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    Let there be bread and circuses for the Ascendants of Arkheim

    - So said the moons -


    Dear Ascendants,

    it is time to open the arena gates and let the Warlords and their loyal troops fight each other!

    In the next 5 days, 10 pairings of Warlords will be presented to you and you have to make your bets: Which Warlord will win?


    • 2 pairings will be presented each day, starting today, ending on Wednesday, 21st of April, 23:59 CEST.
    • Each participant can vote in a poll: Which Warlord will win?
      • Once the vote is made, it cannot be changed anymore
    • The results will be presented on Friday, 23rd of April
    • Each participant gets a point for each correct guess
    • Once all 10 pairings were presented, the participant(s) with the most points win
      • If there is a tie, the leading players will get additional pairings until the final winner is defined


    • All Warlords fight with an empty skill-tree
    • Most Warlords will carry items but the item names will not be disclosed. However, all items can be looked up here.


    • 1st Place:
      • 600 Sapphires + 1 Legendary item of your choice (T1)
    • Place 2-3:
      • 300 Sapphires and 1 random epic item (T1)
    • Place 4-10:
      • 150 Sapphires

    With nothing more left to say,

    Let the games begin!

    - So said the moons -

    Dear Ascendants,

    As always, we have been monitoring the last rounds and community discussions closely. Today we would like to share with you some of the changes that we are planning for the next game round S9. We would also like to organize another Dev-Talk together with you on Discord, to get your thoughts on those changes and react to questions and further feedback that you may have. The Dev-Talk will take place on Thursday, 15th of April at 4PM CEST.


    These are the main changes planned for S9

    • Changed Troop Production bonus for Goblin Forts
      The bonus "+50% production speed of all troops" will be changed to
      "+50% production speed of all troops and +10% resource production for fields"

    • Increased min. fighting strength for attacks on map targets

    Minimal fighting strength for Ascencion Gates and Eternal Anvils:

    Island Ascension Gates Eternal Anvils
    Cornicula 10000 25000
    Midiata 20000 50000
    Tragonos 30000 100000
    Panselon - 200000

    Minimal fighting strength changes for Goblin Targets

    Island Goblin Forts Goblin Towers
    Cornicula 2500 --> 10000 500 --> 5000
    Midiata 5000 --> 20000 2500 --> 10000
    Tragonos 10000 --> 30000 5000 --> 20000
    Panselon 20000 --> 50000 10000 --> 30000

    Minimal fighting strength changes for Player Towers

    Tower level * 5000 --> Tower Level * 10000

    Minimal fighting strength for Portals will be the same as for Eternal Anvils

    • Midiata: 50000
    • Tragonos: 100000
    • Panselon: 200000

    • Orbs in Goblin Towers of the first 2 islands will be slightly reduced
    Island Old Values New values
    Cornicula 300-450 200-350
    Midiata 450-600 350-600
    Tragonos 600-900 no changes
    Panselon 900-1500 no changes

    Also: After a Realm despawns, the number of towers turning to Goblin Towers will be reduced from 50% to 35%.

    • Dwarf Skill Tree changes

    The skill to increase the capacity of cavalry units was increased from 3% to 4% per point.

    • Rubble removal

    It will now be possible to use scrolls to skip waiting times for the removal of rubble in the town, just like for buildings. "Finish for free" can also be used if the timer is below 5 minutes.

    • Citadelle levels

    The order of some building unlocks when leveling the citadel was swapped:

    • Level 18 will now unlock the 3rd Grain Mill
    • Level 19 will now unlock the 3rd Workshop
    • Level 23 will now unlock the 4th Grain Mill
    • Level 24 will now unlock the 4th Workshop

    We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback about these changes in this thread. Join the Dev-Talk about S9 on Thursday, 15th of April at 4PM CEST on Discord!

    Your Arkheim Team

    Dear Ascendants,

    the second video of TheSocialStreamers#I is out. See how the journey of Silver Vales continued in Moon Phase II and don't miss the chance to win 500 Sapphires for your account!

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    Check out the Social Streamer channel for more Strategy Games content!

    Dear Ascendants,

    Over the next weeks the amazing TheSocialStreamers#I will entertain us with some War Stories from the Realm Silver Vales on their journey to Eternal Light. This first video features their very beginning and the first step of this ambitious adventure.


    Leave a comment in the video with your ingame name and server to enter a raffle! In the next episode 5 winners will be announced who will get 500 Sapphires for their account.

    Enjoy and tune in again next week when we will feature the second Episode!

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    Check out the Social Streamer channel for more Strategy Games content!

    Dear Ascendants,

    here the Patch Notes for Server S8, starting on the 29.03.2021 at 11:00 AM CEST!


    Update on S8 only:

    • Rebalanced the possible bonuses a Goblin Fort can give and reduced them to three:
      • Resource Supply bonus of 20%
      • XP & Soul Energy bonus 20%
      • The production speed of all troop queues +50%
    • Increased the strength of Goblins on Goblin Forts
    • A war will now only be automatically lost if a Realms falls under the required threshold of Orbs AND Towers
    • Rebalanced the Goblin Camp in town:
      • Maximum spawning time reduced to 8h
      • Increased resource production over time
      • Increased fighting strength
      • As of now, there will alway be only 1 Warlord in the camp

    All Servers:

    • Rebalanced items and added new ones, as described in the latest Dev-Diary
    • A Realm merge vote can now already be triggered after 48h instead of 96h
    • Leaders of both Realms will now keep their role in case of a Realm merge
    • Added a notification bubble to the tower sidebar if a pin is added to one of the owned towers
    • Improved language channel subscription in the settings
    • Improved quest rewards for the “Free x supplies” questline
    • Added an "ignore player" function to the chat
    • Added a “report chat” function
    • Added action buttons to map pins, where possible
    • Added two new bundles in the ingame-shop: Arkheim’s Art of Alchemy and Arkheim’s Building Boost
    • Tutorial Improvements:
      • Global chat will unlock earlier
      • Improved guidance for “all resources to level 4” main quest
      • Preventing players from getting stuck by spending too many resources
      • Display when a timer is halted on purpose

    We hope you like the changes and hope to see you soon in the upcoming game rounds.

    Your Arkheim Team

    ¿Los que no salen ahi quiere decir que ya no existiran? ¿O simplemente que no se han cambiado?

    Por que por ejemplo actualmente la antocha da fuerza de combate a todo, y en las tablas de arriba sale un item como nuevo con su mismo icono pero con diferente funcion... ¿Quiere decir eso que desaparecera la actual?

    Hola Origen#II

    No salen en la lista porque no se han cambiado, per siguen existiendo en el juego :)

    Dear Ascendants,

    We are excited to announce the next Community Livestream that will take place on the official YouTube channel of Arkheim - Realms at War.

    We invite you to join us while we talk about the game, answer Community questions and reveal some Game Development related insights.


    Livestream Agenda:

    • A look into the current Leaderboards of S6 and S7
    • Announcement of the S8 server start date
    • Changes towards losing a war by dropping below the war goals.
    • A look into Mobile interface improvements
    • Rebalance of the Goblin Fort Bonuses
    • A short look into the new Items and Item rebalancing
    • Community Questions & Answers
    • Sapphire Giveaway: For those who subscribe to the Arkheim - Realms at War YouTube channel we will run a raffle where you can win a pile of Sapphires at the end of the Livestream. Don't miss it!

    See you in the Livestream on Friday, 19th of March at 5 PM CET!

    Your Arkheim Team

    Discussion of article Dev-Diary: Item Rebalancing and New Items: