Dev Diary: Realms at the heart of Arkheim

Realms are at the very heart of Arkheim. You win, or you lose, as a team.

We all know that finding a good Realm makes all the difference, and that is why we have heavily reworked the first steps in Arkheim - Realms at War, including a new tutorial phase and a better way to form Realms.

The right realm from the start

Finding the right Realm for yourself hasn’t always been easy. Growing your realm as the game advances and absorbing less successful teams had a certain charm about it, but we realized there are some issues with this sort of Realm advancement. And, so did the players.

For one, it was not very practical for groups of friends who wanted to play and compete together from the very beginning of the round.

Another thing we learned was the experience for new players was not that good if a lot of people changed Realms at the beginning. This often left the remaining players with an inactive team. The starting Realm needs to give players a better chance in the upcoming battles, or a lot of new players will drop out before learning and experiencing what Arkheim is all about.

Furthermore, the more Realms compete on each island, the more fun the game will be for everybody!

Know what you sign up for

The first Island has always been sort of a tutorial Island, without any real tutorial. That has now changed. We will introduce a guided tutorial, not only in your village, but also on a scripted first map – before you enter any real Realm. This map will teach players the very basics of gaining territory and sending Warlords into fights. New players will understand the game better.

Choose the Realm you want to join

After the tutorial phase mentioned above, all players can now choose to join a Realm of their liking - or found a new one where you can invite friends and other players! Realms will start with their full 15 member slots open, so there is no need for awkward Realm switches every time a new slot opens. Of course, you are still free to switch Realms if you want to.


To make it easier to find a good fit, Realms can now be sorted by some languages. You can also set a ‘high commitment’ mark to let players know at first glance if you are looking for very active and committed players. Players that want to go all in. Last, but not least, you can also customize your Realm with a banner and a description right from the start.

These changes will make our Realms steadier and more fun throughout the whole game round. We are excited to hear your thoughts and see the first Realms forming once the new round starts!