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    That's a solid way of setting up a discord!
    Some more stuff to add maybe:

    We take screenshots of Donations and War Potentials on a daily basis and post them in respective channels to see which players & realms increase their stats the greatest or not. That way we see which Realms might donate way more than others and we can ask some of our own players to step the donation game up.

    In the Tips/Guides/Sheets/Tools section you can find XP / Fallen / Cost / Time per unit, have some excel sheets where you can calculate XP via training ground, see the Return of Investment of different Supply and Ressource field levels.

    All in all, a proper set up Discord-Server for your realm with the Ingame Pins and Announcements are everything you need for solid coordination & communication in this very teamgame focused games!

    Oh - and you need some players willing to communicate or at least read and execute what's to be executed :)

    I like some ideas here - most importantly:

    Portal nerf !!! This is one way to tackle the way to strong factor of a portal once it stands and I like it. Your entire highway to the portal is now fragile and can cause do some devastation in realms infrastructure. Big thumbs up on this change.

    I hate people only complaining. Give us your viable inputs on Wednesday, that will make this game more enjoyable for beginners, mediocre players and tryhards (which is not that easily done!). I think war chest seems solid, no idea how much war is worth it (more or less than before) but I guess we will figure out eventually. 12 hours advance before starting a war seemed a little horrible on first sight, but a little thought I think it can work, so the team that gets war declared on can find some allies who then declare war on the initiate war-starter. Think that can work.

    Overall I'm looking forward to Wednesday and if a few of these changed get implemented (maybe with some tweaking) I guess we are fine.

    Another idea would be that you can "sacrifice" your overflowing low tier units by stationing them permanently into towers, now that defense bonus is gone? Maybe you sac 1k detonatress and get 1k 50% of detonatress fighting power in a tower of your choice? Not sure if that would make defensive stance yet to powerful, at least defensive bonus on other units will be gone with next patch? sacrificing a LOT of units by your rare supply or a crucial tower might increase the def value by 5-10 mil, doesn't sound to shabby imo.

    The Dungeon

    The Soulforge

    The Masteries

    They pretty much overlap one another so maybe have a trinity-post:

    Knowing the importance of mastery-usage in different phases of the game, thinking about different builds (e.g. skill Dungeon-Masteries - why?, Warlord speed to intercept others in PvP, the relative weak Ressource boost via masteries later on...), capacity vs. fighting strength

    Soulforge uses: Upgrade Items - is it worth it? If so when? Buying dungeon runs, solid idea early on? Formula on how dungeon run cost increases? War runes(!!!): Different uses, TG-optimal, the power of Moral, Capacity & Speed-Boosts - Formula on how War Rune cost increases?

    The Dungeon & Items: Tier 1 2 3 4 - when do these unlock, what are the drop-rates, also drop-rates for differen tomes? Importance of initiative in Dungeon...

    Would love to see all these, obviously a lot of this knowledge seperates the more advanced players from the weaker / recreational players and would enable to close the skill-gap a little.

    Then again the "big" players are what the Arkheim-Team needs to keep the game running and competitive, also playing the early stages of Arkheim doesn't require to much multitasking :P

    Ill just say quickly - playing my 1st round here - that I like the rushed-feeling. You have to decide whether you keep farming more supplies on days 5/6/7 and ascend a little later to have a good ROI on those or live with the fact you arent in the top supply realms but get a headstart - even if its in the wild centre of i2.