Meet Sami (samisu) - Arkheim's Community Manager

Ever wondered how a game like Arkheim - Realms at War is made? What is the journey of an idea before it makes it to the game? How are bugs being fixed? Who creates the beautiful images? How do we keep players entertained? And - who are the human beings behind this project? The Arkheim - Realms at War Team invites you to take a peek behind the scenes. Today we want you to meet Community Manager Sami!

Discord name: samisu

Hi Sami. First of all, tell us something about yourself. What is your background and how did you end up in the Arkheim Team?
Hello, hello! I come from a nice sized coastal city of Turku, Finland. My past work and studies include sales, customer service, marketing, print production, business administration, blah-blah, and entrepreneurship. I tend to see everything connected so I seek to gain a wide knowledge of many interconnected topics, rather than focus on just one thing.

One day I tried my wings at translating and proofreading, and after passing the test I got my first taste of the game industry. Soon I became a Community Manager for Rail Nation, a game that had become familiar through translations, then for Travian: Legends, for Hyperdrome and now for Arkheim - Realms at War. Suddenly you can see this path that wasn't there before. Community Management is something that just clicks with me on every level, and that's how I ended up here.

How would you describe your role in the Arkheim Team?
I make sure the player community has all they need, together with a growing team of Community Managers. My role is to help create and maintain places for players where they can spend their time together, voice their opinions and wishes, and I also make sure players have the information and connections they need. I do this by gathering feedback, hot topics, and a sense of mood from players and then we work with that information together with the rest of the Arkheim - Realms at War team. The results can be pretty much anything; FAQs, news, game improvements, special events like developer chats and contests, blog or social media posts, campaigns, or just hanging out together with the players.

What is the coolest community event you ever did?
The coolest event ever… There are a few, and all for different reasons. For Arkheim I created this logic puzzle called ‘Elven Strategy Board’ and it became an instant classic. Then the POW cards were also a very cool idea, but the time was not ripe. Another cool event was the first one I created for the international Rail Nation community, A Jar of Gold, breaking records with over 2k participants. And one crazy RN ghost story, that was fun. From Hyperdrome, I have very fond memories of this racetrack designing contest. People really poured their time and effort to create so many cool themed tracks. And for Travian: Legends one that made me really laugh was when I sent castaways on a deserted island, with the strangest tools and equipment to get out of there. Hit or miss, I love creating events.

How does a perfect evening at the end of the day look like?
Coffee. I drink a lot of coffee and making myself a cup after work is kind of my thing. I will sit in my armchair and either pick a gamepad or a book. A perfect morning sounds pretty much the same, collecting thoughts and getting my coffee brain in order. I can't understand how some people are ready for work as soon as they open their eyes…

As a player, what would you ask from a Community Manager?
Easy, what do you think about our community and what have you planned for us? Should I answer that as well? What players really value is being part of this process of improvements, players can see they are taken seriously, and they are part of the whole Arkheim experience. Players know this and they feel a connection with the team. We wouldn't have it any other way. Another awesome trait is players are so darn friendly and quick to help each other. The plan is to support these community values even more in the future. Not long ago we picked a small group of Elders, players who made a good team as part of our community management efforts, and that is one more step closer to ensure players can take ownership for this game and for the community we are building here.

And lastly, do you have a message for our readers out there?
I do, I have one question left and I wish to throw the ball to players. If anything was possible, where do you see this game in 5 years? Come share your thoughts on the forum.
💕 Take Care 💕