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    I chose dwarves because I generally prefer dwarves to elves in any story.

    Also, I understand they tried to make the elves more war-like instead of fearies, but they look like they have risen from the dead. And they really don't appeal to me.

    Dwarves masterietree is very clear, elves is ........ weird.

    I do however like the buildings and city of the elves, though not more than those of the dwarves. So those, I think, were well designed.

    Dwarven Mastery-tree is indeed easier for beginners to understand. After three servers I tried my hand at being an elf for a while, but the masterietree was just confusing (though that might say something about me personally too ;)).

    Over the servers there have been quite a few (heated) discussions about the balance between the races. Devs seem to be playing and fine-tuning with them still. So, any conclusions made now, might not be applicable next server.

    I lack the technical ability to oversee if these suggestions will actually affect/improve the gameplay as they are intended. But I really like Twelve's suggestions.

    They sound fun and add more individuality (on player and realm-level) to the game.

    And I would like to add that they were written down very clearly and in a very constructive and usefull way.

    There are plenty of posts that just say "this sucks.... that sucks". So I really appreciate this well thought out post. :thumbup:

    I will leave it to the tactical experts for deepgoing analysis. ;)

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    I want to open chest no. 2

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    The other chest has scratchmarks on it, so a wild anima probably smelled something food-like in it. And I want to try for sapphires.

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    It will be Thola.

    You found a cloud of extravagant perfume rising from the chest.

    In general I never put money into a game. I made an exception for the E0,99 package with the free buildingslot. But other than that, no money from me. Not with a game that only lasts 10 weeks.

    The retreat option as proposed could be an option next to the available options: migrating the team to an inactive realm, and individual players shifting realms. The proposal seems fair to me (choice of the realm voting, 2/3rd majority) however i would really suggest the realm to be demoted to a lower island.

    This means no option to retreat from i1 (no conquest possible anyway, so realms will not loose their towers) from i2 retreat to i1, and from i3 retreat to i2. I am not sure whether the option to retreat from i4 to i3 is expected/wanted/needed

    I realize this may pose a problem for the teams that are based on the lower island, and suddenly get a new team from higher island next to them. the best place to locate this retreating realm may need to be looked into. "the place the next spawning realm would be placed into" on the lower island may not be the best position. as several realms have already ascended, a random "old" spot may be better

    As a player from a realm on i2 that suddenly had Murx as a neighbour after they were kicked of i3, I think that a retreat of a high level realm to a lower island is not good. Overnight we (a 10M FP realm) were attacked by 24M troops, losing four towers in the process. While we could take them back because of the long walking distances of Murx, we couldn't handle the second wave. Our realm fell apart and players relocated to other realms. The balance was way off. Situations like that should not happen.

    I don `t want to offend you. but you obviously have not reached a good player. You cannot win, not win a prize, and you have no chance of it. You can save money and enter the game once a day, but then you will be the backdrop for everyone else.

    Not offended at all. I am online more than I ought to, though. ^^

    May I ask what your opinion is of my stats? I am rather proud of my level 99, my aim was to get to 100 before the endgame starts. And I think that amongst the non-paying-players, I have done fine. Or am I wrong on that account? It is not always clear which players pay and which don't.
    As for war potential, that is calculated by the number of fights, right? Well, I haven't been in realm that have been at war continually. My old realm took a bashing by Murx, when they were pushed back to i2. Which was fun.... the xp and SF-points, not the bashing. And in my current realm there has been some fighting, but nothing terribly exciting.

    Oh, feel free to reply in PM, so we don't clutter the topic.


    No refill and traveltimes to portals would make them nothing more than fancy towers.The MAIN advantage of attacking/defending from a portal instead of from a tower is the instant refill possibility. So, I'd keep the instant refill and add travelingtimes-bonusses.

    Regarding Mr. Cements suggestion of placing a portal within XX number of fields of the Ark or another portal.

    In that case you could still go very far: A----P1----P2. *remove P1* And you can do this: A---(P1)---P2---P3. *remove P2* and build P4 etc.