Meet Nicolas (stem013) - Arkheim's Brand Marketing Manager

Ever wondered how a game like Arkheim - Realms at War is made? What is the journey of an idea before it makes it to the game? How are bugs being fixed? Who creates the beautiful images? How do we keep players entertained? And - who are the human beings behind this project? The Arkheim - Realms at War Team invites you to take a peek behind the scenes. Today we want you to meet Brand Marketing manager Nicolas!

Discord name: stem013

Hi Nicolas. First of all, tell us something about yourself. What is your background and how did you end up in the Arkheim Team?
Bonjour! I come from Marseille, a city located in the South of France. While studying business in Bordeaux, I decided to choose Marketing as my specialization because I was really interested by its creative side. As part of my business school’s course I had to do an internship and since I was fascinated by everything related to Entertainment I thought why not joining the video game industry. In the end I managed to obtain an internship at SEGA France in Paris where I was hired as a Marketing Assistant. I did really enjoy that first experience in the industry and it basically convinced me that I should pursue my career in games. And… I did it! – I then moved to London where I worked as a Brand Manager for various video game publishers and studios such as 2K, Creative Assembly and SEGA Europe. After those great experiences I decided to join Travian Games because it was giving me the opportunity to be back studio side, work alongside a development team and be closer to the strategy.

How would you describe your role in the Arkheim Team?
As my title is hinting, I’m in charge of the marketing for Arkheim – Realms at War. I’m mainly responsible for the brand marketing strategy which I develop and execute in collaboration with all Marketing departments (Performance Marketing, CRM and Community Management) and the Game Development team.
As the game’s brand advocate, some of my tasks include defining the game’s Unique selling points, positioning, target audience but also its communication pillars / core messaging.

What difference does it make if a game has a strong brand marketing?
If a game has a strong Brand Marketing, it’ll help the game to make a memorable impression on players but it’ll also allow customers/gamers to know what to expect from the actual game. Having a strong brand marketing is also a way to distinguish yourself from the competition and it also clarifies what it is you offer that makes you the better choice.

Is there anything you think is special about Arkheim - Realms at War? Something that adds to the uniqueness of the brand?
Although the fantasy world of Dwarfs and Elves is nothing new, I find that Arkheim has a unique art style and also a unique story arc which I both find fascinating. In my opinion, the Realm-vs-Realm PvP warfare feature which you can experience on the map is also kind of unique. I personally find it very entertaining that you can unite in realms but also work together to grow and expand your realm on the map.

Do you have a favorite brand or a branding style that you like in particular and why?
My ultimate favorite brand is Batman for all the below reasons:

  • Great main and secondary characters + villains
  • Great story arc and universe across all media
  • Dark, realistic tone of the story
  • Strong logo and brand identity
  • Brand being developed and successful across multiple platforms

Tell us 3 games you are really good at.
I quite enjoy sports games so I can say I’m pretty good at NBA 2K and PES. Another game I recently finished is MK 11 story mode.

And lastly, do you have a message for our readers out there?
I’d like to thank our community for being so passionate and faithful to the game, keep up playing and see you on the battlefield!

Do you have any more question for Nicolas? Let us know in the comments below!