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    I like the higher troop bonuses, it makes more troops viable.

    However, I think portals are pretty useless when they have to be connected by towers to the ark. This severely limits the available strategy in the game.

    Surely it is simple mathematics that if there is less income available, then there will be fewer troops created and fewer building upgrades.

    As for the return on investment being 'Corrected', it is again obvious to anyone who can count, that 8 days + of resources being required for a single resource field upgrade is already far too much, so reducing the return on investment beggars belief.

    This will impact the game quite dramatically, as pointed out already, there will be less troops and much less ability to get any building to level 25.

    Good Points:

    • Very appealing gameplay.
    • Unique tactical and strategic situations possible.


    • This game is very memory intensive, it uses too much bandwidth. An option to have less graphics is required.
    • More room is needed on the main map. This is increasingly the case, the higher the level of island.

    Would like to see:

    • Items for the warlords which increase troop numbers.
    • A longer server time, probably a longer length between islands. I would like to be able to develop my town and warlords more.
    • A clear objective to win the server, such as taking over a goblin city and/or collecting a certain number of orbs.
    • Make it possible to attack the goblins in your town with a weak army which can lose. This then enables you to weaken the next barricade one warlord at a time.
    • Ability to choose aspects of a warlord such as troop type or bonus type.