Some ideas for realm wars

  • The more I become part of attacks and the more I see the frustration of realms having to attack pretty much only their neighbors, the more I see the need of some sort of tournament square (Travian)

    Tournament square: (Or whatever other name)
    A building that will give increased speed to those travelling further than X amount of squares. Made so that you can't just super boost your attack vs a realm right next door.

    Colosseum: (Or whatever other name)
    A building that will increase your arks troops speed within your own realm by up to 100% at level 20, so that you can easier defend your realms borders if your units are stuck defending somewhere else at the other side of the realm.

    Custom Warlord:
    At level 50, gain 1 slot for a custom warlord where you decide the troop composition. The amount of troops on this particular warlord should still be within the limits of reason ofc, so that it is not stronger than the other warlords you have access to. But with the exception that YOU decide what warlord skill he/she should have. This will make it possible for players to customize a warlord to their own preferences. (A full on defender, a brutal attacker, or a fast running scout that can check enemy reactions to attacks.)

    Teleportation shrines: (This is an idea instead of the Colosseum)

    An option for the realm to (Every 25 levels) build a teleportation shrine somewhere in their realm. This shrine can be transferred to from the realm capitol by 1 warlord of each player every 2 hours.
    An enemy should be able to attack it, and thus prevent teleportation for 24 hours.

  • You are right, I have long promoted the idea that the characters need some kind of non-linear development and the possibility of specialization. All with whom I spoke on the subject, so or otherwise share this opinion. I hope that the development team will hear us. :)

  • The idea of magic is good because, in theory, it allows you to decide the outcome of the battle, not only at the expense of brute force, as is happening now. (A character with more combat power wins 90% of the time.) In addition, the mechanics of magic is that it allows you to implement a lot of mechanics that can not be implemented either through artifacts or through the properties of the characters. For example, blindness, berserk, slow, anti-magic, etc..

  • And it gives hundreds of new combos between the different warlords and the different troop variations that is around atm.

    I am still amazed that so many think dwarves come out of the battles as the weakest.
    Their units are better specialized and their skill tree lets them have bigger armies than the elves.

    But when the skill trees are corrected, I think the magic should play a crucial role.
    I especially liked the idea about multiple different schools of magic.

    Another thing...
    I want dragons, and wurms.
    Wurms for the dwarven people and dragons for the elven.
    Not because of game balance or anything.
    But that could be awesome.

    Soo.. Maybe 1 warlord that has access to a 4th unit time called (mythological)
    Units that can boost magic, morale or speed. Something like that

    but that is for another topic than this one :p