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    Global Launch package info

    Dear Ascendants, great opportunities await!

    We will be rewarding some of you with these prestigious and rare beauties during the last quarter of 2021. Because of the rarity of this Global Launch Package, we would first like to share some basic rules with you.

    You can only win one of these packages

    If you happen to grab a top spot twice in any of the upcoming events, including winning the round of Alvorsted (S13), you have the option of turning your second package into 6.000 Sapphires, or, you can name another player to receive this package instead.

    It is not possible to get these items separately

    We have prepared these packages to contain all four items: T-shirt, string bag, mouse pad and a lanyard. If you would like to share the spoils with your Dual, you can do it after receiving your package.

    Packages are not for sale

    We know, these are real lookers. Alas, packages are saved for the 15 winners of Alvorsted (S13) and for the rare winners in our various upcoming events.

    Make sure not to miss your chance

    On top of being a member of the winning Realm on Alvorsted (S13), follow us on Facebook and YouTube, join our Discord server and keep an eye on the Forum events. This way you will be notified of all events where you can win the Global Launch package. And sometimes, you need to act fast!

    Good luck on Alvorsted (S13), and in all upcoming events!

    Your Arkheim team

    Congratulations to Spartula for being the winners of the S11 server!

    Thank you to everyone who participated in S11 during Early Access and for all the valuable feedback throughout the round.

    We would also like to thank everyone for the many helpful tips you shared with each other, helping newcomers feel like a welcome part of the world of Arkheim!

    Realm rankings

    Solo rankings

    All available Items

    From Tier I Common (minimum effect) to Tier V Legendary (maximum effect): The effect strength from min to max values grow at regular intervals.

    Icon Name Effect Tier I Common (min) Tier V Legendary (max)
    JzrMZSx.png Cap of Chance
    X% Chance to deal critical damage 11% 35%
    3xXTzyq.png Cowl of Resurrection Chance to resurrect 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 40% of troops 20% 30%
    01FIeNB.png Crown of Wisdom Provides additional XP for defeating enemies 10% 58%
    t16dA5B.png Great Helm of the Horseman Bonus on fighting power for cavalry 6% 30%
    GmZQBTa.png Mail Coif of the Warrior Bonus on fighting power for infantry 6% 30%
    ERsOQm6.png Skullcap of the Archer Bonus on fighting power for artillery slots 6% 30%
    W54C1tQ.png Sturdy Helmet Chance to block 45%, 55%, 65%, 75%, 85% of enemy damage 11% 15%
    CpANVRi.png Cloak of Chance X% chance to deal critical damage 11% 35%
    N2Aj6Zd.png Robe of Resurrection Chance to resurrect 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35% of the troops 30% 50%
    JMmdzJx.png Vest of Wisdom Provides additional XP for defeating enemies 10% 58%
    RwLpxXj.png Chainmail of the Horseman Bonus on fighting power for cavalry slots 6% 30%
    typtY7r.png Plated Mail of the Warrior Bonus on fighting power for infantry slots 6% 30%
    LmJFt7u.png Leather Armor of the Archer Bonus on fighting power for artillery slots 6% 30%
    FhEjV7r.png Sturdy Armor Chance to block 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% of enemy damage 20% 30%
    Iw8Jm4E.png Spiked Armor of Reflection X% chance to block & reflect 10%, 12%, 14%, 16%, 18% of enemy damage 25% 35%
    HRH51wA.png Shoes of Luck X% chance to deal critical damage 10% 35%
    o2qYiNY.png Iron Boots of the Horseman Additional initiative for cavalry slots +3 +21
    ODnGp7b.png Leather Shoes of the Warrior Additional initiative for infantry slots +3 +21
    CvyLxyS.png Leather Boots of the Archer Additional initiative for artillery slots +3 +21
    IOs5YCL.png Sandals of Speed Increases Speed of the army led by this Warlord +3 +21
    X5bjSG0.png Boots of Lightning X% chance to deal damage according to 3%, 4%, 5%, 6%, 7% of fighting strength 20% 36%
    8ulwaPF.png Boots of Wisdom Provides additional XP for defeating enemies 13% 37%
    T1Po1aI.png Spiked Shield of Reflection X% chance to block & reflect 11%, 12%, 13%, 14%, 15% of enemy damage 20% 30%
    h82QHB5.png Kite Shield X% chance to block 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% of enemy damage 16% 20%
    JpZ0D2H.png Torchlight of Power Bonus on fighting power for all slots 4% 20%
    zQwXmE9.png Polearm of the Horseman Bonus on fighting power for cavalry slots 6% 30%
    2MWPXHT.png Handweapon of the Warrior Bonus on fighting power for infantry slots 6% 30%
    29aGYKa.png Bow of the Archer Bonus on fighting power for artillery slots 6% 30%
    BPTcA0P.png Poisonous Rondel X% chance to set a poison stack; 2% damage per stack 26% 50%
    EYpwN9O.png Dalinar's Hammer X% chance to deal critical damage 11% 35%
    9u2lSfV.png Boots of the strong Knight Bonus on fighting power for cavalry slots 5% 30%
    OczYqnw.png Shoes of the strong Warrior Bonus on fighting power for infantry slots 5% 30%
    uyD1EGD.png Boots of the strong Archer Bonus on fighting power for artillery slots 5% 30%
    t4tALCa.png Crown of Soul Provides additional Soul Energy for defeating enemies 15% 63%
    gUW3Mgh.png Vest of Shadow Provides additional Soul Energy for defeating enemies 12% 60%
    JNFETAW.png Torchlight of Ghost Provides additional Soul Energy for defeating enemies 13% 61%
    3URF0pK.png Boots of Soul Provides additional Soul Energy for defeating enemies 11% 59%
    HWs0QVh.png Scythe of Wisdom Provides additional XP for defeating enemies 11% 59%
    yEcnqcW.png Cap of Resilence % additional Morale Bonus 6% 30%
    f9WW1in.png Cloak of Stubbornness % additional Morale Bonus 8% 32%

    Dear Ascendants,

    The following update goes live on Wednesday 22.09.2021, at 11:00 CEST, and included are changes for Alvorsted (S13) and to all other live servers.

    The next game world Alvorsted (S13) starts on Thursday 23.09.2021, at 11:00 CEST. All upcoming servers are named after Towers familiar from the world of Arkheim. And let us assure you, the name Alvorsted is not the only thing making this game world special. Better keep a close eye on our community channels for more news!

    What is new on Alvorsted (S13)

    • Two new Tiers for items: IV and V. These higher Tiers will offer bigger bonuses, and the first three Tiers of the same item will remain unchanged.
    • To unclutter the items with Tiers, we have removed those with the same effect. For example, Cap of Chance now has 5 Tiers - Cap of Luck and Cap of Fortune have been removed. Scroll down to the next post to see all available items.
    • The item Tiers I - V will now be visible in the Warlord Overview on top of each item icon.
    • Dungeon drops distribution of items was adjusted accordingly
    • Eternal Anvils will now provide a legendary Tier 5 item on all islands
    • Goblin Forts will now reward Items with Tiers based on the island: Island I = Tier I, Island II = Tier II, Island III = Tier III, Island IV = Tier IV.
    • The cost of upgrading items has been reduced. Tap the button below to see the values.
    • Adjusted Soul Energy gains from selling items. Tap the button below to see the values.
    • Item rewards for Beat Dungeon Level X and Upgrade Soul Forge to 3 were updated

    New on all servers

    • Added a new narrative video after picking your first Realm
    • Restructured the Realm window and added a settings button for Realm leaders
    • Some Pins will now be set automatically to indicate where action is possible, for example on uncleared barricades, the lowest strength occupied supply, a tower with overflowing Orbs, the Training Ground if a point is available and an open ascension gate. Leaders can deactivate the system in the new Realm settings.
    • Made top 3 quests always visible in the mobile main UI
    • Quests that currently cannot be fulfilled will not be shown in the main UI (exception: Daily Quests)
    • Changed Quest rewards for “Barracks to Level 20” to:150 Ents/200 Earth Impalers
    • Reduced Soul Energy rewards for quests
    • Ongoing troop training is now shown directly on the building graphic in the village and made clearer in the building window
    • Updated the hint texts throughout the game and moved them to a question mark button within each window. They will no longer pop up on their own
    • Removed the fight introduction screen – opening a report will now directly start the fight replay
    • Added a message to the Training Ground result screen explaining the recent change and where to find Warlord XP
    • A warning will appear if players attempt to join a Realm on a higher island
    • Removed the restriction on starting a vote in the first 24 hours after joining a Realm IF the Realm was founded less than 72h ago or the player was promoted to leader
    • Reduced the size of the Quest reward popup to make it less obtrusive
    • Improved the drag indicator and added a text explaining what to do
    • Improved quest guidance behaviour for missions
    • Improved sidebar layout on mobile to indicate that it can be opened and closed
    • In the dungeon, Fallen strength will now be shown including bonuses
    • Added an explanation in the warlord skill reset popup
    • Added an indicator that a video is loading to the background of the narrative and tome videos

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where Supplies under the influence of Ascension Gates stayed contested after a Realm ascended from that gate and another Realm conquered it
    • Fixed behaviour of the reports button in various map object windows
    • On mobile, the “Create new Realm” window is now fully visible
    • Esc will now only close the active window
    • Improved the camera focus when switching between stages
    • Notifications have no longer overlapping tooltips
    • Re-Added tooltips to items assigned to a warlord on mobile

    Rogrim is glad to have received the help! The shortest route found that used all 24 roads and visited all 14 supplies was 27 kilometers long.

    Here are the winners to receive 300 Sapphires:

    Congratulations to all winners! The prize will be sent out shortly.

    Dear Ascendants.

    Last night, it was not possible to login for a few hours once you logged out from the game. The issues were fixed early in the morning, and now as a gesture of an apology, we have sent the following items to all players:

    • 300 Sapphires
    • 3 Rare spell tomes

    Thank you for your patience, and have a beautiful day filled with wars and blood <3




    Rogrim, The Supply Inspector

    We are going to be helping Rogrim today by planning the most effective supply inspection route for him.

    Scouts have found a promised land of supplies to be claimed; 14 supply fields in total, connected with 24 roads.

    Your task is to plan the shortest possible route for Rogrim that visits ALL 14 supply fields and uses ALL 24 roads to do it.

    • You can backtrack and use the same roads multiple times
    • You can start at any letter between B and O
    • Each road is 1 kilometer in length

    In your answer, please add:

    • your route by drawing the route on top of the image below, or by listing the supplies in the visiting order using the letters B to O.
    • how many kilometers long is the shortest route you could plan?
    • your in-game name and server S11 or S12 where you would like to receive the reward.

    The Reward:

    • Rogrim will send 300 Sapphires to 10 randomly selected players with the shortest planned route.
    • The event ends on Friday the 10th of September, at 10:00 AM CEST.
    • Your answers are hidden from other participants.

    Good luck, everyone!

    Two additional balancing changes have been added on top of the adjusted XP and Soul Energy gains mentioned above

    - The Fighting strength for the Slaying Mantis will increase by 2 instead of 1 with each unit upgrade

    - The Fighting strength for the Ent will increase by 3 instead of 2 with each unit upgrade

    Hi there 7EyeZ#II

    That's plenty of questions, let's hope I have at least some answers you were looking for :)

    The game is played in rounds, and each game world lasts for ~10 weeks. After the round is over, we have the end results of that game world. You can visit the Hall Of Fame to see results of previous game worlds: Hall Of Fame

    The 'Eternal Light' is the ultimate place to reach. Not much is known about this place, but the best Realms Ascend there and are placed at the top of leaderboards. If you visit one of the past Hall Of Fame posts, you can see that some Realms Ascended - this means they reached the Eternal Light. After this, players who gathered the most orbs will be ranked.

    Fallen are the spirits of your troops that died. You can use these Fallen troops in the Dungeon, and finally in the Endgame to reach the Eternal Light. During endgame, you can turn your Warlords into Fallen Warlords and lead your Fallen troops. More info on endgame: Hall of Wisdom: Endgame - The Eternal Orbs

    Your progress is not useless or does not become useless. With each round, you will gather Achievements in your lobby, and with each round you will also get better in the game and get to try new tactics, new races, new Realms. When a new game world starts, you will have a new town and your Avatar starts at level 1, same as everyone else. Arkheim - Realms at War is not an endless game, but round-based.

    To the "game getting more passive", I may know what it is about. The game had less protective mechanisms in the beginning, so strong realms got stronger and weak realms had little chance of experiencing the game to the fullest. This meant players new to the game sometimes lost their hope to continue. As more of these protective mechanisms are added, it may slow down the most aggressive and active players.

    The Arkheim team keeps working on balancing and tuning the game, and sometimes we make quick changes based on popular feedback if something is not working as intended.

    Have fun on the S12, and if I missed some of your questions, please let me know.

    Hello players,

    After considering your feedback about the XP /experience) and SE (soul energy) modifiers, the difference in war potential when gaining XP and SE will now have a much lesser impact.

    Meaning, if one Realm has twice as much the War Potential as another Realm, it now gets 80% XP and Soul Energy, while the other Realm gets 120%. (Before it was 50% to 150%).

    The cap of 10% and 190% now is only reached at 5 times the War Potential (before it was already reached at 2,8 times the War Potential).

    The Update will happen on Monday, 06.09.21 at 11:00 am CEST

    Thank you everyone for your activity in Discord.

    Your constructive feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

    Heya, the points are allocated automatically and Realms cannot select which bonuses to get at each level.

    If you tap on the small ? icon just below the levels, you will see which bonuses the next 10 levels will bring.

    To get higher production bonuses for troops, you will find Goblin Forts on the map that give a passive bonus for as long as you hold those Forts. You will also find Rare Supplies on the map that give a production bonus.

    More info on supplies: Hall of Wisdom: Supplies and Rare Supplies

    More on Goblin Forts: Dev-Diary: Goblin Realms

    Update 01.09.2021

    • On S12, added new quests for warlord level up, Upgrading Units and creating additional Dungeon Amulets
    • On S12, the broken Academy quest was deleted and replaced with the correct quests on all platforms.
    • Adjusted the order of the Marketplace, Academy and Soul Forge according to their new unlock levels
    • Changed the timer for the supply attack in the tutorial to 30 seconds
    • Once all Daily rewards are claimed, the daily quests will no longer show in the main UI until the reset
    • Added a zoom indicator

    (On iOS, some quest rewards will not be shown correctly yet, since the app has to go through submission. Players will still receive the correct rewards.)

    Please note, new content may appear with time and event dates can change occasionally.


    Rogrim, The Supply Inspector



    S13 Patch Notes



    Developer Livestream + Warlord Clash!


    Server S13 Starts at 11:00 CEST


    Goblin Smash! Grand raffle with Arkheim Merchandise and thousands of Sapphires


    Surprise merchandise raffle



    Community Livestream + Raffle Winners


    In the secondary jobs, the academy no longer works in S12, the academy is now at level 12, but in the secondary jobs the job " Build the following: Academy " is still open.

    Hi there. Thank you for reporting the bug, and apologies for the inconvenience. The team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix.

    What if my Soul Forge never produces souls for use in the dungeon? (Button doesn't work) ;(

    Heya :)

    On the latest server S12, the Soul Forge does not produce Soul Energy anymore automatically. Instead with each level of the building, you will get more Soul Energy and Experience points from PvP - battles against other players.

    Try fighting Warlords of other Realms and you will start gaining SE for the dungeon :)

    Same goes for upgrading items.

    A growing list of the most popular Questions with Answers

    Q: How do I leave my Realm?

    A: You can leave your Realm by joining another Realm, or by starting your very own Realm. You will find the Realm Finder by clicking on the avatar of your game character. This is a team-based game and cannot be played without a Realm, but there are rumors of single-player Realms where all but one member remains.

    Q: How do I delete my account?

    A: Please contact the game support to make the request. Account deletion is final and your previous achievements will be deleted as well. You may also ask for the removal of your Avatar from just one game world, thus keeping the achievements safe. You can contact game support from the game settings, or by filling the contact form.

    Q: How do I play this game? Do you have game tips?

    A: The best way to learn the game is by following the quests and discussing with the other players in your Realm. On our Discord server, you will find more players ready to help. The Arkheim - Realms at War blog and forum are filled with useful guides and Wikis.

    Q: Which units should I train in the beginning?

    A: It's probably best to go with the cheapest infantry and cavalry units that have either a bonus against Goblins or a bonus when attacking. Most of the enemies in the beginning are Goblins, and goblins are known to never attack!

    Q: Can the Towers or Portals be moved?

    A: No. The only way is to dismantle a Tower or a Portal, and then rebuild it in another location. Each player has a limited number of Towers, and placing these to cover as many supply fields as possible is at the core of Tower management.

    Q: Is this game P2W (Pay to Win)?

    A: The player community often says that this is a Team-to-Win game. You cannot purchase your win, and you need the effort and support of those around you. The activity and skills of your team are the key to victory.

    Q: How do I find a certain player in the game?

    A: Visit the 'Statistics' from the bottom menu. From there, you can search players by their name, and also Realms by their name.

    Q: What masteries are best in the beginning?

    A: Players often suggest focusing on resource production first. This includes upgrading the resource masteries and upgrading resource buildings in your town. You can always reset your masteries later if need be.

    Q: How are Elves and Dwarves different?

    A: The races are well-balanced and neither limits your playing style. Elves are said to have a stronger and faster start, and Dwarves would show their true strength mid-game. Why not try both races on different servers to learn which one you like the most?

    Q: How can I train troops of the other race?

    A: You can't, unless you start a new game in another game world. Once you have joined a game world with either race, that is your choice for the rest of the round.

    Q: How do I change my Warlords?

    A: Click on the Warlord you would like to change, and you will see a 'manage' button. This button opens a gallery to all your available Warlords. Click on one of the Warlords in your gallery and the game will offer a button to 'Choose Warlord'.

    Q: How long is this game?

    A: Each game round lasts for about 10 weeks. You have 4 different eras in the game we call Moon Phases, and then starts the Endgame. To see the progress of your game world, click on the 'World map' button in the bottom menu and you will see a progress bar at the top of the screen.

    Q: How is the battle order decided?

    A: First, the strongest Warlords are matched. Then their strongest troop slots are matched. From both sides, the units with higher initiative strike first. Then we move to the weaker troops until one of the Warlords wins. After this, the second strongest Warlords are matched and the fights continue until one side has won the war. In case two troop slots have the same strength and initiative, the one with a smaller army size strikes first.

    Q: What is the difference between sending Warlords on watch or as Support?

    A: The Warlords you send as Support (shield icon) will stay and defend the location until you move them out. The Warlords you send on watch can be moved to defend other locations as well, by the Leaders of your Realm. The difference is, will you give other players the right to move your armies or not.

    Q: Will buying a building slot last until the end of the round?

    A: Yes. The building slots are often said to be the best early purchase you can make in the game as the benefits are cumulative and the investment is low.

    Q: How do I cancel an attack?

    A: Attacks can be canceled within a short time window. During this window, you will see a button on top of your Warlord that lets you cancel the attack. After the set time, Warlords will start the travel and cannot be called back until the mission is over.

    Q: There is not enough room for my Orbs. What to do?

    A: You have two options. Either build more Towers in your Realm or upgrade the Towers you already have. It is best to upgrade only those Towers you aim to keep and will not dismantle. It is also good to upgrade the Towers close to your Ark or Portal so defending your Orbs is easier.

    Q: What are the Orbs used for?

    A: The Orbs are used as fuel for the Gates that lets you ascend to the next island. You can click on a Gate to see how many Orbs it needs. In the Endgame, Orbs will decide your ranking.

    Q: Why should I Ascend?

    A: When you move to the next island, each member of your Realm will get one additional Tower slot. Supply fields will also produce more troops and resources on higher islands. In short, your Realm will have more and better supply fields the higher you Ascend. Your Realm will also get additional Portal slots. And finally, the rank you claim at the end of the game depends on the island you reached. The higher the island, the better the ranking.

    Q: How do I increase the population?

    A: By building more houses, or by upgrading the houses you have. The highest level of each house will add 5% more population.

    Q: Should I donate to Supplies?

    A: When you level up Supplies together with all the other members of your Realm, those supplies will bring more and more troops and resources to all of you. Supplies are a great tool for teamplay, and donations give XP. Remember to keep upgrading the resource buildings in your own town as well, or you would be only at the mercy of other players.

    Q: What is the goal in the game?

    A: On top of having fun, the goal is to get your Realm to the highest island you can reach, together, and then battle through the endgame for final rankings. The Realms on the highest island will always be ranked above the Realms on the lower islands. The Realms that gather enough Eternal Orbs and reach the Eternal Light will always be ranked above those who fight for the highest amount of regular Orbs.

    Hi jopazo#II

    Thanks for playing since S9, and thank you for the suggestions.

    I haven't seen the idea to swap the places of production buildings but I get what you mean. Sometimes, aesthetically, a lumber yard in the middle of lush crop fields can look weird. I'm a bit like you, wondered should I destroy a building just to add something more fitting there :D

    The first suggestion has been made a few times by other players, so there's probably plenty of perfectionists out there who want to use all space. If not buildings, then an auto-fill garden could do nicely or something else. Not a priority right now but I do know the itch to find a use for all the space :saint:

    I posted both your ideas in Discord, #suggestions channel. Others can now vote how they like your ideas.