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    Twelve posted almost all i wanted to ask xD

    1. Why there are no mechanics in game that prevent what is now happening on server 5? (2 realms super overpower everybody else, hidden handicaps, and such)

    2. Is there going to be some feature for realm itself, like particular upgrade for the ark at which all members must contribute to?

    3. Is map texture going to get an texture update, why we do not have island bound map texture? New colors for the realms borders?

    4. Are we going to have more languages available?

    5. New war & peace features make existing (relocate, retreat(defeat)) obsolete, long distance wars are not even possible?

    6. Can we have town building are fixed to be able to fill all gaps, so us with ocd can relax for once in this game?

    7. Have you considered player suggestions on forum/discord about new features, are some of them already approved, or in development?

    Can i just point out at this time on s4 the situation of realms power (troops/development, wars) because of the rss reduction. 24h before ascension will begin only 1 realm is ready to ascend???

    You call this balance?

    at i1 there was at least 15-16 at the ascension time.....

    Diplomatic statuses are great concept, but do not really solve anything

    Limiting any factor of the war will reduce the war, and this is a war game, as far as I know...

    From my point of view ganging to beat the enemy is not the problem here, it is just the matter of dominance in the area, same like RL.


    I've teamed up with a realm (does not need to be one) to push out the third realm of the supplies we want to take. For the moment game offers perfect solution to the problem: If you can not fight for any reason, you can retreat. But they choose to stay, fight, lose everything then complain how you lost everything...

    That is not the game problem, that is leadership problem and idea of accessing the risk.

    During that war i was attacked (both conquers and raids) by the forth realm which was 3 times weaker then me... So i defend, send a friendly note: "Do not attack, there will be consequences if you continue". A day passed, there are new attacks from the same realm...

    Is there a game problem there, bullying? I don't see it...

    OLD SAYING: Do not poke the sleeping lion with the stick...

    As for portal limitations.

    On last server (s3), I've teamed up with a weaker realm and together we were still weaker then the enemy and they lost 4 portals to our attacks. It is not the problem with the game, again, it is problem with the people playing the game. Sorry, but brute force can not win always... Sometimes brain should be used.

    I don't quite understand, but whenever a person encounters a smarter person, and they engage in "battle" always the system is to be blamed. (You may understand this line as you see fit)

    I did not directly comment on any of the dev diary stuff... But i did, in my way...

    All this change does is making defending and turtling even better than it was previously. There is a reason why overrunning your oppontent is the standard and best meta tactic in the game, because nothing else works as good. You cannot attack intelligent in this game, its not possible, as all information is shared in the moment you start attacking and even before, as you can observe all troop movement and even missions in preparation.


    With new meta conquering portals becomes almost impossible against active realm, unless they make fatal mistake.

    I'm not saying that it is bad that we get such info, it is very helpful during the war, but conquering points of interest becomes so hard unless you somehow evaded having wars all together before that point in the game.

    Twelve#II I can not disagree, you are right.

    However... Less rss mean slower development, that also mean less investment into supplies and town improvements.

    Probably better path would be to get another rss sink in game, something tied to every member in the realm, like ark improvement or smth where every member MUST participate in order to happen.

    Khrawn#II That's why there is limit to everything. You can not boost past the certain point, like max bonus of a type can be achieved with only 7 - 9 members, meaning certain number of towers.

    Here is an idea how to prevent that, after lets say 9 dwarfs bonus becomes negative, so instead of gaining more bonus, you start losing it.

    Game looks very imbalanced at the moment for different reasons, however many of things would be avoided by having at least one more species(kind) to play with. But this is topic for another thread, just wanted to bring that out.

    My suggestion for the towers purpose improvement consists of following:

    Every race should have their own towers they can build, why?

    1. Warlords can move with increased speed of +1 to +5 in between ark and tower or between towers which race they belong to; or based on number of towers that are built in your realm of certain race, your bonus movement will increase to a # number (limit because of the late game or island)
    2. When defending in their own race towers get 5% - 10% def bonus (or same rule as second part of example 1)
    3. Resource and troop supplies will give 5% - 10% bonus to the race whose tower is holding them (or same rule as second part of example 1)
    4. When defending, army of race that tower belongs to gets + # morale or + # initiative (or same rule as second part of example 1)
    5. Cost of upgrading the supplies held by a tower are cheaper for the race that tower belongs to buy 5% - 25% (or same rule as second part of example 1) - or/and more expensive for the other race/s
    6. Same as point 5, but only towers themselves
    7. Number of troop supplies held by a race speeds up troop production of particular troop type (cavalry/infantry/artillery) by 10-25% of that race
    8. Map will bring better experience and be more involving

    Please bear in mind that bonus values are just examples. Idea can be improved of course...

    I would pick DUSTY OLD CHEST

    Why? Great and powerful artifacts and treasures are mostly hidden away for very long time from greedy eyes of the public. The chest containing them does not reflect their value.

    IGN: Djisin

    You found a needle in a hay stack.

    I wander srsly who complained about too many rss in game... Nonsense!

    I've played s3 from the beginning, and even with max fields and bonus buildings i could not make all buildings max, keep my troop production rolling and investing in towers and supplies...

    I'm the only player from the realm, and there are probably another 14 in my realm who had the same experience. I had my team quitting on lvl 22, because it was not worth investing in grater levels and there was still lack of rss for troops and investments...

    Sorry, I really don't see lowering rss income making better experience

    Even after i read the dev-talk but did not participate i can't see justification of the proposed changes. MANY problems that weaker realms could be evaded by limiting storage to 4 buildings and replacing the mill with armory in the unlocking sequence in the citadel.

    As for exp from the investing it is ok, just market boost should be 25% or 20%, i would not change it completely and for additional bonus at level 20 could be the building speed or make it incremental, every 5 levels to increase for 5%.

    At the very end of the game you MUST be able to build all to max, and have a decent army.

    I like the game as it is, and balancing something does not mean changing completely.

    Off topic: The game needs additional race or two. WHY? It would be much easier to balance a triangle or a square then a single strait line, ask engineers they will confirm.

    To be honest this balancing of rss does noting, with almost max production i can't keep up with building troops and buildings... And i have to donate as well... from where exactly?!

    Building times are broken, i've mention that in every survey sent to my inbox... Travel times are mostly ok, conquer dmg is too low, basically there is no pvp before i3: why would i set my troops stuck for SO LONG!? (do i need to sleep? do i need to work?)

    As for unit changes, Dwarfs will still be stronger then elves even with 50% boost on Sky Piercers, and you are lowering elven power even more.

    Warlord change is also sh*t to be honest, i work so hard to get exp and last(TOP) Warlord has bad skill. Early game WLs need adjustments to be used later in game, this way they are just a picture in my deck...

    Market was OP, now for late game instead of getting some exp when you don't fight, no you will get middle finger. I understand that intention is to push players into more fighting, but if i choose not to fight i will fall behind badly.

    Elven skill tree needs cleaning!
    Game sounds are indistinguishable.
    Anvil placement can benefit one realm more then others.
    Players with low level should not be able to join high level realms and vice versa (total level/number of players -15).
    Goblin camp in the town is useless in the late game.
    Early game is very slow...
    Warlords availability for the people w/o money? haha