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    Dear players,

    The next update is on the 19th of April, 2021, at 14:00 CEST

    This small update will include several bugfixes:

    • Building spots for portals will no longer be blocked when canceling the construction of a portal already in the donation phase.
    • Fixed multiple text and UI issues
    • Windows will not overlap anymore on the iPhone XS Max resolution
    • Only one Goblin Warlord will spawn at the Goblin camp
    • Old Realm announcements will not show up anymore after changing Realm

    In addition, a 'Player Slayer' statistic will be added to the Realm statistics, taking the individual 'Player Slayer' number of each Realm member and adding them up for the Realm. Please note: The new statistic will only start counting with this update, and does not count past kills on the ongoing servers S7 and S8.


    Calendar changes:

    • The Developer Diary from 22.04.2021 has been moved to May.
    • Developer Talk has been added to the calendar. On 15.04.2021 we will be discussing the server S9 and our plans for the server. More information coming soon. back realm to island before???

    To go to one island below, you can look for a Realm there that still has room and apply to one of those realms. When on the island below, you can create a new realm and invite old friends from your previous realm there, or take over the realm where you applied. Relocating your whole realm at once to lower islands is not possible, as mentioned by Atheris#II - but you can relocate to a new safer neighborhood on the island where you are now.

    Please note, new content may appear with time and event dates can change occasionally.

    Playing with Social Streamers + Sapphire raffle

    Playing with Social Streamers + Sapphire raffle

    Day of Giveaway


    Developer Talk



    Warlord Clash!

    Playing with Social Streamers + Sapphire raffle

    Congratulations to [RU] GoT / WoT for being the winners of the S6 server!

    Thank you to everyone who participated in S6 during Early Access and for all the valuable feedback throughout the round.

    We would also like to thank everyone for the many helpful tips you shared with each other, helping newcomers feel like a welcome part of the world of Arkheim!



    Good point, what can you still achieve on S7 depends a lot on your goals, you could aim for a top position on one of the lower islands for example.

    The second week of 3rd moon phase has just started so half of the round still left + endgame.

    Rotation depends on how much the next server version needs updates and the schedules may change due to this. If I were to make a guess, I'd say the next server starts after 2-3 weeks from now, but this is still a guess. I should have a date for you in the coming days.

    Hi there and a happy new week!

    The Covid situation has affected all of us one way or another. Games can help us travel to other worlds, forget worries, and meet people from a safe distance.

    How has Covid affected your gaming?

    Age 31
    Covid hasn’t affected my gaming, I play full day with or without Covid out there.
    Age 52
    Cochum, Germany
    Because of Covid, I had a lot of time sitting at home. So I started to play a round of TRAVIAN again. That led me to Arkheim.
    Age 52
    Boston, USA
    Gaming actually had to slow. I work in the healthcare-related industry so we never stopped working. House a bit crowded as all work/study from home, but we have enough room. Our social life moved to Zoom in big part, getting easier now. My husband and son got sick with mild symptoms, I have never developed symptoms or managed a positive test. It is a bit silly to complain about our traveling habits taking a hit when people lose their jobs.

    I remember having a lot of fun the first or second time I joined a server (closed beta), the game and all it offered were new to me. I had a similar experience later when I got to play in one of the leading Realms, bringing great teamwork and a new strategy to the mix.

    The other players have a big effect on how much fun I have - kind of what was already mentioned above. And new stuff you can try!

    Did you know that the developers of Arkheim - Realms at War are actively chatting with the players in Discord? We have dedicated live-chat events called Developer Talks when the whole community has a chance to gather around a given topic and affect the future of the game.

    Past topics include the endgame, race balancing, war mechanics, eternal orbs, and new content. What if you decided on the next topic...

    What would you like to discuss with the Developers?

    Age 24
    'We could talk about the War & Peace system and its impacts.'
    Born -92
    Niedersachsen, Germany
    'I would talk about a 3rd race and about the specific mechanic "Stone, scissors, paper" like dwarves strong again elves, elves strong again humans, humans strong against dwarves... And also the number of Realm members.'
    Age 25
    'Hmm. What would I like to discuss at the next Dev Talk? I think there are a lot of interesting topics to talk about, some more pressing than others. As the game revolves around war, and war is the main theme, I suppose talking about the War and Peace system would be in order. We did have a talk about it not long ago, but I fear that either the talk has failed to address all the issues regarding the system, or too little has changed since then. So I think it's time we had a talk again, now that most of everyone has experienced the system themselves, to together, explain what parts of the system we don't like, why we don't like them, and hopefully make the system better than it is today.'

    Hi there! Had any trouble finding where everything is during the first days of your game?

    It's surprisingly important how well the start goes - if you get pulled into the world the game team created for you. The game mechanics and guides are created to help through the first steps. Afterward, much of it depends on what sort of team you manage to gather around you.

    How steep would you say the learning curve is?

    Age 35
    'At first, it is a little confusing, a lot of information to absorb at once. The tutorial only gives us a small part of the information on how to play. Are you committed to learning, or familiar with this kind of game? How much do you need the help of others? Falling into this game alone and not having someone to help can make you abandon the game. Then there is the factor that playing alone without a good Realm is extremely demotivating.'
    Over Joker#II
    Age 27
    New York
    'I'm not sure how simply I can answer it, to be honest. I kind of treat the game like a market simulation, it's all about weighing cost and benefit, risk and loss. New players can get into it and follow along pretty easily but it's another story when you're talking about working out strategies and really breaking down the math to understand the game. It's a progressive learning curve, the games really easy to get into and you can find people out there to help you learn and get in with an active crew, but if you want to stay and really get into it with every new update and balance change there's a whole new world of potential strategies to work out and test, but that's not needed for playing and enjoying the game for the most part.'
    'I used to think that it was fairly easy to pick up the game, and that the learning curve was relatively small. However, teaching new players over the past two rounds has led me to realize it's steep enough that players need a lot of help to figure things out. Players will often drop out of the game if they aren't connected to Discord and/or don't find a good realm where they can learn to play. This makes it incredibly important for experienced players to reach out and help newbies if we want the game to grow.'

    Well, the Title says it all 8)

    Hi, once we have the date confirmed and scheduled, we will announce it on all our channels and then deliver the patch notes. I don't have a date for you just yet, but check back on the forum, visit Discord and follow the Facebook page and you will not miss the date ;-)

    Dear players,

    The next update is on the 10th of March, 2021

    We will fix some bugs and improve the game's general quality of life.
    Here are the changes you can expect:


    • You will be able to see if a realm you are joining is at war
    • A confirmation popup for canceling missions will be added
    • When leaving the tutorial by joining your first Realm, the Confirmation pop-up won't ask you anymore if you are sure that you want to "leave the current Realm".
    • Added sounds for account creation
    • Speeded up the animation of opening a Tome (the animation can also be skipped now)
    • Added the Online Status to the in-game friend list (can be shown/hidden)
    • Improved the login flow for mobile apps
    • The whole Realm territory will be slightly tinted in its border color (normal border settings)
    • The contested territory will now also be visible in the reduced Realm border setting


    • Declaring war won't change the color of the own realm to red anymore
    • Pins will now disappear as soon as the defined action was performed
    • Declare war button will be grayed out for realms on other islands
    • The picture of the Petrifier in the barracks is no longer cut
    • Disabled the profile link in the "join mission" window
    • Tutorial: Fixed a bug where the slider couldn't be moved and was not in the right position when you had to train 1 troop
    • Fixed the misaligned surrender-text.
    • The cursor will now change to hand-icon when selecting the troop amount with the slide in military buildings.
    • When opening the sell item window of an equipped item and then switch to another warlord via left/right arrows, the button didn't work. This has been fixed.
    • Fixed color of the scroll bar in world map ranking
    • Fixed the bug where, as a leader, you weren't able to vote for 24 hours after creating a Realm
    • If you have auto-collect turned on and you trigger 2 quests to finish at the same time, the quest rewards won't be collected 2 times anymore
    • Fixed a bug where Supplies that are in the contested area could be boosted without any effect
    • The three unit slots on a Warlord will now show the fighting strength including skills and items, corresponding to the overall fighting strength shown for the Warlord
    • Fixed the bug where in some cases the tutorial cinematic appeared on top of the "Welcome to Arkheim" window
    • Fixed animation error with the "zzz" when zooming out
    • Cinematic Intro video now runs smoothly in all browsers
    • Fixed bugs where the sounds of certain actions were played multiple times (closing windows, sending chat message)

    This update will go live at around 1 PM CET.

    From closed beta to early access, we've seen the game change and evolve, round after round, and players reaching for new records.

    Have a look at what other players had to say and then share your own experiences. What made a certain round more fun for you?

    What has been your favorite game round and why?

    Age 25
    'Test speed server.
    I found it to be lots of fun and I had to work a lot to stay alive ^^'
    Cologne, Germany
    'My favorite game round was s1 because the game was really ffa (free for all) back then,fights lasted until the destruction of realms and you could still get cool fights 1:1 instead of all the teaming up we see since s2.'
    Age 34
    Tewkesbury, UK
    'Oh wow choosing a favourite is difficult as each round I have played has been different, I have played with a number of realms now, RON and Katareo are two of the more memorable ones but I have also lurked, as I currently am, in smaller realms. It would be unfair on the teams that I have played with to pick a favourite out of them so I going to wimp out and say this current round as being in a very small realm and a late starter, it's interesting to watch how players interact, the risks they take or don't take, and who out of the team takes responsibility unprompted for things like towers and supplies. Watching the tactics of others is something I enjoy, even better if watching allows you to anticipate their next move. Having always played elves, this round I am a Dwarf and that brings some different tactics and skills that I have to learn. having played from quite early on, seeing the game develop from the early version to the game, it is now I am excited for its future.'

    I asked some of our players for their opinion on the Realm size, and the magic number of 15 seems to be working well. Do you agree?

    What is your take on the Realm size of 15?

    Age 27
    Ciudad Real, Spain
    '15 members is good for me'
    Age 30+
    Praha, Czech Republic
    'Good Enough'
    Age 29
    Dnepr, Ukraine
    'An even number, 14 or 16, would be more practical.
    If the number of players grows,
    I wouldn’t have the time to follow every one of them
    and it will lower the quality of warfare.'

    For additional info: 👑 How do I apply, leave, or found a Realm?

    P.S. There are no plans to change the Realm size, but the impact of 15 members makes for an interesting topic!