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    hey how do go about building portal in the phase world that been added to list down under our towers our owner kno w

    nothing of this work but our realm neighbors have one and we would like to know how to make one also?

    Hi :)

    You must be a leader to build a portal, after the leader place a portal the realm members need to donate a specific amount of resources to activate it, and then the portal will be activated in 24 hours.

    Warlords can be sent out from the portal or teleported back to it once it is activated.

    hey thank again for allowing me to add my two cents. Is there any where in this game that allows you to make a truce with another realm to help yo to do the things that need to be down so you can go to the next phase or stage of the game ?

    You need to contact a leader or someone who is responsible of diplomacy in that realm.

    Game have no viable guide they add such a thing as training ground to the game but there are no information how it works

    Check out this article for information about training ground Dev Diary: Arkheim’s Training Grounds

    From FAQ section you will find some articles that you can find in Help Center, you will find in the Help Center also more articles about combat, map, building overview, WLs...

    Also you can find some guides in Guides & Gadgets section.

    Thanks for the reply, however, when I go to the warlords list, I only see my own warlords, not the ones on watch. I know I can take my own warlords off watch from my warlords list, but I want to know how to cancel a mission that I send other players' warlords who are on watch. For example, I send two on watch warlords from tower A to tower B with a 10 minute delay. I want to stop that... where do I go to find the cancel button when none of my own warlords are involved? Any direction you can provide will be appreciated.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding

    As far as I know, there is no way to cancel the on watch mission of other players' WLs

    I didn't find any option before to cancel the mission

    Hi Sirona

    Let's say you are a leader and you send another player's warlords on a mission to a new tower either immediately or on a short time delay - can you cancel that?

    Yes the leader can cancel the mission. According to Dev Diary: Warlords On Watch:

    • Realm Leaders can then send the Warlords to new support missions and cancel those missions again.

    If you were sending your own, not on watch, warlords, you have the option to cancel mission from your warlord list. Is there an option to cancel a "on watch" warlord mission? Where would you find that option?

    There is an option to cancel "on watch" mission and you can cancel it from the warlords list

    And, if you wait for 3 days and player has not logged in during that time, they will be removed automatically. If they login again, then the game will first look if there's room in the original realm. If not, game will move them to a new realm.

    This is what I want to know, thank you :)

    I know I'm right

    glad to hear that :)

    anyway, In a Realm where the team work is needed it does not matter if the player is still playing or not, his lack of cooperation with the rest of the team would be an enough reason to remove him from the realm even if he still playing.

    But it is very important (I think) to know when 1 player stopped coming to the game.

    1 player late, may have started playing yesterday and if so, he is not inactive. It's new to the game.

    If help is needed, talk to RN staff

    You're right, as far as i know, there is no way to know that

    in the previous round there were a time after which a player will be kicked from a Realm due to inactivity, I don't know if this is being applied now, maybe samisu could help us

    Is this feature will help you to know the last login of a Realm member? for example the player will be removed automatically from the realm after 4 days of inactivity, or do you suggest something else?

    In the destroyed Tower, there were 150 Orb's. In the "old" more than 100.

    Now the old one has 150 and the new one, only 5. Where are the rest?

    Every tower has an orb capacity, and when you deconstruct a tower the orbs will move to another towers.

    Now, if the tower A reach its max. capacity the remaining orbs will move to tower B and also if this tower reach its max. capacity the remaining orbs will move to tower C and so on until all the orbs of the deconstructed tower are distributed to other towers.