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    We're glad to announce a special server, the war test server!

    Don't miss the chance to test the brand new War & Peace Concept!

    Can't wait for your feedback!

    The war test server will start on Monday, 19th September at 11:00 CEST.

    The server will be a 3x game speed server and 3.5x Moonphase speed (1st Moonphase = 2 days, 2nd Moonphase = 4 days and so on).

    Feel free to chat and spam about the test server in the new 💬│war-test channel and don't forget to share your precious feedback with devs in 🎯│war-and-peace and reports bug in the 🧰│bugs-war-test

    Happy speedy testing!

    Download the new War&Peace concept document we have shared on Discord:…68379/1019999446211248158

    Endgame: No Giving Up

    Song: Times Like These

    Day 56

    Endgame has started

    We managed to relocated our ark to get closer to NaW

    For some reason NaW didn´t try to prevent it

    49m of their wls were stuck at our portal in building and we were able to start some conquers


    It´s gonna be a long and bloody 2 weeks lol

    Q of the day: How long will the NaW-Dc-NwtB-Thewond coalition work together and will they ever turn on each other?

    Mood: happy to be fighting

    Day 57

    Lots for nice fights though not achieving too much

    NaW going hard on Casuals has opened us an opportunity to attack and not just defend, but they

    seem to have enough wls to do both

    Manuels Algus is becoming a legend: always the first one to be sent for defence

    Casuals wish to relocate to get away from NaW

    NaW talking about low activity for them on Arkheim Discord, but who knows if that's just propaganda

    Wrote something there too, hopefully it doesn't look like whining as that's not my intention, I just wanted to discuss the Endgame as I find this worse than before

    Tzu going hard against The wonderers

    NWB promised to join us – not sure if it will happen, tomorrow will show

    Q of the day: Where will Casuals land if they get relocated?

    Mood: valiant

    Day 58

    Yesterday i got 1,2m xp and se fighting, today 2m

    Naw sent us over 20 conquers, from one wl to biggest being 56wls / 66m

    All together we fought about 290 naw wls today plus 23 NWB wls

    We had amazing activity, I saw all players filling, no wls sitting anywhere empty

    At least 5 players were doing big defs, multiple times

    Never seen anything like this, so happy I could cry

    All I can do is to dress 💃 my wls so that they can be used and call players to refill, but honestly,

    these ppl are amazing and don´t need me to activate them

    All this leads me to thinking more than ever, that we deserve to be to be on the podium

    An idea on a massive final attack has been tossed around

    Q of the day: What can we do to reach at least the top 3?

    Mood: plotting

    Day 59

    Another day of constant defending against NaW and those crazy annoying NWBs who keep on promising things but never stick to them

    They even both sent two attacks timed on the same second to make def harder, but fortunately ended up having a 8 mins difference between them and we managed to save them both

    One tower above ark is very low in hp and I´m not sure if we can save it anymore

    If NaW claims and lands at our doorstep, things will get even harder

    Activity is still amazing, def makers were a bit scarce at times, but it was Sunday and we do what we can with what we have

    Lost track on how many defs one player made

    Q of the day: How low my wp can go...

    Mood: fun!

    Day 60

    A slower day, fortunately

    Building troops as fast as I can

    Pondering our options but it sure looks that there is no getting higher than the 4th for any of us Sun,

    Tzu or Casuals

    I will naturally congratulate NaW and DC for outplaying us

    The only chance to have any fun the last 10 days is to fight NaW and when/if they take us out, keep

    on annoying them at the anvils

    Our other option was to take a NAP with them for the rest of the server, but what would we have

    done then? Dance folk dance and sing in a round?

    Nah, I prefer fighting as long as I have one wl I can fill and then I’ll fill them with fallens

    Q of the day: Will we have all 15 players active until the end? (I bet we will)

    Mood: Not giving up!

    Day 61

    NaW didn´t like us not taking their generous offer of not attacking us

    Lots of big attacks, 6 ppl matching again and again

    Tzu going for Samuda took the pressure off from us for a while and we got to attack for a change just to annoy NaW

    I also fcked up not realizing we ran for Samuda too, to get even one pathetic tier V item this server, but fortunately NaW travelled from a far portal too and fought us instead of us going against Tzu

    Was upset about my mistake, this game is getting on my nerves which is ridiculous

    NaW pushed again us to take the nap but has nothing to offer

    They don't seem to understand that we have nothing to lose but seem to think we would prefer not fighting them

    As N said in a poetic manner: "I would gladly take them with us to the depths of the ocean they

    sank us into."

    Or maybe if they bought me 30 long, red roses and sent them to my door? I really don´t know what

    they could promise...

    We are 3rd in kills now

    Q of the day: How many days until this is over?

    Mood: Hanging there 😂🤣

    Day 62

    What a strange and fun day!

    DC and NaW run into each other rushing to stop Casuals from relocating

    DC is conquering 2 of The wonds towers to stop Tzu from taking them (DC not just raiding but

    actually taking them away from The wonds), The wonds defending, talking about friendly fire

    For some reason NaW has been going to Casuals all day, and this opened us a chance to go for their

    portal as well as Magga

    That makes no sense, they should concentrate on us and let Casuals burn DC

    We had a little def oopsie and our Southern portal was saved on the last minute with 0 hps left but

    still functioning, so all good

    Q of the day: Could we or Tzu climb past The wonds in orbs?

    Mood: happyyyy

    Day 63

    A bit more quiet today which I am grateful for

    Just as I wrote that, I realised that it was today that they sent 8 same second attacks and another one

    with 6

    Both Tzu and us have overtaken the wonds in orbs, I think Tzu may have a chance to climb the


    If all goes well, I'll be afk tomorrow evening

    Q of the day: Which do we wish to win: NaW or DC? Maybe it could be Tzu?

    Mood: hopeful

    Day 64

    Today we had our hardest spot so far

    First we had 6 simultaneous attacks on our portal which we cleared

    Later they made 9 and all being a bit busy left us no option but to put all in and lose a lot of troops

    We did surprisingly well, so good that noone spent ages matching

    I was afk most of the evening

    Saw FFDP for the first time ever, now I can die happy

    At night there were also some attacks, but I was a lil tipsy and decided it&WCF_AMPERSAND's best if I keep out not to

    mess anything

    Q of the day: NaW activity is lower, will the timing machine Gollbert be the last one to fight for


    Mood: Burn mf'ers!

    Day 65

    This morning even harder than yesterday: attack on 12 towers and 2 portals simultaneously

    K did some real magic and defended it all

    😘 to K´s wife for letting him "work" on a Sat morning...

    A quiet day until in the evening NaW and DC went together at Tzu and Cas

    We went for 2 portals, 5 towers and Samuda

    Tonight or tomorrow they will do their punishment attacks, that's the way it always goes

    Just a few days left of the server

    Let´s see how this all finishes

    Q of the day: How will NaW and DC determine, who will be 1st and who 2nd?

    Mood: As we say in Finnish, my hair is aching, flew high yesterday and after all the work and

    health stress it felt amazing. Not so amazing today 😂

    Day 66

    Looked like a calm and quiet day for us, not so much for Tzu and Casuals

    For a while I felt as if NaW abandoned our 1v1 for 4v2 fun in the north, but that was not the case

    Crazy evening

    Getting very dangerous as most of our players were seemingly spending a quiet family Sunday and we were late to defend

    My husband didn't necessarily appreciate me standing in swimmers on the porch of our sauna trying to summon someone on to look at the defence

    N did magic with what he had

    My thoughts have been working on the end approaching

    Q of the day: Will NaW land on our doorstep tonight?

    Mood: Slightly worried

    Day 67

    Another turning point

    After fighting NaW as long as I can remember, today the summoned 45m DC east to attack us simultaneously on two of our portals

    Naw also went for multiple towers

    We saved both the portals (one left with 1 hp), lost the weakest tower

    Just counted that during the last week they have attacked us up to 200 times (it's approximate as the have been multiple attacks on the same target, and I may have counted some of our attacks in this, but 200+/-20 is close enough)

    This was their first conquer, with the help of DC, to a tower with about 10 hps

    Now they also finally overtook us also in stolen orbs: they've stolen 29000 from us while we have taken 20000 of theirs

    Bet they feel strong and victorious!

    But talking about the turning point: until now I&WCF_AMPERSAND've respected them as opponents and have been

    grateful for the nice fights they have given us

    I've even thought that maybe they just like to compete with us in the spirit of sportsmanship, as I haven't understood why a realm so much more powerful than us hasn´t been able to beat us in 1v1

    Today I realized, that they really needed DC to get to us plus they could not accept not beating us

    My respect towards I, K, V, N, N and S doing our defense rises day by day

    Great work and stamina, cool skills, calm head - wow guys

    Plus all the other players refilling and sending to defend ❤️

    You all have a lil fan girl as long as you play Arkheim and after that too, as I prob will remember

    this round forever

    All this has pushed us for the final plan, no fading, no giving up

    Q of the day: Is it better to serve in Heaven or better to reign in Hell? (FFDP)

    Mood: Amazed

    Day 68

    Oh dear, what a day

    Sun, Tzu and Casuals decided to have a one more go together

    I´ve tried to write a plan simple enough for everyone to know what to do, as the game doesn't

    support multi realm efforts like this

    In the evening NaW summoned DC again and today they were able to do what they hadn´t done until now: they got two of our portals

    It happened bc we made an error, no one to blame

    Hectic defending going on as I speak

    They don´t seem to have great activity any more

    DC sent 60 wls, NaW themselves had 56 wls running for us

    I´m so glad we have the plan for tomorrow

    Q of the day: Are they proud of themselves?

    Mood: Calm

    Day 69

    A long day of attacks, lost towers but also saw ppl relentlessly still filling and deffing, luv you guys

    Its ok not to care too much anymore 🙂

    Attacks for Operation End of the Server are running: a spray attack to all Naw towers by Tzu,

    Casuals and us

    Nothing probably comes out of this, but that´s not the main point

    We dedicated this server to being a pain or at least a painful pimple in NaWs pretty, smooth bottom,

    and that´s what we will do until the end

    The attacks will land at 02 UTC / 04 CET / O5 EET

    Right now we have over 105 wls ready to go or running, Tzu has also over 100

    Looks like NaW has asked DC to take the orbs, and they probably will give them back tomorrow

    It´s been a long journey and I think we are all happy to see it end

    Will miss these ppl, but that´s a part of this game

    Not thinking about it now, farewells not until tomorrow

    Q of the day: What will be NaWs reaction to this? Do I care?

    Mood: serene, happy and content

    Isost made a timelapse video of the attacks. I think this is amazing.…voh2q6615fa5ikv14hy4eix1o

    Day 70

    We had a good run though the outcome was obvious: NaW won, DC 2nd, Tzu 3rd, Sun 4th, Casuals


    It's over, no questions.

    Wrote personal goodbye notes to all my realm members and posted both Sun and Tzu this:

    There is a song, I really like, and though the video turns it around to be about a relationship, perhaps

    you can close your eyes while listening to it, and spend a few minutes thinking back to our fights

    and friendship: Poets of the Fall: War

    Mood: ecstatic

    Kalla is out.

    Moon phase IV: The Opponent

    Song: Battle Born

    Day 43, Mórahalom, Hungary

    Ascension on the way!

    Hope we will have a lot of fun fights ahead of us

    Also hope that Tzu will land in a good spot

    Serbia tomorrow, I hope I'll be able to play

    Q of the day: How wide was Holsteiners’ mouth when we offered them a good pile of orbs?

    Mood: hopeful

    Day 44, Mórahalom, Hungary

    (Real life took over yesterday: fell asleep early as a result of our adventures in Serbia)

    Ascension went through without problems

    Landed between NaW and DC which is great

    Looks like 6 realms will fight on i4

    Busy upgrading in town fields, building towers and cleaning supplies

    Worried about not seeing one of our players, miss her and her energy

    Q of the day: When will it start?

    Mood: asleep

    Day 45, Mórahalom, Hungary

    Another day of chores in Arkheim

    Not much going on, calm before the storm hits

    Starting our trip back home tomorrow

    Decided to start s21 on Monday as the new changes sound interesting (patchnotes published today)

    Will be playing in a chilling realm with chilling rules ie. towers on A's pins, no drama, all be nice,

    all have fun, and chaos!

    But s20 remains the no.1 now, as that&WCF_AMPERSAND's what I and all others in Sun Tzu have committed to

    Q of the day: Will anyone believe me, if I say, that I only noticed afterwards, that it was day 42

    when I asked for the meaning of life?

    Mood: whimsical

    Day 46, Trieste, Italy

    Looong and colourful day

    Our daughter had some issues with her travels, but we managed to save her and her friend from a small train station in Austria, a real life SAR mission, once parents, always parents

    Been to Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Slovenia and Italy today

    In game I felt slightly desperate this morning, but am 100 % better after living a little and having a swim in the Adriatic Sea

    NaW and DC placed portals and so did we

    Remembered our old slogan from S16: We do what we can with what we have.

    I like that still, as no one can expect nor do more, and on the other hand, it makes it acceptable that everything in game is not always optimal, but can yet be enough.

    Q of the day: Will we have war declared on us tonight?

    Mood: tranquil

    Day 47, Ingolstadt, Germany

    Got to fight a little against NaW and DC which felt good

    Glad we got to show Casuals some support and they got their rare as NaW had to come for us

    Tzu helped us too 😍

    It´s quite clear that we need a plan and we need a war leader, we play reactive game atm

    K is doing an amazing job with diplo, keeping up the spirit and getting ppl fights, and so is A with

    towers while S was afk, but atm none of us is the right person to be a full power strategist

    I feel mostly useless as I cannot communicate, if there´s nothing to communicate, but I try not to

    worry, this should be fun after all

    On the other hand, if this is the commitment and time we all have for the game, maybe this is the

    right way to go

    Crossed the Alps today, took the Grossglockner Hoch Alpenstrasse and it was astonishing, never

    experienced anything like that

    Q of the days: Is Ingolstadt a town in Arkheim, as a friend suggested?

    Mood: varies

    Day 48, Travemünde, Germany

    Little match up with DC, we are trying to stop their portal, got ours built

    B was removed from the game due to inactivity, we are down to 14 players now

    Miss her

    Long driving day, soon off for a ferry to Sweden leaving at 2.30 am

    Q of the day: Are The wonderers really going for Tzu?!?

    Mood: Bewildered

    Day 49, Ferry between Stockholm, Sweden and Turku, Finland

    Crazy day!

    In the morning we suddenly were in war with both NaW and DC and The wonderers had attacked


    I´m especially upset because of The wonderers and cannot understand why in the f they did it

    Now the vote for relocating went through for us I think, net is bad here and will be totally lost soon

    Irl the ferry from Travemünde was late in Malmö and we had to drive very fast to Stockholm to

    catch the next one

    Q of the day: Where will we land next?

    Mood: wonderous

    Day 50

    Home sweet home

    Well sweet in rl, not so sure if our new home in Arkheim is so sweet

    Landed next to NaW and Casuals, opened two crappy gob forts

    Q of the day: Will we stay here longer than 72 hrs?

    Mood: After 91 hrs of driving, 6184 kms on the road plus 1300 on ferries, after spending 19,5

    gigabytes of mobile internet (of which 16,4 gigas on Arkheim) I am relieved 🏡

    Day 51, Finnish Midsummer Eve, no comments 🙂

    Day 52

    Recovering from yesterday, had a great time

    Went to bed at 3.40 when the sun had risen already

    Slow day of building troops

    Placed two portals in the evening for NaW to choose from 🙂

    We have talked a lot, what is to be done with our location and this server in general, as we are weak

    now and the resources at this spot are very poor

    A decision was made: We dedicate ourselves to being a pain in NaW´s ass

    Q of the day: No questions, let&WCF_AMPERSAND's just play.

    Mood: happy

    Day 53

    Great day, great moment

    We started the two portals yesterday and today NaW sent 73m to destroy one of them

    Once it started burning, the other one was contested too

    We quickly donated a tower next to it to lvl 14 and enhanced it, and magic, the other portal started building again

    Once the other portal is built, everyone is welcome to a barbeque

    The guest of honor is NaW whom we will fry with cheap troops like marshmellows and the best

    German wursts

    Q of the day: How long until NaW declares on us?

    Mood: not thinking, work starting tomorrow…

    Day 54

    Back to work, horribly busy

    Tzu is in a bad spot fighting two realms

    We tried to get a tower from them to get closer to help but NAW got their sweet revenge by sending

    cheap troops to weaken us to help The wonderers

    We got a new player ❤️

    Q of the day: When will this heatwave pass?

    Mood: multiple

    Day 55

    We finally managed to get the tower from Tzu and were able to help a little

    A little only, unfortunately

    Killed NaW wls also for Casuals

    I can see that everyone in our alliance is very tired

    It will be a long 2 weeks of endgame, but hopefully fun though

    Q of the day: Has anyone got a plan? 😂

    Mood: Alert

    Moon phase III: Midgame Fun and Drama

    Song: A Little Bit Off

    Day 22

    Ascension on it´s way

    N was the fastest to launch at the gate, his new nick should be The Lightning

    A quiet day in game, busy rl

    Made two cakes plus one, as one broke

    Q of the day: Will we land at the exact same place on i3?

    Mood: full, shouldn´t have eaten so much of the broken cake 😄

    Day 23

    New home!

    We landed far from NaW, which is ok I guess, but I´ll miss the constant fights with them

    Holsteiners are next door, maybe we will have something nice rolling with them

    Anti NaW plans going well, I had to withdraw from the planning channel though, due to time issues

    (time on the game more limited from Monday on)

    Q of the day: When will we have our 1st fight on i3? 😍

    Mood: merry

    Day 24

    Building, cleaning, dismantling

    Same rl plus watching a little CS:GO

    Our team got 2nd in a live tournament in Hämeenlinna, very happy for the guys (little prize money


    Q of the day: Will we beat Holsteiner to the rare?

    Mood: dusty

    Day 25

    Tower action with Holsteiner

    Nice xp and se today (287k/280k)

    We have a tower in the east now, to send troops to NaW

    Finland vs Canada, ice hockey finale, overtime

    Q of the day: How will we send troops all that way without NaW picking them like ripe berries?

    Mood: content

    Day 26

    Hardly any gaming today, just a loooong rl meeting that will continue tomorrow

    NaW relocated and now they whine on Arkheim Discord

    Q of the day: Did I lose a friend over Arkheim today?

    Mood: exhausted, bedtime

    Day 27

    Back at home, but not much gaming today

    My new Oculus Quest arrived and I've had a great time exploring

    Q of the day: When will we have our first real war on i3?

    Mood: hyped

    Day 28

    Quiet day in the game

    Had a little excitement taking the tower Kiszonki gave us, but NaW didn´t interfere in the end

    Q of the day: Will we have a war against La Valcyrie (or how ever you spell it, too tired to check)

    in the morning

    Mood: moody

    Day 29

    Strange day, started with a war that we forgot to declare

    Then the war finally started, but don´t know if we helped Tzu at all

    We definitely need practise in working together with Tzu and in working as a realm

    Getting ready to future fights: racing to rares, portal being built

    Q of the day: How many hours until holiday?

    Mood: apple trees are blooming, but it will rain on Saturday

    Day 30

    Cleaning and preparing irl, not much gaming

    We have a portal now which is great

    Also won the war, and Tzu did too despite our help 😂 which was great

    Hosting tomorrow a big family event, haven’t ever afked a whole day of Arkheim

    Q of the day: How can I survive tomorrow a whole day of no gaming?!?

    Mood: silly

    Day 31

    Daughter's big day, she did great, love her

    Afk almost all day

    Q of the day: What does a mum do at her youngest child's high school graduation? (Right answer:

    Cry a little and play Arkheim a little)

    Mood: very happy and proud

    Day 32, Ferry from Turku to Stockholm

    Daily chores

    Planning a war against Le Valcherie

    Got only 9 points in RT and can be called Pöljä for the day

    Q of the day: Will we get to relocate to a portal on this server?

    Mood: holiday, party!

    Day 34, Cesky Krumlov, Czechia

    A war against Le Valcherie is just about to be won

    We still have a hard time getting the defence working right, ppl joining randomly ffs

    Yet I enjoyed the war as it had some excitement, we need fun as a glue, this is not work but a game

    We have a team of great players, we just need to learn the ways we best work together

    9,5 hrs in car, my ass hurts

    Q of the day: Who left Thorstie behind? And what will Rüben come up with next?

    Mood: festive

    Day 35, Semmering, Austria

    Mid server

    Le Valcherie broke up and most of them moved to a i2 realm

    Not sure I feel all proud of that

    This has been a strange server with all this anti NaW effort and still so little true fighting

    Maybe I´m just an adrenaline junkie who prefers less planning and more fighting 🙂

    Q of the day: War with Holsteiner next?

    Mood: yawn

    Day 36, Mórahalom, Hungary

    Nice fights, good xp, feeling good

    Irl reached our destination for a while, which is great

    Looks like a war coming on Saturday morning, glad it will not be Friday evening as I wanna go to

    spa, have a beer and relax, relax, relax, it´s been a bitch of a year.

    Q of the day: Shall we go to i4 together with Tzu?

    Mood: happy

    Day 37, Mórahalom, Hungary

    Quiet day getting prepared for war

    I asked the players yesterday to share their experiences on online friendships (especially linked with

    gaming), as that is one of the topics I´m working on for my next novel

    Got amazing and touching stories on my questions, I promise to be worth the trust

    Q of the day: What will tomorrows war bring?

    Mood: excited

    Day 38, Mórahalom, Hungary

    A long day of fights with Holsteiner

    Has been fun

    We even had an empty ark ❤️ Great activity

    Tzu going mainly for orbs in the beginning, us


    When on the 3rd (?) big go finally cut their portal for good, we could see them pulling troops from

    the portal and starting a five hour timer from the ark

    Nothing left to do but set a 2 hr alarm to resend the troops on watch that were freed from the


    When I woke up for the alarm, a big attack was coming on our orb tower and three waves of

    defence were already planned

    Refilled and resent the troops

    Woke up to see the impact, and the attack was cleared

    Went back to bed and had a dream, in which S fired me. He said I joke with too serious matters

    when joking on the game, and he unfortunately had to let me go. The vote went through as I

    watched all voting me in the middle of the night

    When I finally woke up in the morning, had to check the reports to see, if I´m still in Sun and if

    something did happen

    The reports proved the attack did take place, also me saying something on Discord at 2.45 and 4.30

    Q of the day: Is Storkie Thorstie´s missing big brother? Is Speedy as slow as he seems to be? How

    old are the Alte Holsteiners? Confused? You won't be after this week's episode of Soap.

    Mood: dreamy

    Day 39, Mórahalom, Hungary

    Day after a fun war is always slightly meh, missing the action

    Getting ready for another war tomorrow

    Learned a new term from K today: SAR Mission (Search and Rescue)

    Counting on him if I get lost on the map

    Q of the day: Do elves have silky hair on their arms, pointy ears, and bottoms?

    Mood: sleepy

    Day 40, Mórahalom, Hungary, too tired, see you tomorrow 🙂

    Day 41, Mórahalom, Hungary

    Was too tired yesterday to write

    We went to war with Zwergenreich right after we finished with Holsteiners Mistakes were made, me including I come from a simple northern culture with strong women with a voice, and I certainly have my opinions on many issues, but my learning point is to keep my mouth shut, especially when things don´t directly concern me. The war was won today, but it had a point where a 5000 orb tower next to their portal was claimed, and as we were all afk working or licking our wounds, the dwarves and dwarves-disguised-as-elves were able to take 5000 orbs and could have gotten even more as we were all too far to defend, but fortunately they didn´t have the activity or they didn´t realize their chance I would have jumped in a well had we lost this one

    Worried about the conflict that happened between two players

    Q of the day: How northern does a person have to be to get sunburned sitting in the shadow?

    Mood: a day of peace pls

    Day 42, Mórahalom, Hungary

    We did get a quiet day, I´m thankful

    I was being a diva over Casuals attacking my gob tower (I wasn´t really, but it makes the story

    better) and the I accidentally attacked Fluffy from Tzu myself, pride goes before a fall

    New moon phase tomorrow

    Not sure when we will go up if we go, but I guess I'll see when it happens

    1 week left of our trip, 2+2 weeks of this server

    Q of the day: What's the purpose of life?

    Mood: serene

    Moon phase II: Alliances Getting Formed

    Song: No One Gets Left Behind

    Day 8

    Ascension day

    Timing was good, 9 secs difference between Sun and Tzu

    Will be interesting to see where we both land in the morning

    Conversations on donations, trust, and competence

    Q of the day: Where will be our new home?

    Mood: eager

    Day 10

    I can see lil friendly fighting coming as realms are approaching places of interest

    Did I say friendly? 😈

    Upgrading fields and citadel

    Resources coming out and clean great

    Really like the way players look after each other

    Q of the day: What are they talking about on the German channel?

    Mood: touristy

    Day 11

    A little conquer of a Frito tower

    Decided to leave Duka for NaW, they got to the rare first

    Bet they regret they didn’t attack the only tower we built there, now they miss out on all the fun of

    fighting with us

    Q of the day: Will Frito have collected enough troops to kick us out of their tower?

    Mood: sunny

    Day 12

    Building town and some res cleaning

    Tzu and Fritos building portals but need to go to bed before the action

    Q of the day: Will we be having a little war soon?

    Mood: tired

    Day 13

    Supplies, watching portals build

    Last towers finding their place

    S & K making good calls on not going to conflict with NaW yet

    Q of the day: Where do you land if you walk beyond the limits of i2?

    Mood: poetic

    Day 14

    Interesting situation at Samuda

    Everyone analyzing what others are doing

    Lots of talking in German which troops are good, wish I knew the language better

    Love it how everyone brings their knowledge and experience to the use of the realms

    Q of the day: How does NaW analyze our troop movements in their Discord?

    Mood: chatty (as kindly suggested by K in game chat :D )

    Day 15

    No big news

    NaW in war but not with us

    Fields rising to 18, getting there

    Q of the day: How desperate is NasRat (HacPatb) to keep on messaging us?

    Mood: A lil bored

    Day 17

    Little clashes with NaW at Samuda

    Baking while keeping my eye on them

    As A wisely said, we were slightly "blinded by our honor"

    Instead of doing things to make us progress, we stared at Samuda for hours

    We sure will want to get back to them, but likely not on i2

    We have been contacted by other realms, alliancecs starting to form

    Q of the day: Will the apple trees blossom for our daughters graduation party?

    Mood: B rocks!

    Day 18

    Yesterday’s little clashes turned to a nice series of attacks

    We did good and had fun

    Still learning how to work together, but getting there

    We seem to need action, as B the Matching Goddess said: ”All this restless troops aren't easy to keep in check 😉"

    So we improvised a war against the Irish

    Q of the day: Is there gonna be a huge alliance against NaW and its possible allies on this server?

    Will we have the orbs to ascend in 4 days?

    Mood: Overdoing (Two Qs of the day, and also baked for 5 hrs and made 248 buns for approximately 50 guests, I know I make the best Pulla in the world, but 5 per person?!?)

    Day 19

    Q of the day: Am I allowed to go to bed now?

    Mood: zzzzz..

    Day 20

    Yesterday was such chaos, I had to skip writing here

    We had fun playing cat and mouse with NaW

    There has been talks about a big alliance against them to be formed, which sounds very interesting

    For some reason they seem to get on a lot of ppl´s nerves

    Especially certain players going very strong for this

    We are following the conversation, but not being the driving force

    I´m tired, rl is hitting hard, challenges with all sorts of motivation, counting days to vacation (12)

    Q of the day: Many 😄

    Mood: ok

    Day 21

    (Fell asleep on the sofa and forgot to post though this was already written)

    Calm day, nice little action in the game

    Getting ready for ascension, excited about where we will land

    Tomorrow is also a real life Ascension day, not sure if I'll be online for the gate

    Q of the day: Why aren´t missions shown in the right order in the mission bar?

    Mood: sunny

    Moon phase I: Start of the Journey

    Song: Welcome to the Circus

    Day 1

    New server, excitement of starting again

    Forgot for a sec that I´m a dwarf and put one skill point on wood

    Many new ppl to get to know, all have their own way of playing and seeing good strategy and leadership, and all that info needs to be found out and gotten to the use of the whole realm

    Full faith and trust on the others, but also thinking how I will do myself and will I be able to play up to these great players

    Nice to see old friends

    Question of the day: What in the world is this new tournament?

    Mood: exited

    Day 2

    Running low on AGs which is annoying

    Running low on resources which is annoying

    Running low on patience: it’s hardly 24 hrs into the server, but I´d want to get to fighting already

    Keeping up in xp with these ppl will take effort, love it

    Q of the day: When will I have enough AGs?

    Mood: enthusiastic

    Day 3

    Res cleaning, town building

    Q of the day: Will J beat me (again) in videos? (A: ofc he will lol)

    Mood: talkative

    Day 4

    We have cleaned a lot of resources but a lot more to do

    Have tried to push us all to do them, but I think all have had enough of me for now

    First TG tournament, all got 10 points

    Q of the day: Will WW3 start tomorrow (Victory day parade in Moscow)

    Mood: slightly tired

    Day 5

    Resources looking better

    Nice sniping going on, lil conquer too

    Talks about skill trees, all seem to like speed which sounds excellent

    Everyone keeping active, great

    Q of the day: Is the skill tree priority order, found on the internet, an usable one?

    Mood: good, all going smooth, watching Finnish CS:GO in an Irish sports bar in Estonia

    Day 6

    Almost all resources done

    Lots of sniping, all seem to be having fun

    I2 opening soon, ppl asking what and when

    2 wl tournament was as easy as the 1 wl one

    Q of the day: what&WCF_AMPERSAND's the plan?

    Mood: vernal

    Day 7

    Waiting for ascension, donations are done, town building mostly too

    Ppl asking for daily donations

    They’d help to keep up the standard, but on the other hand I don´t like too many rules, it’s a game

    after all, and different ways of playing can lead to good results

    We have such good players that all should know the importance of donations

    But I know one of the reasons I´m not a top player in this game is, that I´m lenient (1st time ever

    using that word lol)

    I volunteered on reporting the donations for now

    Q of the day: Does every round have to have problems with timezones?

    Mood: looking forward to i2

    Hi all, I´m Kalla and played in Sun for server 20. I kept a diary for my realm mates of Sun & Tzu through the server and published it daily. I thought sharing the text may be of interest at least to those, who played with us and against us.

    I can see a lot of emotions behind these little notes. But now that a few days have passed since the end of the server, I want to emphasize that I have nothing but respect towards those who played against us and beat us. At times my frustration can be seen in my writing, but I think we all know, that the emotions, adrenaline rush, determination, and sense of being right over the opponents are essential reasons why we love to play this game.

    Sorry for the typos and broken English. The songs for each moonphase are by Five Finger Death Punch.

    Enough explanations. I hope you enjoy it.


    Congratulations to (NaW) for being the winners of Alvorsted (s20)!

    Thank you to everyone who joined this game round! We hope to see you all soon on our battlefields!

    Realm rankings

    Solo rankings

    Dear players,

    We'd like to celebrate with you the start of Carby (s21) with a new server start event <3

    This time the event will be a quiz! Of course Arkheim-based.

    How do I participate?

    Join the💡│quizzes channel on our Discord server 27th June at 16:00 CEST

    Find the correct answer, tap the coresponding emoji, cross your fingers!

    More details will follow on Discord.

    💎 3,000 Sapphires split between the top 10 players!

    Good luck! 🍀

    :!: Join Discord Here :!:

    Pin improvements (later S20 & S21)

    Another area we are closely looking to improve is in-game communication. The pin system

    in the game already provides a good foundation to coordinate about game actions.

    Together with great feedback and suggestions from our playerbase, we do have several

    improvements to the pin system in the pipeline.

    Those changes won’t be available at the start of Carby (S21), but will be updated soon after

    on both servers. We will keep you updated about an exact schedule!

    Key Changes

    - One pin can tag a group of Realm members now

    - Tag none, some or everyone

    - Certain pins can specify additional contextual data

    - ‘Donate to level X’

    - More than one pins are possible at one cell/structure

    - Overhauled appearance of the pin’s details

    - Minor additional improvements

    Mission Selection Overhaul (S20 & S21)

    We want our players to enjoy themselves in Arkheim and get the most out of their time.

    Playing the game, you are confronted with a lot of information to collect about the map, keep

    track of and communicate to your team members in order to succeed.

    This can become quite time-demanding.

    One area in the game, where we see players struggle not to get lost among all that

    information, is the mission selection popup.

    Sending your Warlords efficiently to the right places is key for great warfare and success.

    Currently you find yourself struggling with clunky navigation between other missions more

    often, than deciding well-informed for the best possible movement.

    We had a look over several usability aspects of the mission selection popup, and overhauled

    big parts of its design in order to make the process of sending Warlords missions more

    organized and less stressful.

    Key Changes

    - Overhauled the layout of selectable Warlords

    - Watch state is displayed better

    - Adding contextual panels for displaying running missions on the target

    - Joining missions is possible from those panels

    - Warlords of each mission can be inspected in those panels

    - Added a toggle to hide Warlords on watch in the list

    - Improved sorting behaviors

    - Warlords on watch are sorted correctly between own Warlords

    - Not possible Warlords are sorted at the end

    - Watch status can be changed within the mission selection popup

    Download the .pdf file to see the impressions of the new mission selection!

    Balancing Changes (S21)

    In a strategy game like Arkheim, we think a big part of players skill and success comes from

    adapting their strategies to new situations and choosing the best tools in their toolbelt.

    In Arkheim, Warlords play a central role in bringing your strength to the battlefield. We want

    the choice of Warlords in your roster to matter and to have a significant impact on how your

    strategy plays out and feels.

    Currently we feel that the game would love a bigger diversity of different Warlord rosters,

    especially in the later stages of the game, where choices between different Warlords are

    narrowed down a lot, as we see earlier Warlords struggle to keep up.

    With these issues in mind, we had a bigger look over all our Warlords and hope to create

    more meaningful decisions for our players, depending on what they want to achieve in the


    Supporting those bigger changes, we made some tweaks to the units, as well as some other

    balancing, to keep the game fresh.

    Warlord Balancing

    As your primary way to utilize the different units in the game, your choice of Warlords should

    reflect what units you want to focus on and what enemies you want to excel against.

    The new balancing brings all Warlords closer together in terms of their base strength and

    puts more weight in the individual player’s preference for slot number and category.

    No matter if you want to be a Goblin killer, be infantries’ nightmare or just like horses, we

    want you to pick your personal favorite Warlords for the job.

    Additionally, while we still want your Warlord toolbelt to increase as you reach higher levels,

    we felt that bundling multiple Warlords to unlock at the same time can help diversify the

    rosters we see in the game.

    Below you will find the new values for all Warlords!

    Additional Balancing Changes

    Unit Changes

    We want to support creating diversity in strategies by some tweaks to units we felt were

    currently a bit under/misrepresented.

    Warlord Slots

    We want your Warlord roster to feel significant and provide a longer time frame were number

    advantages can happen.

    For that, we are spacing the unlocks of your Warlord slots a bit more, by unlocking them at a

    later Avatar level.

    Warlord Skills

    With rebalancing the Warlords, we also wanted to tweak two Warlord skills, that we currently

    saw as a bit too potent

    Ressurrect 35% of units after each turn => Ressurrect 30% of units after each turn

    50% chance of dealing critical damage => 40% chance of dealing critical damage

    Goblin Forts

    With the semi-random nature of goblin fort bonuses, there was a mismatch in strength between the three available options. We adjusted the bonuses of the forts so they better

    match each other.

    Fort Type 1 (No changes)

    Increase xp, soul energy & ark energy by 20%

    Fort Type 2

    50% faster unit production in town => 35% faster unit production in town

    10% resource production for fields => Removed

    Fort Type 3

    20% resource supply production => 40% resource supply production

    New => 10% resource production for fields

    Realm Towers

    We want Realm towers to be the final transformation state of a tower, giving the Realm a

    valuable tower slot back.

    We want to see more Realm towers on Arkheim’s islands and feel that getting there is

    currently a bit too expensive.

    Level requirement for Realm tower enhancement

    Max level => Max level - 1

    Added visual indicator for Realm towers on the map

    Dear Ascendants,

    On Monday, 20/06/2022 at 11:00 Cest Carby (S21) will restart, bringing bigger balancing changes and usability improvements to the game!

    Patch Summary

    • Bigger balancing changes, focussing on Warlords (S21)
    • Overhauling the mission selection screen (S20 & S21)
    • Improved functionality for the pin system in the game (later S20 & S21)

    We hope you like the changes and as usual, we are looking forward to reading your feedback!

    :!: All details below :!:

    Congratulations to Suicide Squad for being the winners of Carby (S17)!

    Thank you to everyone who joined the round of Carby, and for all the valuable feedback throughout the round.

    We would also like to thank you for the many helpful tips you shared with each other in Discord, helping newcomers feel like a welcome part of the world of Arkheim!

    Realm rankings

    Solo rankings

    All chatting and events are happening on Our Discord server, where your fellow players and the Arkheim team can offer answers, entertaining discussions, and fun debates.

    Join Discord Here