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    As you Ascend to Cornicula, a mysterious yet soft voice pulls you aside.

    'Brave Ascendant
    Share your voice

    For I shall give you

    The gift of choice'

    Two chests are laid before you. As you look at each of the chests, you hear yourself voicing your own thoughts aloud...


    1. Reply to this thread by telling which one of these two chests you will open
    2. Share "Your thoughts" by explaining what made you pick one chest over the other
    3. Tell the name of your game account on the server S4

    All 3 steps of the rules must be completed in order for you to open a chest.

    "Your thoughts" "Your thoughts"

    After writing your answer, the mysterious voice will add a note to your comment telling what you have just discovered!

    You can submit your answer until Tuesday 06.10.2020, 23:00 CEST (UTC+2)

    Good Luck!

    Happy to hear! Will you be joining the Orb hunt on S4?

    Only 1 hour to go and the next round starts :love:

    est-ce qu'une version en français est prévue ?

    When we have a French version ?

    Hi there!

    We will be adding more languages in the future, and when the start date of a server with French language is confirmed - we will make sure to let you know asap!

    The S4 is available in four languages (EN/DE/PL/RU)

    199 million speaks Portuguese but no lets put Polish

    We have plans of adding more languages in the future.

    The number of speakers of a certain language does not directly indicate how popular a game would be within those regions or what efforts it would take to make the game known there.

    So, please don't think of it as a competition between millions of PL speakers versus millions of PT speakers. It's a journey for all of us from around the globe to make this game a success story and to add more and more languages as we go.

    Congratulations to Silver Vales for being the winners of the S3 server!

    Thank you to everyone who participated in S3 during Early Access and for all the feedback and good Developer Talks. Your feedback helped us to improve the game for future game rounds!

    We would also like to thank everyone for the many helpful tips you shared with each other, helping newcomers feel like a welcome part of the world of Arkheim. The next game round S4 will start on 30th of September, 2020, at 11:00 CEST (UTC+2). See you there!



    Dear Ascendants,

    Transferring Sapphires to a new Game World is currently not possible via mobile app.
    If you play on your mobile device and wish to transfer Sapphires to the next game world, connect your account to a valid e-mail address in the app settings.

    After this, log in to your account on from a browser (mobile or PC) and you will be able to transfer the Sapphires.

    Apologies for the inconvenience,

    Your Arkheim team

    Why is this not discussed here? Why install an extra Discord? Apart from that, it doesn't help anyway. Whether you say something as a player or a sack of rice falls over in China.

    Developer chats are live chat events, lasting for around 90 minutes where players can chat with the developers directly, ask questions, brainstorm, share feedback and wishes. Another option would be to run a live video event, perhaps that's something for the future :)

    To your other point, DevTalks have always led to improvements. We take the player feedback very seriously and appreciate all the insights you share with us.


    Hello, Ascendants!

    The next round of Developer Talk is here and we will be discussing about the Endgame.

    Welcome to join us on 25.09.2020, at 4 PM CEST (UTC+2) in Discord. We will open a separate channel before the event starts.

    To prepare for the event, you can share your feedback, wishes or questions about the endgame in this thread. We can then go through your comments tomorrow in Discord.

    We are happy to see you again for a good Friday-chat!

    Hello everyone,

    Making suggestions that are clear and well argued can make all the difference! Here is a short guide how to write suggestions that are easy for other players and for the developers to understand, improve or even implement.


    Instead of just writing one line of suggestion: 'Add a new race of Garden Gnomes to the game', split it in three parts.

    1. How the game situation is now in your experience? (what is the change or improvement you are looking for)
    2. What is your suggestion?
    3. How will the game work after your suggestion has been implemented? (what changed for the better)


    Instead of sending your suggestion in private to one of the Arkheim team members or one of your playing mates, share it on a public channel. This could be in Discord or here on the forum. And here's why:

    • Other players can support your idea by giving likes or emojis :thumbup::thumbdown:
    • Other players can improve your idea and join the brainstorming
    • Your suggestion is taken more seriously if you can get others behind it

    Thank you for all your support and suggestions so far!

    Your Arkheim team

    Hello everyone!

    Here you will find a growing collection of Guides and Tutorials the other players or the Arkheim team has gathered for you.

    If a new guide, tool or tutorial comes to mind you or someone you know might need, leave a comment in this thread with any additional information you might have and we can add it to the list. You can also make requests for new guides, tools and tutorials.



    • Knowledge Base: Playing Arkheim
      A collection of useful articles explaining you all the basics of the game
    • Hall of Wisdom
      A growing series of blog articles that dive deeper to the world of strategy and tactics
    • Help Center
      General information on the game. You will also find a Support contact form here.



    The DevTalk event is in English so we can get as many participants as possible to share their opinions, from different countries and everyone would have a common language. The game started with English-only rounds, and now we are slowly adding new languages and services for the players.

    On the forum, we have a German language section for the German players, and German channels in Discord. Since the Developer talk is in English, the event was announced here in the EN language section of the forum and all details are in English.

    We apologize for not being able to run a multi-language event or multiple events with the same topic.

    We will be adding discussion areas for Russian and Polish players next.

    beku#II - The event will be held in English, and we will not be solving bugs during the DevTalk. Please report bugs to the game support so we can help clean those out of the game asap.

    Balancing the game does not compete with fixing bugs. If you have any wishes how to balance the game, or questions, let us know and welcome to join the event tomorrow!


    Dear Ascendants,

    A round of DevTalk is here again, and this time the topic is balancing!

    Welcome to join us on 18.09.2020, at 4 PM CEST (UTC+2) in Discord. We will open a separate channel before the event starts. From below, you will find changes we are proposing for the next round starting 30th of September.

    If you have any important questions or feedback about balancing in mind, please use this thread so we are prepared to cover those as well tomorrow, thank you.

    Unit changes:

    • Elves:
      • Suntrunk Charger: 198 Fighting Strength -> 176 Fighting Strength
      • Sky Piercer: 35% in Defense:
        • 50% damage against Infantry
        • Fighting Strength: 495 -> 440
    • Dwarfs:
      • Cratermaker: Fighting Strength: 65 -> 70
      • Mountaincrusher: Fighting Strength: 325 -> 350
      • Supreme Equalizer: 35% in Defense -> 50% damage against Cavalry

    Warlord Changes:

    • Aphaca:
      • 50% chance of dealing critical damage -> Burns the enemy each turn. By each burning 1000 damage area dealt.


    New max Level Bonus for Market:

    • +50% XP for spending resources to Supplies, Portals or Fortresses →+20% faster construction time for buildings

    Resource Fields

    New production values for high level resource fields to smooth and reduce production on high levels (changes in red):

    Production old Production new
    200 200
    225 225
    250 250
    275 275
    325 325
    375 375
    450 450
    550 550
    700 700
    900 900
    1250 1250
    1800 1750
    2500 2400
    3500 3200
    5000 4200
    7000 5400
    10000 6800
    13500 8400
    17500 10300
    22000 12600
    26500 15600
    31500 19600
    37000 25000
    43000 33000
    50000 44000

    Hi :)  Exavidos#II  

    During endgame: If you go to mission reports (bottom menu), you can tap open the 'conquest successful' reports and there it shows how many orbs the conquest brought. Try finding the tower(s) which you conquered successfully and see the reports. If no one stole your orbs and you did not receive the orbs, please contact the game support for further help.

    This article here tells all you need to know about raiding and conquering towers:…om-pvp-battles-at-towers/


    Conquering Towers

    Conquering a Tower means, taking it away from the enemy. Every Tower has 100 Hitpoints. Once the Hitpoints of a Tower reach the 0 mark, the owner loses control over it, Orbs in the Tower get transferred to the attacker and the Tower turns into a ruin with a 12-hours timer...[continues]

    Disclaimer: During the Endgame (last 2 weeks of a round), Towers are claimed by default, and troops that successfully conquer a Tower remain stationed at the Tower.

    These. 3000 chars and we are close what announcement should be like. Just add tiny scroll bar there if you cannot fit it in otherwise. Now, when forced to make those small announcements, most of the effort goes to how to fit it in that small space. Not good.

    We just improved the message system: 14.09.2020 Update

    • Character limit for Realm Announcements increased to 2000 characters