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    One more thing - do you know if XP per unit is modified by the unit strength bonuses or not? That is, if I kill a unit of player who has no bonus for strength from masteries and his WL has no items to increase the unit strength, is it worth the same XP as when I kill one unit of player with full bonuses in masteries and items?

    Thanks for info, that's at least something. So the bigger the losses, the bigger exp everyone gets. This is in line with my findings, in general it is best if everyone brings WLs with high amount of troops and high morale.

    How is the experience from training battles calculated? I cannot find any exact rule, it seems so random. I thought it depends on the killed troops, but that does not seem to be the case. Winning seems to be better, but sometimes I get way more from losing. In general it seems it's better to use biggest armies by all participants, but I'd like to know a bit more about it. I'm not even sure if the +exp items really work in training, that's how confused I am.

    I'm sure someone has figure it out, so can you share?