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    Thanks for the reply, however, when I go to the warlords list, I only see my own warlords, not the ones on watch. I know I can take my own warlords off watch from my warlords list, but I want to know how to cancel a mission that I send other players' warlords who are on watch. For example, I send two on watch warlords from tower A to tower B with a 10 minute delay. I want to stop that... where do I go to find the cancel button when none of my own warlords are involved? Any direction you can provide will be appreciated.

    Let's say you are a leader and you send another player's warlords on a mission to a new tower either immediately or on a short time delay - can you cancel that? If you were sending your own, not on watch, warlords, you have the option to cancel mission from your warlord list. Is there an option to cancel a "on watch" warlord mission? Where would you find that option?

    Basic Guide for First Time Leaders

    Congratulations, you have been voted in as Leader of your Realm. What follows here is some basic tips on ways you can communicate with your teammates and things you can do for the betterment of your realm.


    You have five tools within Arkheim for communication: announcements, pins, votes, realm chat and player chat.

    Announcements – an option available to you when you click on your realm.

    When you create an announcement, it will show immediately to all players online and will appear when players log in if they have not already seen the announcement. You can select an icon to better illustrate the subject of the announcement, give it a short title and an explanation. Important announcements like those about diplomacy can be saved for future reference and others can be deleted.

    Send announcements regularly (once per day) to highlight the current goals – set forts, clear supplies, donate to increase levels of forts/supplies, preparing for PVP actions. This gives players an idea of what is happening realm wide and where their participation is needed.

    Use announcements for important actions – defense and offense – when needed so all players are aware because instructions in realm chat are easy to miss.

    Pins – clicking on forts, supplies and map locations give you the option of adding a pin to that location.

    Pins can be used to indicate actions that are needed at a particular location or to highlight an area. For example, if a supply needs to be cleared, if a tower needs defense or if an enemy tower should be targeted for conquering.

    When setting a pin, add a short title that briefly explains the action and then add details. For example, if you want defense at a tower – set a support pin and in the details add the amount of troop you are looking for. More information on a pin is better so that players understand what need to be done, especially if you are not online to answer questions. Once the pin has been placed, add further explanation immediately underneath the pin notice that appears in the realm chat.

    Votes – an option available to your when you click on your realm

    Votes can be used for just about any decision you want to make as a realm but for actions such as kick a player or promote to leader, the action takes place when enough positive votes have been gathered.

    You can use the voting system to gather feedback from your players about strategies you may want to pursue as a realm if you don’t have another way to discuss strategies such as a discord server.

    When deciding to kick a player, you should check their activity level for things like attacking the barricades, participating in actions and communicating in chat. When putting up a player for removal, add your reasoning to the vote.

    Realm chat – available at the bottom of the browser window and from the map view on the app.

    Realm chat is best for immediate communications but can be difficult for players to follow and to use to view past chats. It is a good place to greet players, explain pins and communicate with players that are online. Every time you log in, you should greet your players and let them know you are there. Encourage them to do the same. Share information, discuss strategy, answer questions.

    Player chat – click on your realm icon, select player you would like to message and click on the Open Chat icon

    Player chat is best for direct communication with a player.

    You can give direct instructions to the player here rather then in realm chat so that it is not missed. This is also the best place for any correction or criticism. Praise in public and correct in private.

    Basic responsibilities of a leader

    Beside communication with players, here are a few other daily tasks for leaders:

    Pins – check all pins on map and remove outdated ones.

    Forts – when forts are placed to gain territory, some may not be needed. The best use of forts is to place them so that they cover 3 – 4 supplies. This can free up forts to expand your territory. Check your fort and pin those that can be demolished. Use pins where new forts should be constructed.

    Check your borders – scan all your borders and check on your neighbours. Look for enemy movements in their ark and portal, watch for gathering of troops at forts near your borders, look at where neighbours are placing forts. Determine which way you want to expand your territory and consider where to place a portal.

    Goblins – check your barricades and message players who have not cleared them. Check for uncleared supplies and pin them. Look for Goblin towers on your borders that can be raided.

    Leveling up – check for supplies and forts that can be leveled up and pin for donations, check realm quests when determining a leveling up strategy for the day – you may be close to achieving the fort leveling quest and choose to focus on that for the day.

    In this post, I have covered some of the very basic aspects for a new leader. I have left strategy out on purpose. There are a couple of other things I would recommend. While there are communication tools in Arkheim, use of an outside tool such as Discord or Skype is needed for complex communication and discussions about realm strategy. A realm needs more than one leader and it is best to have leaders who are available in different time zones. Remember, your top player based on avatar level is not necessarily the best leader. To be a leader, you must be a good communicator and have patience. It is a frustrating and thankless job but can deepen your understanding of the game.

    1. What is your ingame name? Sirona

    2. Which area of the game is affected? Warlord

    3. When did the error first occur? Approx 6:30 pm EST

    4. Please describe the problem in as much detail as you can. Even if an information seems unimportant, it could give us a clue. One warlord is stuck on "Coming Home:

    5. How often did you encounter the error? Once

    6. Can you reproduce the error? Please describe the steps that will lead to the error occurring. Unknown

    7. Please provide some information about your operating system and browser / mobile phone - Google Browser and Android App.

    We started and sent a conquer and after it landed, it become a raid. This seriously screwed up a strategy we were planning out.

    The attack shows as a conquest but indicates a one-hour raid. Don't know if the conquest will start after the raid. Dec 21 at 12:10 pm EST. Obathis against Warhurst of Just Fun, ingame name Sirona. Warhurst is -95|-218 3rd Island

    WARLORD: Staunchbraid

    WAR CRY: Get your muddy boots off the coffee table!

    LIKES Long walks to goblin towers, moonlit fort raids, the pitter-patter of goblin hordes fleeing before her, garden gnomes and camp fires.
    DISLIKES The male chauvinistic hierarchy of the dwarven military that prevents more females without beards from becoming warlords, people who don't use the Oxford comma, those little feathers that poke out of your pillow at night, Mondays, and cold coffee.
    Aim in life To have a ballad of her conquests sung by Hjalmar Grendrum, the great bard, at the Beard & Beers pub for the Durin's Day festival.
    Background Trivia Has written 42 letters to Hjalmar Grendrum with no reply, don't judge - she is the president of his fan club. Has 14 younger brothers and joined the army to get away from their whining. Enjoys cross-stitching elven swear words on small decorative throw pillows as Yule gifts.
    Creator Sirona

    I like the idea of an off topic board here as well. On Discord, if you come to the conversation after the fact, it is hard to pick up a thread and reply. In the forum, you can reply to a specific message or quote to get the topic of conversation going again.

    Q: Is this your first round? Or did you try the Closed Beta rounds?

    A: I played in the 2nd Closed Beta

    Q: Are you more of a Dwarf-person or an Elf-person? Or Goblin perhaps?

    A: Dwarf-person for sure, I am short and grumpy and like to hit things with a hammer.

    Q: What sort of games do you usually play?

    A: I play Travian and now Arkheim and not much else. I like the browser games because I can log in at work for a distraction a couple times a day.

    Q: How did you learn about Arkheim and what made you decide to try it out?

    A: I saw a notice on a Travian server and decided to check it out. I had fun in the closed beta and met some new people so came back.

    Q: If you had a chance to try the Closed Beta rounds, what was your first impression?
    A: It is fun and lots of things to try and experiment with such as mastery points and warlord selection.

    Q: Are you looking for a new team around you, and what makes you a good realm member?

    A: I am playing with a few folks I met from last round, we had good communication and team work.

    Q: What is your favorite fantasy movie or TV-series?

    A: Harry Potter over Hobbits, but how about an older movies - have you tried Willow?

    Q: Would you rather spend a night out with Elves or Dwarves?

    A: Dwarves for sure, literally more down to earth and Elves are shifty.

    Q: What are your expectations for the Early Access round?

    A: Becoming more experienced and discovering new strategies.

    Q: Caption the image below:

    A: Maybe I shouldn't have drunk that third pot of coffee!

    Good day,

    Could I have a clear answer about how we will join the Open Beta? Will we need a key? Will we receive an email invitation if we played the closed beta? Is there some other method we should use?

    Guidance would be appreciated.