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    I would like the following information to enter the Hall of Fame at the end of each next game:

    1. World Ranking: realm winner and realms ranked 2nd and 3rd,

    2. Members of the realm winner and realms ranked 2nd and 3rd,

    3. Endgame realm ranking for each island,

    4. Solo winner: top-10 solo ranking by xp,

    5. Top-10 solo ranking by positions: pop, wp, 3 * kills.

    1. None of the proposed.

    2. There are no locks on both chests. Taking into account that I was here far from the first one, both chests have long been cleared out by more agile wanderers.

    3. Gonza

    As other players have already explained to anybody, this is a consequence of poor diplomatic work. With 50% WP superiority, Murx constituted a menace to any realm. Therefore, it is not surprising that a coalition has arisen that has eliminated this menace.

    I was glad to see how Murx finally began to work with other realms and found allies, so that as a result 1 vs 6 turned into N vs N. I was ready to exclaim - "Take the example from brave Murx, they found the strength to withstand in the difficult situations and don't get lost!". But after a deal with the Judges, I can only say - "Shame on dirty deals!"

    Additional information.

    • Supply income is updated only after troops/resources delivery, and not after supply upgrade.
    • This is not a display error. Income really consists of supply production + realm bonus. If you have improved supply from level one to fifth, stockpiling will continue at the speed of level one until the troops/resources are delivered. After delivery, the income rate will be in accordance with the fifth level.

    Tthe issue is related to Low productivity Lightning Paw supply.

    1. What is your ingame name?


    2. Which area of the game is affected?

    Information about troop production (supply).

    3. When did the error first occur? Please include your time zone.

    12:06 CETS 12/05/2019

    4. Please describe the problem in as much detail as you can. Even if an information seems unimportant, it could give us a clue.

    3rd level supply gives 5.1 /h dwarfs without bonuses.

    4rd level supply gives 10.0 /h dwarfs without bonuses.

    Increase = +4.9 /h.

    While the info 3rd level supply geves only +2.6 /h.



    7. Please provide some information about your operating system and browser / mobile phone

    Windows 10 on firefox 76.0.1 (64-bit)

    Warlord are stuck when it is sent by the JOIN command in the first ~10-15 seconds after sending the another warlord with the Raid / Conquest mission, the pop-up about mission in left top corner has not yet appeared and the JOIN window looks like this:


    The second way is to change items that increase the warlord power.

    My wish

    Something like a warlord backpack for a couple of items would be nice, since changing items is possible only in the ark.

    Warlord 1.

    Bonuses are not taken into account when determining the order of entry into battle. This is difficult to do if there are several armies on both sides in a battle.

    1. The Warlord was sent out from the Ark to the Gate with a mission Destroy.
    2. The Gate had already been released by another Realm and on the Gate were the troops of this Realm.
    3. The Warlord didn't enter the battle with the enemy troops guarding the Gate.
    4. Upon return, Warlord stuck.



    Now I can reproduce the bug.

    Send one army to your fort, another join to the mission. The first army will come as expected. The second army will be after coming in a frozen status.

    I already have 5 such armies. Holiday for the neighbors.

    What else surprised me. I sent support to my fort but in the protocol wrote that I'm attacking an enemy fort. The names and locations of the fort coincide. That is, the system perceived my fort as an enemy fort.