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    In some realms using Whirlwinds in PVP is punishable by prison, one can only hope for rock's sake that RON is not one of those strict realms.. :p

    Don't be too mean. We all know that all of the elven infatry look pretty much the same. Looking at that picture for the Whirlwinds was like playing a game of where is Waldo?

    35k seems reasonable. Still need to do some optimization but those who can reach the exp cap easily can still help their own realm members. For the most optimized players it drops the exp production per day more than 50% which is good.

    If nicely means it results in arguing with realm members and creating an unhealthy inner-realm interaction, yes it works nicely. Some guy are sad, that they are forced to do elf vs. elf and dwarf vs dwarf. Some others are sad that players gather in groups because it works for them so some feel like the 5th wheel. Or others that getting sad, that members are not picking optimal lineups and wasting so much unused potential, e.g.

    This times one hundred. Currently in our realm there is tons of arguing and conflict because some people just want to use all their charges and be done with it and some want to actually maximize xp gain from it. That is ripping our once so peaceful realm apart faster than any realm stomping us could.


    So we're currently thinking if we should cap the TG to the current gains with a fixed max XP limit you can get for a single TG for this round. What are you thoughts about it?

    Do that and disable TG from Jhart since that's what he wants ;)

    If we look at the statistics for top XP amounts we can see who are clearly taking advantage of this system. My main problem with it is that it's such a hard mechanism to grasp for some players that it's impossible to courage people to do it the most efficient way possible. (ie. my friends are often wondering why their composition of full cratermakers sometimes gives them 30k experience and sometimes 5k.)

    The more I think about the mechanics and the more I look at Jhartulion's suggestion I think removing the TG and replacing it with proper combat simulator like in Travian would be so much nicer and save me from many headaches.

    Though the damage is already done this round and I don't care if top 3 realms are going to skyrocket their way out of the league while we rest just eat their dust. I do care if next round is not going to see dramatic changes to TG.

    1. What is your ingame name?


    2. Which area of the game is affected?

    After combat defeated enemies retreating.

    3. When did the error first occur? Please include your time zone.

    18.5.2020, around 11:07 CET.

    4. Please describe the problem in as much detail as you can. Even if an information seems unimportant, it could give us a clue.

    After landing a raid to the tower (coordinates -7|-18) and combat happening normally. Our enemy warlords were instantly back at their Ark.

    5. How often did you encounter the error?

    Once but enemy had 4 warlords which all moved instantly. Next raid had the same effect

    6. Can you reproduce the error? Please describe the steps that will lead to the error occurring.

    Yes, Every time we raid an enemy tower with troops in there

    7. Please provide some information about your operating system and browser/mobile phone

    Windows 10 & Google Chrome 81.0.4044.138