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    Because if you could reinforce troops directly at a tower, all towers would practically be the same as portals
    which means, unqoncourable, more or less.

    So yeah, it's to reinforce the strategy that you can't just send your warlords whereever whenever you want to.

    I am not convinced by the explanation.

    Maybe 1 translation problem. I hope Santa brings 1 chat in Portuguese.

    Troops travel with the Warlords as armies, and each player has 8 armies in total. The game would change drastically if players could send troops all over the map to different towers, without their Warlords. You can use arks and portals to fill your troop slots, adding a strategic level to the game. One-click wonder to fill troops anywhere on the map would definitely change the dynamics of the game, and not necessarily for the better.


    I "talked" to reinforce the troops, not to send troops to "walk" across the map.

    Let's look at 1 example. Tower "A" needs 20 infantry troops to complete. There is no reason to send 1500 troops to the Ark to be reinforced with + 20 elements.


    Do you have more details what you meant by 'think, reflect and resolve this matter'? Was this a request for the Arkheim team to make the game more realistic and real-lifelike?

    Of course YES


    Or did you wish to start ... with WW1?

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    I would like you to explain to me the logic of having to send troops from one (or more) towers to the Ark so that we can update the troops with 1 or 100 new elements.

    If that were the case in Real life, I believe that even today we would be fighting in the 1st World War.

    Think, reflect and resolve this matter.

    Translation from Portuguese to English by Google Translate

    199 million speaks Portuguese but no lets put Polish

    País ou território População (est. 2019) Mais informações
    Brasil 211,994,695 Português do Brasil
    Angola 31.787,566 Português de Angola
    Moçambique 31.117,272 Português de Moçambique
    Portugal 10.264,164 Português europeu
    Guiné-Bissau 1.941,521 Português da Guiné-Bissau
    Timor-Leste 1.344,944 Português de Timor-Leste
    Guiné Equatorial 1.347,90 Português da Guiné Equatorial
    Macau 639,558 Português de Macau
    Cabo Verde 558,514 Português cabo-verdiano
    São Tomé e Príncipe 212,182 Português de São Tomé e Príncipe
    Total 289.860,416 Língua Portuguesa

    According to wikipedia

    With the help and data that I have been giving to Support, at this moment and using Edge / Chrome, at this moment I see the game as I saw it before (1st round, for example) (border lines, background of the game map).

    So, my THANK YOU and RECOGNITION for the work done by the Support team.

    You can try something very common. Clean the cookies or change browser.

    I would definetely clean the cookies.

    Thank you for your help people.

    After speaking with 1 colleague who advised me to use Firefox, the "answer" is 100% COOL.

    But if anyone can help me to eliminate the problem in Edge / Chrome (support staff), I appreciate it.

    I'm still not sure I understand :/

    Each of the islands float in the sky, and you can move between these islands through the gates. With each Moon Phase, a gate to a new island opens and this way you can move up in the rankings if you keep travelling through the gates. You are of course free to stay on an island you are on, each will have their own ranking and endgame - but those who reach the last Island will of course be at the top of all rankings.

    I apologize for the delayed answer.

    Already understood. Even if the island "nr. 1" does not go up, the island "nr. 2" goes up and the remaining islands. I also understood with the monitoring of the evolution of the climbs.

    Thanks for your help.

    Each realm can use any gate on the map to ascend, whenever they wish to ascend (rise to the next island).

    Other realms can try to prevent the ascension process by stealing enough orbs during ascension (will pause ascension until the realm has enough orbs again). So make sure you have enough orbs and are ready to defend the towers with most orbs if necessary.

    You didn't understand.

    The fact that the island "No. 1" does not prevent the island "No. 2" from rising. In other words, the island "nr. 2" passes the island "nr. 1" and goes up, correct?