Dev Diary: Rare Supplies

Some Realms like their supplies medium, others prefer them rare.

It is time for another sneak peek behind the curtains of the development team. We’d like to share with you the concept of one of the features the team currently works on: “Rare Supplies” (name is subject to change).

Attractive targets for all Realms

Rare Supplies are to appear on island III and IV. Rare Supply fields are – as the name suggests – not often found on the map and claiming them shall give a bonus to the production speed of all other supplies of the same type. The bonus lasts while the Rare Supply field is in the Realm’s possession. Rare Supplies will be attractive targets for all Realms, and strategies will have to be adjusted to consider the conquering and defending of these supplies.


  • Add additional features on the map for more choices and more strategic gameplay
  • Provide further PvP incentives by adding attractive targets on the map

Rare Supplies summary

  • From Tragonos (island III) onwards, maps will contain Rare Supplies
  • Rare supplies boost all other supplies of the same type by 10% while they are controlled
  • The bonus adds up with other bonuses (e.g. realm bonuses)
  • Rare supplies cannot be upgraded

Types of Rare Supplies

There are Rare Supplies for each of the three resource types, and one for each troop-category.


  • All crop supplies produce 10% faster
  • All wood supplies produce 10% faster
  • All iron supplies produce 10% faster


  • All infantry supplies produce 10% faster
  • All cavalry supplies produce 10% faster
  • All artillery supplies produce 10% faster

Goblins on Rare Supplies

  • Goblins on unclaimed Rare Supplies will have +50% more fighting strength compared to regular supply fields.

Rare Supplies distribution

In the graphic below you can see how Rare Supplies will be distributed

  • White cells represent the Realms’ spawning locations
  • Blue cells represent locations of ascension gates
  • Red cells are locations of Rare Supplies
  • There is one Rare Supply in every red cell
  • The Rare Supply randomly replaces one of the supplies in the center of the red cell

Let us know what you think about the Rare Supplies. How do you like the idea and what would you adjust? Share your thoughts with us in the discussion thread or in Discord.

Your Arkheim – Realms at War Team