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    Alvorsted (s30) patch notes


    • To be able to search better for a specific item, you can now filter the dungeon view of a stage for items of a specific bonus type and item slot
      • Drop table reworked - there will be slightly more items in the dungeon now, because:
        • Every node, except end nodes, will have now 2 items guaranteed. Before it was random between 1 and 2
          • Every item dropped in a stage will now have its proper tier, so for example in stage 2 only tier 2 items will be dropped. Before there could be also tier 1 items in early stage 2 nodes.
    • Introducing some new items:
      • Completing the "of Power" (+x% of army strength) set with introducing a helmet, armor and shoes of Power. Before only the weapon was available.

    • Adding 3 new bonus item types:
      • +x% fighting strength against infantry / cavalary / artillery
      • Tier I: 6%-10% for all slots except Shoes: 5%-9%
      • Tier II: 11%-15% for all slots except Shoes: 10%-14%
      • Tier III: 16%-20% for all slots except Shoes: 15%-19%
      • Tier IV: 21%-25% for all slots except Shoes: 20%-24%
      • Tier V: 26%-30% for all slots except Shoes: 25%-29%

    🔹Map Pins

    • To help the communication within a realm, Leaders, Strategist & Tower Planners of a realm can now choose colors for their map pins.

    🔹Realm Banners

    • Warlord groups on the map will now show their realm banner, instead of the generic "helmet icon" for a better identification of the realms.

    Content E

    The Eternal Palace An Arkheim Saga Story

    “I am so bored...” she murmured.

    As usual she was looking out her window down into the Islands far below.

    Was this a sick joke from a cruel God?

    Always been able to see the battlefield she was longing for but being unable to reach it.

    The palace She was staying at was full of people, brave warriors that had ascended from the island into the

    Eternal Light, but She was sick of hearing their stories. They were always bragging about their battle and

    victories. At first she loved to hear the stories of those that came after Her, but after a while She began to

    thirst for the battlefield once more, and hearing their stories became even more torture.

    She had the Architect help her build a telescope, it was a weird contraption, She didn’t really understand

    how it worked, but thanks to it She could observe the islands below more clearly. Closed in Her room She

    began watching new Realms be born, fight and die.

    At the beginning the Eternal Palace, this was the name they had given it, seemed like a paradise, a place for

    true warriors to rest. They had everything they wanted there, the best foods and drinks, beautiful woods to

    walk in, angelic animals to meet and pet. They couldn’t get ill or hurt and they didn’t age.

    But, after getting use to this new life, She began to get restless, so together with other Leaders they tried

    dueling each other for a while, but without the thrill of death and injury even fighting became soon boring

    like everything else.

    Little by little they all started to lull themselves into a mind numbing routine, between feasts and other

    pleasures. Only she and a few others remained at their windows, longing for the Islands below.

    They decided that life without adventure was no life at all, no matter how long it would take them, they

    wouldn’t give up on starting a new adventure. What was supposed to be an invaluable reward for their

    bravery and sacrifices had become an unescapable prison.


    Months and then years passed, the Palace was filled with more and more people, till they stopped coming.

    From the window She could she that Realms were still fighting down there, one after the other they

    reached the top, but unlikely before they couldn’t cross the Final Gate and reach the Palace. Like frog in a

    well they could only look up at the sky till the next Cycle begun it’s motion and wiped the islands clean


    “Why can’t they Ascend anymore?” the Leaders asked themselves, “We could all do it? Why can’t they?”.

    Without new people coming in there was nothing to even try to break the monotony and boredom of



    But one day something changed, Equi, a Leader known for his love of long hikes and fast walking, had found

    some ruins in a forest far from the center of the Eternal Palace. He came running into the Hall of Fame

    shouting that he had found something, bringing back a spark of fire in the now dull eyes of the Leaders


    After exploring the ruins they found a trap door hidden in the center of them. It lead them to a labyrinth of

    tight and dark stone tunnels that dived deep into the ground. Most of the them ended abruptly with a wall

    or a destroyed section.

    After months of exploring thought they finally were able to find another trap door hidden at the end of a

    tunnel and map the labyrinth to it.

    Inside it they found a spacious room covered in dust, in the center was a small altar with a black stone on it.

    Around the base of the Altar a phrase had been etched into the stone in the Eternal Language, the language

    of those that first mastered the Orbs and created the Eternal Gates on the Islands and the Eternal Palace

    itself. Or at least that was their working theory.

    It read:

    Thou that more than most have swum close to the edge of the sea, art thou sure thou wish to dive back

    into its embrace?”

    After exploring the Room and finding nothing else the Leaders called a general assembly in the Palace, there

    they shared what they found with the everyone else.

    The question on everyone mind was obvious: “Was this a way back?”, had they really found a way to get

    back to the Islands below? While many had longed for the possibility to go back down, now that it could be

    a real possibility not everyone was so sure of what they wanted to do. Sure, Paradise was boring, but they

    had also grown accustomed to a certain degree of luxury and peace by now. After all they all had gave up

    so much to reach here, were they really ready to give it all up? All they had worked so hard to achieve?

    A group of eager Leaders stepped up, they had no doubts, they wanted to try. To see if what they found was

    really what they were searching for.

    She, together with others, joined the Eagers as spectator, to relay back to the others their success or failure.

    And so they went back into the Room, the Eagers stood a circle around the black stone and touched it all

    together, in an instant the altar turned into a black Gate, a very familiar but also different sight.

    Without hesitation the Eagers walked into the black Gate and disappeared from sight.

    Once the spectators returned to the Palace without the Eagers the other Leaders were ecstatic of the news,

    sure that they had found a way back. Many however were surprised She had not joined the Eagers’ group

    and walked into the Gate herself, to be honest She had surprised herself as well. Sure, she still longed for

    the known battlefield of the Islands, but at the same time she now knew that there might be something

    beyond. What was the Eternal Palace still hiding? She had been so focused on the Island below she hadn’t

    realized how little they really knew about the place they were in.

    While the other Leaders that were deciding to also return to the Islands began organizing to go back to the

    Room those that wanted to remain in the Eternal Palace decided that, should others reach it again from

    below they would give them the choice they had as well, and should they wish to, they would guide them to

    the black stone.

    But Her choice was neither, she wouldn’t stay in the Palace and she wouldn’t go back to the Islands. Her

    eyes were now longing for a glimpse of what lied beyond.

    Over the edge, above the Eternal Palace itself.

    Was there something there?

    She didn’t know.

    And so, alone, She began Her new journey, above the Islands, above the Eternal Palace, towards the Moons.


    With time, many began to forget Her, but by walking in the Palace corridors you can still pass by what was

    once her room, empty.

    Inside, by of the open window, will forever rest a scarlet Sword and a gold Crown, now both covered in dust.

    But ready to be picked up again should She decide to come back.

    Content D

    Reading Carby Discord

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    When I find myself in Arkheim Discord, my realm brothers come to me

    Speaking words of wisdom: Let it be.

    And in my hours of endgame sisters fighting anvils next to me

    Remind me what's important: Let mindgames be.

    Make them bleed, make them plead, all relics steal, force them to kneel

    But what comes to Carby Discord, just let it be.

    When the nightshift´s long and war is lost, just speak to game friends and agree

    It happens to every player, let warlords flee.

    For though enemy may be blinded, there is still a chance that they will see

    Your realm has more fun, so let them be.

    On battlefields let them bleed or let them flee or make them kneel

    But on Carby Discord, let quarrels be.

    Just let trolls be, let drama be, let CMs be, let all see

    We play this game for fun, so let it free.


    Make them weep, make them scream, make some deals, all orbs steal,

    But what comes to Arkheim Discord, just let it be.

    Content C

    Arkheim: Realms at War – Fan Fiction

    Forward: Imagine what Arkheim: Realms at War would look like from the point of view of the Nonplayer

    Characters (NPC). How would they explain the experiences of warlords and troops in the game

    and their interactions with mythos and environment? After all, these warlords and troop must come

    from somewhere.

    This story is told from the point of view of an aging female dwarf NPC who hears the “Call” and ascends

    to our tutorial island from the hidden island below and becomes the persona of the warlord Hildegart.

    Here is some vocabulary to help you understand the story:

    • The Call – when a new server opens and we start an account, our NPC warlords hear the Call and are “transported” into the game which they experience as a real place.
    • Plae’a – what the NPCs call a player. Pronounced P-lay-a. Plae’as is plural.
    • Tri-Moon Alignment – when the three moons of Arkheim align and signal the start of Endgame.
    • Moon cycle – the time period of the server and the down time before the next server begins.
    • The Ancient Ones – the race that broke Arkheim as described in the game introduction.
    • Path of Ascension – what the NPC dwarves and elves call the way to the afterlife.
    • Between – what NPCs call the island they live on which is hidden to us by the tutorial island.
    • Hildegart, Darik, and Maklaven are names of dwarven warlords.
    • The 28 – the name for the 28 NPC dwarves who become our 28 warlords. They can “hear” our instructions and lead their troops to where we point them on the map.
    • Breach – what the NPCs call the severing of their connection to the afterlife.
    • Bloody Gobs – Goblins who inhabit the Goblin Towers, Barricades and Campus in game.
    • Fallen – when our troops die in game, they do not disappear, they become Fallen in the Dungeon.
    • The peoples – what NPCs call the collective elves and dwarves’ tribes.
    • Orbs, Gates, Eternal Anvils, Eternals Orbs, Relics are all elements of the game

    The Hildegarts

    Vestra strapped on her breastplate. It felt a little odd not to be carrying an axe, the hand weapon of

    choice for Dwarves, but she would again soon enough. Already the whispers of war were floating in the

    wind. Soon, it would be a clamor that cannot be ignored, and finally, the Call. A plae’a would summon

    her as Hildegart Staunchbraid and she would fight again.

    Vestra did not like feeling like a freon in someone else’s game, but what choice did she have? The

    Ancient Ones, she spit on the ground at the name, well and truly broke the world to pieces and severed

    the Path of Ascension trapping the living and the dead to this Between.

    She knew she was not the only Hildegart, she and the others met secretly between Tri-Moon

    Alignments. The other 28 chosen (or cursed) would not approve. It was too difficult knowing that soon

    you would be enemies, hell bent on destroying each other at the plae’as’ command. Two brothers had

    been chosen as Dariks. Neither of them had removed their helms since the day of choosing, even

    between moon cycles, so they would not recognize each other on the battlefield. Mayhap, other Dariks

    were related too as they all had adopted the practice. Vestra patted her braid, many of the 28 had

    carried home strange practices from the wars.

    Wait, she had forgo􀆩en the Maklavens. Maklaven candidates seem to universally embrace day drinking

    and found kinship over ales, many, many ales. It was not unusually to find a couple of Maklaven

    candidates well and truly snookered by mid-day drunkenly singing sea shanties dangling their feet off the

    edge of the land.

    The Hildegarts had begun meeting after the 21st Call. The 28s were aging and they had still not found a

    way to heal the Breach. The 28s would need to take apprentices, and soon. The Hildegarts had taken on

    the role of story tellers for the children. First, it was to teach the children that they needed to fight.

    When the world first broke, many elves and dwarves were killed. As if that was not tragedy enough, the

    peoples soon realized that the dead did not take the Path of Ascension. In breaking the world, the

    Ancient Ones, she spit on the ground at the name, created the Breach, severing the Between from the

    Path of Ascension. The dead were trapped as spirits.

    At first, spirits are confused and haunt their homes and villages. They seem to be looking for the path

    and will tug at the hair and clothing of their family like a light breeze or a memory. The spirits did not

    seem to be in pain, not like their living families who wept at the sight of them. Eventually, the spirits

    would wander off and could be seen floating to the islands above in a poor reflection of ascension.

    When the first peoples heard the Call and were transported by the plae’as to island just above the

    Between, they were shocked find the Bloody Gob have not been killed off as they had believed but had

    hidden in the caves and tunnels created by the Ancient Ones, she spit on the ground at the name, and

    had multiplied creating mock towers from the rumble, setting up barricades and camps. The Bloody Gob

    had found away to use the chaotic energies created by the breaking world for form orbs.

    The orbs did not seem to have a purpose but the Bloody Gobs and the plae’as loved to horde them. The

    Bloody Gobs were the first forces the peoples battled and the dwarves and elves that died did not

    become spirits. They became the Fallen. The Fallen descended into the Dungeons, and battled the

    demons, thought to be trapped spirits of the Ancient Ones, she spit on the ground at the name. The

    Fallen attacked the Demons and were rewarded with weapons, resources and magic that could be

    passed to their people still fighting, giving them strength. The first living elves and dwarfs to take the

    weapons functioned as the warlords. With the warlords, the plae’as were now able to direct their forces

    to war to take the towers and orbs from the Bloody Gobs and from the warlords and troops controlled

    by the other plae’as. Dwarf against Dwarf, Elf against Elf, and Dwarf against Elf. A terrible, terrible thing

    to make war with your own peoples, but what choices did they have? The Call could not be denied.

    Genera􀆟ons of peoples were Called up as troops and the 28s formed the warlord cadre.

    The first wars were simply over territory and orbs. But when the plae’as collected enough orbs, they

    pulled the peoples to the next island through gates. At first, the peoples believed the gate were the Path

    of Ascension, but sadly not. At the second island above the Between, the peoples encountered the

    Eternal Anvils and found, to their grief, that the spirits of their ancestors had become trapped there. If

    one stood close the Eternal Anvils, the vibra􀆟on of the restless spirits could be felt.

    During the 􀆟me of the Tri-Moon Alignment, the Eternal Gates opened and the Fallen of the peoples

    could ba􀆩le each other. What glory! Those who fell a second time in a battle of Fallen against Fallen

    ascended! The path opened to them! And then more glory! As the Fallen ascended, the Eternal Anvils

    awakened and produced Eternal Orbs. With each eternal orb produced, it was like the universe sighed

    and the path to ascension parted just a hair, just enough for several hundred spirits to slip through.


    When the peoples were able to reach the higher island, they realized that more spirits could slip through

    and at the fourth island above the Between, thousands of spirits were able to travel onward as each

    Eternal Orbs was created. So, the children must be taught. The children must prepare to fight, to fall, and

    to fight again. To save themselves and to save their ancestors trapped in the Eternal Anvils.

    As the plae’as and the peoples will to war increased, some of the peoples were more attuned to the Call.

    These became the chosen, the 28. The chosen, the cursed, answered the Call and became the warlords.

    It was well and truly a horrific thing to be a chosen. Warlords did not die in battle. Warlords never

    become Fallen. To be chosen was to be cursed, to grow old and when you died, to become a spirit

    trapped. And old, they were becoming. When the 28 passed into spirit, someone would need to take

    their place.

    Especially now! After so many Tri-Moon Alignments - Was it 25 or 32? Who knew? - something new

    spawned on the islands! Relics were discovered! Relics created new Eternal Orbs that cracked open the

    path to ascension just enough for spirits to pass. Eternal Orbs not bound by Eternal Anvils. What were

    these relics and why did they appear? Some believed that moon cycle after moon cycle of ba􀆩les in the

    Eternal Anvils were repairing the Breach. Was it so? Who knew? Regardless, the relics were new hope.

    New hope against the devasta􀆟ng secret known only to the 28s.

    The secret? The Fallen. The Fallen who did not fall a second time became spirits trapped in the Eternal

    Anvils. Too many of the plae’as did not send their Fallen to the Eternal Anvils to ba􀆩le. Vestra was

    convinced the plae’as were stupid. Heartless, deaf, and stupid. Over the cycles she had screamed and

    begged her plae’as to transform her to lead the Fallen to the Eternal Anvils only to have the Tri-Moon

    Alignment end and the remaining Falling devolve to spirits. She drew the line at praying as some did. The

    plae’as were not Elder Gods, they did not care about the peoples. The peoples were playthings in their

    endless games. She could only believe that more spirits escaped each moon cycle than were created by

    unbattled Fallen.

    Enough! The relics were hope! A way of escape not dependent on the battles of Fallen. There was work

    to do. Vestra donned the last of her equipment, she needed to look the part. Who would have ever

    thought she would become a bard between the Calls? It was well and truly the last thing she expected.

    But the Hildegarts had agreed. The children must fight. And for the children to fight, the children must

    be taught. The stories, the legends, the tales of epic battles will inspire them. And if at the same time,

    she could watch for apprentice candidates, for signs of the Call? All the better.

    Just yesterday, she caught sight of young Hardrina shock still in the village square, head tilted as if

    listening to a song only she could hear. Yes, yes, Hardrina would bear watching. Vestra sighed. It would

    be a well and truly gruesome thing to put the choice to be one of the 28 before Hardina, but it was the

    only way. The only way to become the chosen was to choose it. For the children must fight and there

    must be the 28s to lead them. To save the ancestors, to save themselves, and hope upon hope, to some

    day, save the Path of Ascension.


    Hello everyone,

    Thank you all for participating to the Alvorsted s28 start event! This time it is the Alvorsted creative event! :love:

    Thank you to the creators contents who have sent us their masterpiece!

    Rules to vote:

    In this thread you will find all of the contents that players sent to us. You only need to vote what is your favourite content!

    Please, have a look at the contents below and use the poll at the end of this thread to vote!

    Contents are anounimous. They will be revealed at the end of the event when the winners will be announced.


    As a reminder, this is the Discord link to the event announcement:…02026/1087314636598169631

    Patch Notes for S28 - 15.03.2023

    🔹Orb activation costs of modules were changed and are now more depending on the type of the module:
    - Module Destruction: 1.250 / 5.000 / 15.000 / 37.500
    - Module Construction Speed: 2.500 / 10.000 / 30.000 / 75.000
    - Module Movement Speed: 3.750 / 15.000 / 45.000 / 112.500
    - Module Realm Portal: 5.000 / 20.000 / 60.000 / 150.000

    🔹Change the ratio of eternal orbs from starting activation/finishing activation from a fixed 20%/80% to being depending on the count of started activations of this relic module type on this island of this realm before:
    - First Activation 50%/50%
    - Second Activation: 25%/75%
    - Third Activation: 10%/90%
    - Every following activation of this type and island: 0%/100%

    🔹Relic spawning was adapted, so in general Relics will be a bit less often on the map

    Goblin Towers
    🔹Raid duration was reduced from 4 -> 3 hours
    🔹Ruins will remain only for 4 hours instead of 6 hours
    🔹Spawning of Goblin Towers was adapated - Goblin Towers are appearing now a bit more often
    🔹Goblin Towers also leave a bit more space towards the border of a realm if possible.

    🔹Adjusted the Glory -> Level curve - In general you now need more Glory to reach especially later Realm levels.

    :orb: Village
    🔹Sawmill, IronForge and Mill have now a max level bonus of 10% faster unit production instead of 30% storage capacity
    🔹Storages have their max level bonus increased from 20% storage capacity to 30% storage capacity

    Skill Tree
    Iron production skill increased bonus from 4% to 5%, but reduced max Level from 5 to 3
    Wood production skill increased bonus from 4% to 5%, but reduced max Level from 5 to 3

    Congratulations to Orochi for being the winners of Alvorsted (s26)!

    Thank you to everyone who joined this game round! We hope to see you all soon on our battlefields!

    Realm rankings

    Solo rankings

    Dear Ascendants,

    Welcome to our monthly event: the Warlord Clash!


    • The event starts on 1st February and ends on 7th February, 16:00 CET.
    • Each participant can vote in a poll: Which Warlord will win?
      • Once the vote is made, it cannot be changed anymore
    • Each participant gets a point for each correct guess
    • The participant(s) with the most points win (3 battles, so 3 points max).
      • 3 winners will be drawn among all those who have guessed all the winning Warlords in the 3 fights.
      • 3 more winners will be drawn among all those who have guessed at least 2 winning Warlords in the 3 fights.


    • Most Warlords will carry items but the item names will not be disclosed. However, all items can be looked up here.


    • 1st Place (3 points):
      • 900 Sapphires split between the 3 winners (300 each).
    • 2nd Place (2 points):
      • 1 Rare Tome for all 3 winners