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    You complain about the portal-building and the following blackmailing but you do not like point3 and 4 who are exactly designed to stop exactly that?

    Please make a better suggestion how to stop what you criticized then, I am honestly curious to learn about it :)

    it's a war game,ok: then let's have a limit to aggressions, eg. vs same strength realms/same amount of towers etc-------> fights should be better balanced

    In general I agree with what is written here, but I would like to underline a fact that does not emerge: the unhealthy habit of blackmailing the weaker realms, demanding two towers in that realm, where a portal will be placed that allows expansion and blackmail, with the promise of NAP (which is generally not kept).

    This hateful practice is perpetuated by all those realms that behave like sharks towards the weakest, preventing them from learning the game and making them fall out of love.

    Points 3 and 4 are nonsense

    Hi ! I have a doubt about the upgrade of the buildings on island 2: it's said that you can upgrade buildings up to 18 BUT some of my mates have stable or barracks at level 20. How is it possible? Remember: these players don't come from i3. Thank U for answering

    no email for sapphires today!

    a new bug?

    [email removed]

    thank you


    no email today,too

    please, who can I write to know what happened ?

    I can't believe the bug affects my mail only

    above I wrote my address

    let me know

    thanks a lot


    losing hope to have sapphires this week

    nothing changed since Friday :(