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    there is something weird about how little orbs are needed to win war with someone. you either have your friends loot all your orbs before war (which is not something that should be a thing imo) or you risk loosing war in 2 hours if your enemy is able to raid 2 or 3 towers successfully. for example we had over 50k orbs but all that was required for our enemy to loot was 1.3k orbs. this is not about losing or winning but about having fun with war for a day or few days rather than war being finished in 2 hours and then boring 5 days of peace again.

    controling dual accounts is not easy and accompanied with drama.

    I think that perhaps question to ask would be: should the game mechanics continue to incentivise dual accounts?

    I can relate to some of the concerns here. While I am not leaving the game because there is a lot I still like about it, I am indeed a bit discouraged from playing competitively. I very much like the game setting, the races, units, art as well as how Warlords with different slots and passive skills work. I actually do like PVE and would like to see more depth to it.

    As for pvp this is where few things bug me. Once you know the basics there isnt that much skill involved in winning as its all about being online 24/7 and bringing the most number of accounts. So sharing accounts, multi accounts and gazillion account alliances. Does not seem that much fun to me (I think I am the only one without "dual" in my realm on test server). I play under same nick name for over 20 years and I do not like to share :)

    Would love to see some space for 1v1 (realm) as well as for individual players being able to have a chance of performing well in pvp even if their realm is not on the top level.

    So while I do not want to quit, I do think that perhaps I will play more casually going forward (less time and money spent). However staying on i3 is not the solution either at the moment as we can see powerful realms staying there too as well as realms and high level players descending to i2 and i1 to wreck havoc. Should there perhaps be more incentive to go to i4 as well as some limitation to how much power you can bring back to lower islands where in theory more casual realms should have space for pvp and end-game?


    rzekł bym nawet ze bez dyplomacji to niewiele się zdziała. przykładowo jeśli jesteśmy otoczeni przez 4 sojusze i zaatakujemy jeden z nich, to jeśli nie mamy żadnych układów z pozostałymi, może się wtedy zdarzyć tak że zostaniemy zaatakowani z 3 stron gdy przeciwnicy zorientują się ze nasze wojska są zajęte na innym froncie.