Revenge! A new War & Peace feature (S7)

  • Dear Ascendants,

    As you know, if two Realms are in Truce or NAP status, it is still possible to attack Towers or Portals in construction. Some Realms may use this possibility to disturb the other Realm, despite the peace period. With the next update, the following change will be implemented:

    • If a Realm in Truce or NAP status attacks a Tower or Portal in construction, the attacked Realm gets the option to start a "Revenge War" on the attacking Realm.
      • The option shows up the moment the attacking army arrives at the Tower or Portal, and the attack is NOT canceled
      • Once the option to declare revenge is available, it will stay available for 24h hours
      • The NAP will remain active until the revenge war is declared
      • If the option is chosen, a regular War gets initiated and all Tributes are canceled
      • The regular war countdown starts and the war turns active after the countdown is finished

    As usual, please feel free to provide your feedback on this new change we will see on the next server S7, either in this thread or on Discord!

    Your Arkheim Team

  • I found this new form of attack super valid, for me it is still not clear enough why attacking another kingdom, I saw that it is very useful when you have orbs to steal, but the globlins towers are more worthwhile in my opinion.

    I'm on island 2 and I haven't seen the full potential of the war being used yet, let's see what destiny awaits us

  • Noooooooooooooooooooo
    The idea is good, and i believe suggested by multiple players, but don't cancel the previous tributes !

    Imagine realm A win against realm B
    realm B build up a new portal at the border
    If realm A attack the portal then B just declare the war and get the tributes cancelled

    For me tributes from a second win should be accumulate ( or if B win the revenge war then the tributes are cancelled and no tributes to any of both realms)