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    Attacks/Supports are most efficient when you have matched WLs with anti-troops. Timing attacks also gives benefits.

    These benefits are easily spoiled by someone joining "not invited by mission leader":

    - as joining with a strong WL changes the matching of all weaker WLs,

    - joining timed mission from distant tower/ark makes the target visible significantly earlier than it otherwise would be the case, thereby removing the element of surprise.

    - this would also make it easier to play on mobile as it is OK to join any missions you are able to without spoiling troop matching.

    proposal: enable the mission leader to "lock" participation (disable JOIN) on a mission when optimal composition is reached. Also enabling "unlock" if there is later need to add WLs.

    The development of end-game to introduce Anvils instead of a single gate is i think good, however there is still the problem, especialy with the EG anvil, that early ascendants spike the area around the anvil with portals for themselves and their minion realms, making this out of reach of anybody else due to shorter travel time, allowing to have a minion realm clear competitors before attacking yourself.

    With all anvils appearing in random places at the start of end-game with a preset minimum distance to any tower, places them on the outskirts of the map, actually evening the odds for newcomers to make attempts IF you implement the suggestion of "TWELWE" that conquests only can be made against bordering realms. This would require the big minion owners to conquer and make portals in new territories before gaining any clear advantage. (I dont mind someone gaining advantage i respect to anvil access but I think it should require an effort and not be given for free).

    Another suggestion woud be to have anvil ACTIVATION IN PAIRS, maybe even random pairs so that only activation times are preset but not which anvils are activated. This would make it more difficult for one realm to conquer all the red orbs.