Hall of Wisdom: Supplies and Rare Supplies

Some Realms like their supplies medium, others prefer them rare.

What are Supplies?

Supplies are fields on the map that can be conquered and claimed by a Realm. Once they are in the Realm's possession, they constantly deliver a particular amount of resources or troops to each member of the Realm.

There are 3 different status-types for a supply field:

Outside of Realm territory:


It is not possible to interact with supply fields as long as they are not within your Realm territory. To bring a supply field within the Realm territory, Towers must be placed at the borders of the Realm, so that the territory expands and the Tower's influence Radius covers the supply fields.

In Realm territory but unclaimed:


Once the supply field is covered by a Tower, players of your Realm can interact with it. It is now within your territory, however, it cannot be used, yet, because it's still infested with pesky Goblins. Your Realm members can now join forces and send attacks to the occupied supply fields to free them.

Once the Goblins are defeated, the Supply field is claimed.

In Realm territory and claimed:

The supply field is now claimed and provides resources to all Realm members. Each supply field has a 24 hours production cycle. During those 24 hours it produces resources and once the 24 hours run out, the produced resources get transferred to the player.

In the Overview screen of the supply you can see all relevant details:


  • Supply level. Supplies can be leveled up by donating resources to them.
    The higher the level of a supply field, the more resources/troops it produces for each Realm member.
  • Type of resource or troop that the supply produces and delivers.
  • Production per hour.
  • Remaining time until the next delivery.
  • Bonus from Market: Build a market in your Town and level it up. The higher the level of the market, the higher will be the additional bonus on supply production from supply fields.
  • Realm Bonus: Leveling up your Realm as a team will give different bonuses to all Realm members. Some of them are boosting the production of your supply fields.


In times of need:

On the right side of the Supply window you will find two more options:

Ritual of necessity:


Using this option on a supply field, you can skip the remaining waiting time and immediately claim all resources (or troops) that have been produced on that supply field so far. This option can be used with the 'Times of Need' scroll


Boosting supply production:


Every supply field can get a temporary 20%-boost to resource production.
You can boost the supply fields either by watching a 30 seconds video or with a respective booster-Scroll.


Supply Management

The Supply Management Screen can be accessed in your Realm Menu.


This screen shows you all information about your Realm’s supply fields and allows you to manage them, without having to navigate to each single Supply field on the map. It provides a detailed overview of each Supply, their level, production progress, boost status, Pins attached to it, and resources that need to be donated to bring them to the next level.


Rare Supplies - Attractive targets for all Realms

Rare Supplies are like Supplies, but rare.

They are available only for troop resources and appear only on Midiata (island II), Tragonos (island III) and Panselon (island IV). Rare Supplies are not often found on the map but if your Realm claims one, it will not deliver troops to you like other troop supplies, but instead, all Realm members will get a constant 20% bonus for the production of all troop supplies of the same type (infantry, cavalry, or artillery). The bonus lasts while the Rare Supply field is in the Realm’s possession. So the more troop supply-fields a Realm already possesses, the more attractive will be conquering of a Rare Supply.

Realms supplies can be identified by the spikes around them. They cannot be leveled up. Once they appear in your Realm territory they will also have to be freed from Goblins before they are claimed. The Goblin strength on Rare Supplies is 50% higher than on regular Supplies.

Types of Rare Troop Supplies

There are Rare Supplies for each of the three troop types, and one for each troop-category.

  • 20% production bonus on all infantry supplies
  • 20% production bonus on all cavalry supplies
  • 20% production bonus on all artillery supplies


Rare Supplies distribution

In the graphic below you can see how Rare Supplies are distributed

  • White cells represent the Realms’ spawning locations
  • Blue cells represent locations of Ascension Gates
  • Red cells are locations of Rare Supplies
  • There is one Rare Supply in every red cell
  • The Rare Supply randomly replaces one of the supplies in the center of the red cell

Conquering and leveling Supplies is key for a fast increase in resource production, needed to progress fast in the game, and compete with other Realms.

Not only during a game round but also in Community discussion you may encounter more interesting strategies to manage your resources and supplies. We wish you the best of luck in discovering them.


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  • i like the idea the more different options the more fun for everybody

  • what for?

    provide additional objectives for realms to fight for

    its a decent addition

  • Overall everything looks pretty good, but I would change this concept a little. A small explanation - why I believe this is necessary:

    As has been said many times - the weak point of the game is the limitation of the force used at the same time. In this regard, the game is almost impossible to resist two realms at the same time. The number of warlords will crush you in any case.

    If the rare supplies increased the power of a certain category of troops, this problem could be partially solved. Another advantage would be a greater variety of such rare supplies. As well as a more chaotic and random arrangement of them.

    For example, we can make three categories of rare deliveries and countless types of deliveries. There are only three categories - bronze, silver and gold. Accordingly, gold is the rarest. And it also gives the biggest bonus.

    On the example of a rare supply that increases the power of the infantry:

    Bronze - 5%

    Silver 7%

    Golden 10%

    Next - types of supplies.

    1 Increases the strength of the infantry

    2 Increases the strength of the cavalry

    3 Increases the power of artillery

    4 Increases attack power for all types of troops

    5 Increases initiative for all types of troops

    You can add more :)

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  • A more chaotic location will add an element of randomness to the game (which is so lacking here) and at the same time allow you to generate more supplies. And some where for example they can be in heaps and find and win such places will be good luck.

  • I thing rare supplies boost the strong realms more and make it difficult for the lower ranks to keep up and so it can get more frustrating.

    Think about when you get one of them and 1 day later the bigger fish comes and take it away from you. If it happens with normal supplies it is also bad but then you can try to get other ones. But with rare and better supplies you can not.

  • So less active realms should "keep up" with more active and experienced ones? This is how it happens to a large extent. 50% of the hardcore players I knew don't participate in the new round of the game. The reason is banal-pvp is not profitable + you must constantly look back at others, as even the "Kingdom of noobs" can spoil your game. And you can't do anything with them. For less active realms, there is an island system. No one forces you to jump in the first rows to the next island, and then complain that you have stolen orbs or broken tower. Simply because you are less active or less experienced.

    But you want to have the same result as the "top realms", with much less effort and with a lack of your experience. Developers unfortunately often have the same opinion. As a result, many hardcore players lose all interest in this game. And the game itself instead of a military strategy turns into another farm.

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  • I can see your point Yarri#II , I have the same concerns as Dragomir, that strong realms can powercliff even more with these supplies. But on Island 3 or 4 only strong and active realms will even have a chance, and there these supplies can spark interesting tactical decissions and fights, also more planning and diversity in how to expand.
    If you're a not so active or casual player, it's totally ok to stick to island 1-2 or ascend very slowly, these supplies won't even bother you.
    The hardcore warlords on 3 and 4 now have more reasons to engage in combat.

  • Dunno as long as 2 random realms always beat 1 pro realm, when showing same amount of acitivity there is no real snowball effect ingame.

    You can never snowball to victory when there is no realm requirement to be beaten by randoms.

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