Dev Diary: Warlords On Watch

Are you one of the Ascendants who could not rest at night, always fearing that the enemy would tear your Realm apart while you and your Warlords rest? Fear no more. For your Warlords will now be 'On Watch', and you can take your well-deserved break.


Defend your realm with 'On Watch' feature

As of the next game round, you will be able to assign your Warlords to a new mission called 'On Watch'.

This new feature has two main goals:

  • To reduce the pressure of having to be constantly online
  • To allow for more roles players can take over within a Realm

Warlords that are sent to a Tower or Portal via the 'On Watch' feature will be accessible for the Realm Leaders, allowing them to utilize your Warlords for defense only, while you are absent. The moment a Warlord arrives at a Tower or Portal with the mission 'On Watch', his status will change into 'On Watch'.

While this status is active, all Realm Leaders will have the power to move those Warlords and their assigned troops to other portals or towers within your Realm. However, Warlords 'On Watch' can be used only for support missions and it is not possible to attack other players or NPC targets with them.

Mission Details - How does it work in practice?

  • Warlords sent on an 'On Watch' mission to a tower will approach the tower with their regular speed.
  • Warlords sent to an active Portal will appear there instantly, without having to march all the way.
  • While a Warlord is “On Watch” at a portal, the Warlord owner can still manage the Warlord and fill up troop slots.
  • If a Warlord is already located at the desired target, his status will just change to 'On Watch' instantly.
  • A new map pin can be used to mark a target where player should send Warlords 'On Watch'.
  • Realm Leaders will be able to see the Warlords 'On Watch', and their map indicators.
  • Realm Leaders can then send the Warlords to new support missions and cancel those missions again.

Cancellation of 'On Watch' mission

The 'On Watch' status of a Warlord is cancelled, and the full rights return to the original owner when:

  • The owner of the Warlord cancels the mission
  • The Warlord is defeated and flees
  • The target does not exist anymore

If a Warlord is already on a mission, that mission can not be cancelled anymore. When the owner of a Warlord cancels an active 'On Watch' mission, the Warlord will continue and finish the mission before returning back to the owner.

Keep in mind that your Warlords will not remain 'On Watch' forever! Once they are defeated, your Realm Leaders will lose control over them. So, take some breaks, but don’t forget - your Realm needs you.

Please share your your thoughts with us on the forum or join the discussion in Discord! We are always eager to hear your opinion about these upcoming features and look forward to seeing you in action on the server very soon!

Your Arkheim – Realms at War Team