/3 of Realm members voted to retreat, a 12-hour timer begins - just like in the case of an ascension. After 12 hours the Realm's Ark is placed on the free Realm location, on which the next ascending/spawning Realm would normally be placed.
  • This 12-hours timer will be canceled and the retreat will be interrupted if the Realms ascends in the meantime.
  • All Towers, Orbs, and Supplies are left behind (just like after an ascension).
  • After the Realm has retreated, half of their Towers turn into Goblin Towers (just like after an ascension).
  • If the Realm is at war with another Realm and decides to retreat, it automatically loses the war.

When a Realm is defeated

A Realm is considered defeated once the Realm's last possessed object (Tower, Portal or an Eternal Anvil / Ascension Gate) has been conquered by an enemy Realm.

Beware, when a Realm has lost all its Towers and Portals, it is still not defeated if the Realm is still holding an Ascension Gate or Eternal Anvil. Once no objects are in the Realm's control anymore (except the Ark), the Defeat function triggers and the Realm respawns.

The “Defeated” feature works the same way as the “Retreat” and places the Realm on a new location on the map. The only difference is that the relocation is not triggered by vote and, unlike the “Retreat by vote”, the relocation due to defeat has no 12-hour waiting time. The Realm is able to have a fresh start right after being defeated.


  • The relocation of your Realm, in case of Retreat or if being defeated, is possible only as of Midiata (Island II).
  • Every time a Realm respawns on the map (no matter if due to ascension, retreat or defeat) a 72-hours cooldown starts where no new relocation is possible.

Rules during Endgame

  • During Endgame, Realms can no longer retreat by vote. The voting option is not available.
  • If a retreat vote is still in progress, it will be canceled as soon as Endgame begins.
  • Forced relocation due to Defeat is still possible.
  • When a Realm has lost all its Towers and Portals, but at the same time is still holding an Eternal Anvil, it is still not defeated. Only if Towers, Portals and Eternal Anvil are lost, the Defeat function triggers and the Realm respawns.
  • If a Realm gets defeated and respawns, it begins with 8 (already claimed) start Towers around the Ark.