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    It is not a bug, here's another similar spot on the map I just found.

    You can easily grab all the supplies at the central circles and the third circle ain't bad either. I wouldn't call it 'move for nothing' as that is the best place to grab supplies you can find in the game. You just can't put a tower at the center of it, but can easily cover all supplies and even prepare for the endgame if you station around there.

    It's one of those things you learn by playing the game and by reading the map. Plus, if you think on your tower placement, one central tower would not help in any way to grab the supplies of the second ring.

    We have limited number of towers to use as we play 2 man realm at first island, so planning the way to be able to land tower where we want is a bit challenging, but yes I agree. If we use more towers than one we can have more supplies :rolleyes:

    I would say that reading the map did not help at all, since there was no indication that spot was off limits. But ofc we can argue that we did learn valuable lesson by playing: There are invisible obstacles on map that cannot be known before you try to build there.

    For me, it would make more sense, if there was some sort of mountain or something to indicate that it is not possible build there.

    That would be a place for a building that's not there yet, something like an Eternal Anvil might pop up to that location.

    Well, isnt that dull if I phrase it politely. How were we supposed to know that? We just wasted so many days to move for nothing? And those Anvils, they did show up during this round. 1st moon phase. I call a bug. Is it a feature or a bug?

    Sorry, but I mean the text length, not the font size. A longer announcement is cut after 3-4 lines of text.

    Agreed, 300 chars is way too few

    These. 3000 chars and we are close what announcement should be like. Just add tiny scroll bar there if you cannot fit it in otherwise. Now, when forced to make those small announcements, most of the effort goes to how to fit it in that small space. Not good.