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    At least you know why you're leaving and not like me who does not really know what changed to make me feel that Arkheim sucks so i left^^

    I hope you enjoyed the rounds you played even with the flaws you mentioned. I can understand your views even if i need agree to everything. Problem with "bashing" others is most likely, that people always be offended if their opinion is not shared. Actually i personally prefer people that tell me on a regular basis how my opinion on a topics sucks. If someone never really bashed me, i don't like him.

    Furthermore it's hard for people to understand irony and sarcasmn, which i am personally using 24/7, which also leeds to the feelings you mentioned.

    About favorismn: It's a double edged sword but i think it's a good thing in most of the cases. Sometimes devs need a third opinion, e.g. on some stuff so there has to be a limited priviledged/trusted playerbase to get more information on sth.

    In almost no case this actually leads to problems this is why you see such systems in many many games.

    To refer to your mentioned situation. That Murx and another realm were bugged during ascension and were a short time on L3 (i think) was a situation everyone could have seen if watched the map/ the opponents closely. There was even a screenshot of both realms on L3 in the offical discord, so everyone that understands how the ascension system works had this information already. We know that both spots are blocked before anyone reached out to the devs so there was no information gain because of priviledged. To go even further Murx got even a disadvantage from that because:
    * We lost our planned spot on L2, which resulted in having other neighbours which in the long run almost lost us the entire round, because we wanted to crash Silver Vales on L2 already.

    * We reported that both spots are blocked and got the answer that the problem causing the failed ascension was fixed but the spots stay blocked so we invested many times to plan according to that. In the end the spots were also fixed 1 day before ascension so we had to replan everything.

    Also i am pretty sure the devs would have answered everyones question if someone would have asked if the spots were blocked. So it's more like we had the information because we reported it and not because we were priviledged.

    I can't really remember i ever had game breaking informations before other which could ever result in a big advantage. I personally think you get more information people don't have if you just observe the game better than others. Lastly i am actually kinda happy they appriciate people that make the game better and encouraging it so i would have had a way worse experience if there wasn't some funny chats with the devs in between.

    Regarding duals:

    Actually i have the same opinion on that as you. I don't like duals and would prefer if they are not allowed.

    Sure i know multis are way more powerful but i still would prefer a 15 vs 15 humans and not accounts. Before Murx entered the competition there were none (or very few) duals and i kinda enjoyed to find out when players are active to actually attack them when they are likely to sleep and some did the same on my realms.

    Sure you can archive much even without duals but you're always a step behind even if you invest a lot of time in it.

    I wish you the best of luck in the future.

    Tell me if you find an interesting game :D



    Dunno as long as 2 random realms always beat 1 pro realm, when showing same amount of acitivity there is no real snowball effect ingame.

    You can never snowball to victory when there is no realm requirement to be beaten by randoms.

    Beim einem Kampf werden deine Truppenstacks nach Größe(Kampfkraft) sortiert.

    Dasselbe passiert beim Gegner. Danach greift der oberste Stack beider Spieler an.
    Wer von beiden Einheiten zuerst angreift entscheidet die Initiative. Bei Gleichstand greift der Slot mit der geringen Einheitenanzahl an.

    Spieler A - Spieler B
    50CP Ini 6 - 40 CP Ini 7
    60CP Ini 10 - 80 CP Ini 2
    70 CP Ini 2 - 50 CP Ini 5

    Erst nach CP sortiert:
    Spieler A - Spieler B
    70 CP Ini 2 - 80 CP Ini 2
    60 CP Ini 10 50 CP Ini 5
    50 CP Ini 6 - 40 CP Ini 7

    1. 70 CP Ini 2 (Spieler A)
    2. 80 CP Ini 2 (Spieler B)

    3. 60 CP Ini 10 (Spieler A)
    4. 50 CP Ini 5 (Spieler B)

    5. 40 CP Ini 7 (Spieler B)
    6. 50 CP Ini 6 (Spieler A)

    It's to cheap cause MP1 was too long, because ressource production of town is too high resulting in many ressources to bunker.
    As soon as you decrease ressource production it will be way less proficiant.
    It should be a tactic which brings you benefit and comes with a drawback in other areas and i think if these other values will be changed there is no reaosn to change sth. about it.

    I am pretty sure that the top3 won't differ regardless of singleress or not.
    Also i still think it's totally fine. There are other external factors that make it become stronger than expected but as soon as these factors are changed it will be too weak to consider i guess.

    Furthermore i expect a realm that goes 15x singleress fail unless it's as disciplinned as Murx is.
    You hiding the downsides of it because you are good enough to know how to play around it.

    A Casual will miserably fail doing that.

    Also i like that it generates money for Travian (ok less than expected but that has nothing todo with single ress)

    There some other points to consider as well so its generally spoken a really hard topic. In our realm we came to the conclusion that dwarfs are stronger but after playing this round many of us think the difference is that that big or we think elves are even.

    I am not sure if i would pick dwarfs again if i had to reconsider the round.

    WL on retreat has 0 Assembly-Time.
    Your mission has 16 (Raid) or 20 (Conquer) Assemblytime.

    So if that tower is 10 Distance away, your WL takes as many times as he has to walk for 26/30 Distance.

    Such Catchback Moves only work with both towers being further away or having huge speed difference like 30 to 70 or sth like that.

    Weakening portals will (almost) always result in less PVP, so i am not sure if it's a good way to adress issues which are implified by portals with a portal change istead of an indirect approach.

    Funny that people currently think Murx is so far ahead in XP and back then with the old dungeon no one complained about it while it was a way bigger difference:

    I am fine with the 35k even if i still think that removing the Tg would be way better.